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Rodney Stuckey and John Kuester have clashed before, Kuester’s job not in jeopardy and Tracy McGrady steps up in team meeting

As I caught up on my weekend reading, I was impressed to see each of the three major beat writers covering the Pistons had scoops. Big props for providing quality coverage.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press informs us the Rodney Stuckey-John Kuester feud isn’t new, just new to the public:

There’s talk around the Pistons that there have been other clashes between the two — specifically during the team’s workouts, which are closed to the media.

It’s tough to gauge the ramifications of that, because Chris Iott of MLive reports there’s "absolutely no chance" Kuester is fired. (Iott doesn’t specify whether Kuester’s job is safe because Karen Davidson doesn’t want to pay someone not to work for the team or because the Pistons are enamored with Kuester’s coaching ability.)

And Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News had the story I found most interesting.

the Pistons had a team meeting where Ben Wallace and Tracy McGrady spoke to the players, presumably about sticking together during turbulent times.

I agreed with Patrick’s preseason assessment that McGrady had potential to be a lone wolf on this team, so I was pretty surprised to see McGrady step up in a meeting. Was this meeting an aberration, or could he really be a bigger leader on this team than Rodney Stuckey, Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince?


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  • Nov 9, 20103:43 pm
    by Laser


    1) not too surprised about t-mac stepping up. he’s probably a better natural leader than anyone on the team. he’s certainly done a great job making decisions with the ball in his hands. i’ve been impressed with the guy. still need to shed a guard, though.
    2) you don’t want to pay someone NOT to coach, don’t hire a parade of rookie coaches. dude gets $1.5m a year. when we handed around that to t-mac it was considered “nothing.” absolutely nothing. so we learn from our mistakes, pay him to go away, and hire a COACH. a leader, someone with fire, someone with a vision. we paid curry $2.5m a year for three years, even though he only coached one. we can afford to pay kuester a year and a half’s salary if it means we can stop treading water (or is it “drowning” by now?) and pick a damn direction already. if we fire him 1/3 into the season, his “severance package” will be half what we paid curry to disappear.

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