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Quest for .500: Pistons have chance to get back to the verge of mediocrity if they beat Golden State


Date: Nov. 15, 2010

Time: 10:30 p.m.

Television: Fox Sports Detroit


Pistons: 4-6

Warriors: 6-4

Probable starters



  • Steph Curry
  • Monta Ellis
  • Dorell Wright
  • Brandan Wright or Dan Gadzuric
  • Andris Biedrins

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Detroit +7

Over/under: 209.5

Score: Warriors win, 11.75-97.75

Three things to watch

1. The Warriors play defense. For real.

The stingiest unit in the NBA on a points-per-possession basis this season? Would you guess the Warriors regular starting lineup of Curry, Ellis, Wright, David Lee and Biedrins? The additions of Lee and Wright, as well as the health of Biedrins, have been huge defensive upgrades for the Warriors, who look like a playoff contender out West. Fortunately for the Pistons, Lee is out tonight, which will impact the defense and rebounding of the Warriors, and possible replacements Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric are significant drop-offs.

2. Can Ellis/Curry shoot that poorly again?

Steph Curry and Monta Ellis shot a combined 14-for-35, including 0-for-8 on three-pointers in the Pistons’ win over Golden State earlier this month. It’s a stretch to think that can happen again, but part of what worked in the first game was making Curry and Ellis work hard defensively. Stuckey (21 points/9 assists) and Hamilton (27 points) had their best games of the season that night, and they obviously did a good job disrupting the rythym of Golden State’s offense.

3. What will the lineup look like?

John Kuester said Daye was out of the lineup in Sunday’s game against Sacramento because he matched up poorly against the Kings’ frontcourt. He matches up better against Golden State, particularly if they start Brandan Wright for Lee. It’ll be interesting to see who starts for the Pistons. If Daye is out again, it could mean Maxiell as a starter is more of a long-term thing than originally thought. This is right around the time last season that Maxiell became a starter for a prolonged period of time.

Pregame Reading


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  • Nov 15, 20109:08 pm
    by Andrew


    Curry usually bounces back from bad games and he had one against Milwaukee. Monta has been on a tear and hopefully they can combine to offset the loss of David Lee. The W’s play far better at home so that just might be the difference in this game since the Pistons played last night. Should be a good game again though.

  • Nov 15, 201010:02 pm
    by nuetes


    Stuckey and Rip have the size to bother Curry and Ellis. I’m calling for another win.

  • Nov 15, 201011:15 pm
    by detroitpcb


    will Bynum comes in, pounds ball, makes turnovers, Pistons getting destroyed. If anybody should be out of the rotation, it is Bynum. All you people who were crying for him to replace Stuckey should step up and be counted.

    and why does Austin Daye get taken out when he is hitting everything? If Rip passes to him instead of taking that bad runner in the lane, Daye hits another 3.

  • Nov 15, 201011:25 pm
    by Kueforquestionmark


    Hi from need4sheed,
    I can’t believe Kue left Bynum in that long.  He’s been abysmal in terms of managing the lineups.  He needs to stick with players while their hitting shots.  Tay and Daye needed to stay out there.  Stuckey too, obviously.
    ALSO, how jealous does it make you feel that the warriors just found two awesome new owners?!  I can’t wait until they finalize our deal so that dumars can get some trades approved and unclog this logjam of a lineup we’ve got now.

  • Nov 15, 201011:47 pm
    by nuetes


    well i didn’t count on Will Bynum sucking so bad that he formed a vortex causing all the other players around him to be pulled into is suckisphere.

  • Nov 16, 20102:15 am
    by Laser


    hard to expect bynum to be effective in the circumstances he’s getting. inconsistent minutes, and he’s only played 100 minutes all season since getting injured in the first game. he’s not 100%, he’s getting spotty minutes with random lineups. it would actually be a better role for stuckey.
    stuckey was a dud tonight. he has ONE move when he needs to manufacture a basket. one move. if you started bynum and gave him a consistent role and game plan with an understanding he was playing with the starters and initiating the offense, setting the pace, you’d get a better performance out of bynum. stuckey was a total dud tonight. you picked a bad night to target will. stand up and count yourself.
    don’t get me wrong, bynum’s been sun-par so far, but stuckey is a dud. he’s a dead end. i’d at least give will a chance to start. they haven’t given him an honest chance, and we won a lot of games we shouldn’t have on the rare nights he’s started and played big minutes.
    incidentally, please bench daye. he might survive (maaaaaaybe even thrive occasionally) against some smaller second string power forwards. and how long is villa going to have to consistently outplay daye before getting to start?

  • Nov 16, 201010:47 am
    by detroitpcb


    Stukey is playing excellent ball so far this year. his finishes are up, his shooting is up, he is getting more calls, his passing is better, he is pushing the ball and the tempo every time down court. I like what i see.

    since he healed bynum is getting put in on his regular rotation. The reason his minutes are inconsistent are because he is not producing and the Pistons either have to reinsert Stuck or put Tay or T-Mac at the point.

    You have blinders on laser. Your dilike of Stuckey is preventing you from seeing what is going on on the court.

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