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Did Richard Hamilton get traded, is he faking or his stomach really upset?

Here’s what we know: Richard Hamilton isn’t playing against the Hornets today. Other than that, I can only speculate.

Before the game, Chris Iott reported Hamilton has an upset stomach. I didn’t think much of it until I read the following Twitter exchange between Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News and Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed:


@Need4Sheed_com Stuckey’s injury is legit…I saw his foot today…now the other one….


@vgoodwill so Rips isnit..


@Need4Sheed_com I’m not going there….

I don’t know whether Goodwill meant to imply there’s more this situation than meets the eye, but I certainly inferred it.

Is Hamilton faking because he’s not starting? The Pistons have seen that game before.

Has Hamilton been traded, or is he close to being traded? It makes sense to not jeopardize a deal by risking an injury to Hamilton.

Is Hamilton really sick? The simplest explanations are usually best, and that’s the simplest explanation here.

Where is Hamilton right now?

For the record, whether Hamilton is on the bench – and he wasn’t in the first quarter, according to Iott – doesn’t impact my thoughts on this. Any of the aforementioned three scenarios are possible no matter where Hamilton is.


  • Dec 19, 20107:01 pm
    by Laser


    safe bet he’s “bench sick.” no sense getting anyone’s hopes up about a trade that isn’t happening.

  • Dec 19, 20107:02 pm
    by Laser


    getting kicked to the bench must just give rip an upset stomach.

  • Dec 19, 20107:05 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I hope for Rips sake he has been traded. If he is faking an upset stomach because he has been relegated to the bench then i have lost ALL respect for him. My gut tells me that he has requested a trade because he has been benched. I must admit that its not all Rips fault because this team is just not a fit for him. Money aside OKC Thunder should be trying to get this guy but i can’t see it happening because of his contract.

  • Dec 19, 20108:32 pm
    by jk281


    Where in the world is Richard Hamilton?

  • Dec 19, 201010:02 pm
    by Odeh


    If Rip is faking, then the Pistons need to just move him for whatever they can get.  Arenas’ trade proved that no contract is untradeable in today’s NBA.  If they can still manage to not move him then they need to just bench him and eat the money like New York did with Eddy Curry.  There is no room for that type of behavior in the Pistons organization.

  • Dec 19, 201011:00 pm
    by Nick


    I just read that Gerald Wallace is rumored to part of trade talks the Bobcats are having. I also read earlier that Charlotte is interested in Hamilton, most likely bc of Larry Brown. Do these all connect??? I hope so.

  • Dec 19, 201011:32 pm
    by Laser


    uh, odeh… the team should want badly to trade him for a plethora of reasons i won’t bother to list, regardless of fake stomach viruses. too many guards, and it’s not working. he’s the worst fit by a mile. team’s instantly twice as good without him.

  • Dec 19, 201011:44 pm
    by Boney


    “any of the aforementioned 3 scenarios could be happening no matter where he is”

    I heard a roomer that he was at his Nanna’s house helping her hang christmas lights.

    Mountains out of molehills…

  • Dec 20, 20109:30 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Gmehl, I agree on Rip being a good fit with the Thunder. Unfortunately, you can’t put money aside. It would be out of whack with the Thunder’s history of moves to trade for Hamilton.

  • Dec 20, 20109:32 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Nick, Patrick covered the logic behind a Pistons-Bobcats trade last week.

  • Dec 20, 20109:35 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Boney, don’t shoot the messenger. Didn’t Goodwill’s tweets make you raise an eyebrow?

  • Dec 20, 201010:22 am
    by Patrick Hayes



    Don’t you have some sentence fragments to write somewhere else?

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