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Poll: Would you have been happy if the Pistons signed Rodney Stuckey to the same extension Mike Conley received (five years, $45 million)?

Would you have been happy if the Pistons signed Rodney Stuckey to the same extension Mike Conley received (five years, $45 million)?

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  • Nov 2, 201011:03 am
    by Glenn


    That Mike Conley got that extension is unreal…

  • Nov 2, 201011:19 am
    by nuetes


    That Conley deal is evidence of why Dumars should not have offered Stuckey an extension.
    I don’t see why people are so giddy about this like it means Gasol can’t be retained. The Griz have plenty of cap space to sign Gasol. They don’t have enough to keep both Gasol and Randolph, but they do have enough to get all their young guys locked up. Unfortunately for them their young guys will never be enough. Kind of stuck in limbo like the Atlanta Hawks.
    Can we please please please trade for Josh Smith? Prince/Monroe whatever it takes. Give up the goods and go get a good player.

  • Nov 2, 201011:45 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    It doesn’t mean Gasol can’t be retained, but it does mean that someone can’t be retainted. They’ve paid Conley and Gay. Now, they have Randolph unrestricted, Gasol restricted and Mayo eligible for an extension.
    If they feel Conley is worth $9 million a year, than Gasol would have to be worth like, what, $25 million a year to them based on that “logic”? I think at best they can sign two of those three guys. And based on Chris Wallace/Heisley’s history, they are going to pay Randolph way above what he should get. Gasol could get a huge offer as a restricted FA. I’m not convinced Memphis would match it.

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  • Nov 2, 201011:59 am
    by nuetes


    If they offer Randolph an extension they might not even get a chance to match Gasol if a hard cap gets put in. Gasol would be gone. The Griz are insane. It would have been wiser to get them all locked up now if they do plan on trying to keep all of them. Doesn’t matter the Pistons would have to unload a contract to compete for Gasol in free agency. I don’t see that happening.

  • Nov 2, 20101:15 pm
    by Laser


    40% yes?? wtf? we are locked in to such a large portion of this miserable roster, so some pieces have to be moved, right? are we just planning on waiting three more years to start this rebuilding process in earnest?? patience is one thing, but this roster situation is absolutely untenable. if joe can even provide a noticeable makeover by moving prince by february, that’s fine. that’s three years before we’re on the right track. but how are 40% of these voters that patient?? three MORE years locked into this roster would have people PULLING for it to move to pittsburgh. i suppose we’d be one of the league’s greatest teams with all the lottery picks we’d collect, but that would be unacceptable.
    if you extend stuckey at all, it has to be to a contract that isn’t just movable, but one that has tremendous value. i’d jump at the chance to hand him an extension that pays him $5 m annually, because you can trade him for a great return. we just can’t afford to lock up all these players. give stuckey $9 m annually and you’ve got a $35 m worth of backcourt. and it’s not even a particularly good one.

  • Nov 2, 201010:05 pm
    by brgulker


    No. And I cannot add enough emphasis to this statement.

  • Nov 2, 201010:47 pm
    by Mike Payne


    In other news, 38% of voters hit the wrong button.

  • Nov 3, 20101:21 am
    by Laser


    if there was a “never in a million years” option, i would have clicked that one without hesitation. the team could give me $1000.00 cash, and i wouldn’t vote for that extension.

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