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Who should start at power forward for the Pistons?

Who should start at power forward for the Pistons?

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  • Nov 9, 201012:17 pm
    by Tom Y.


    Voted for Charlie for one reason only – I’d like to see Monroe work some more to earn his spot and get there maybe in a month or two. That said, depending on matchups we may just have to start Monroe. We’re playing the clippers in a couple of days and I just can’t imagine Daye trying to guard Blake Griffin – the poor kid might get seriously damaged.

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  • Nov 9, 20102:14 pm
    by Scary_Curtis_Rowe_flashbacks


    Look, the Pistons don’t have a “best” starter at PF. All they have is a *least bad* starter at PF. Which is why, given all the trade-offs, I think they’re actually doing the right thing by putting Daye out there at the start.

  • Nov 9, 20102:23 pm
    by Adam


    I would argue Austin Daye should continue starting, only because it would likely work best for the rotation. As well, he should be given a longer opportunity than the first 7 games.
    If Villanueva starts, Austin Daye can back him up at the 4 and that is fine. However, Charlie is playing well of the bunch and is willing to do so.
    If Monroe starts, however, who will back up Wallace at C? It’s not going to be Charlie or Daye, and I don’t think Maxiell really needs to be in the rotation at this point.
    I think Daye is best to get the nod to start as of now.

  • Nov 9, 20103:35 pm
    by Laser


    frankly, the team needs to get rid of a guard, move austin daye to the perimeter, and go from there. start villa/ben, have monroe/max back them up. daye is a disaster at PF. guy’s a VERY intriguing player and a matchup nightmare on the perimeter. he’s badly outmatched almost every night starting at PF, and i haven’t seen him take advantage of whatever matchup “advantage” he’s supposed to have against traditional PFs. it’s a bunch of hogwash/spin/propaganda anyways. they’re forced to play daye at PF because they have too many perimeter guys.
    i ask you again, if jerebko’s healthy, who gets squeezed? stuck, rip, gordon, bynum, t-mac, prince, big ben, villa, daye and monroe all HAVE to play. heck, i bet max could crack any rotation in the league and find a niche, yet he’s on the outside looking in here, because we have too many perimeter players locked into the rotation.

  • Nov 9, 20104:29 pm
    by nuetes


    I really don’t think Daye should be starting, or even playing anywhere. I know that’s a complete 180 from my preseason jibberish, but it’s the truth. He’s not a PF, and he’s hurting the team by playing there. He’s not better than Tay or T-Mac. Basically if Daye is on the court the team is worse no matter where he’s playing.
    I’m not sure what the goal is this season, but if it is to win games they are doing a very bad job of configuring the lineup to achieve that goal. If the goal is to develop talent then whatever, I guess there is no reason to complain about losses, because there will be plenty. This team could be fairly competitive if they would put the right personnel on the court at the right times.

  • Nov 9, 20104:53 pm
    by JoshB


    Though I agree that the logjam in the backcourt is a major problem, harping on it is kinda futile with the sale of the team still pending. It is not likely at all that any move is gonna happen until that is resolved. That being said I like the idea of Monroe getting some time in the starting lineup. He can’t be worse than Daye is. Although I am a little frightened at the idea of him and Ben forming a vortex of terrible free throw shooting, lol.

  • Nov 9, 20106:24 pm
    by detroitpcb


    you cannot pair Daye with CV and it is my feeling that Daye needs to play. He is the future and needs the minutes to get comfortable in the league.

    unless of course we trade for Randolph. Then Daye could move to the 3 and the Pistons would have quite a team.

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