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Lakers coach Phil Jackson on the Detroit Pistons: ‘It looks like some of their guys aren’t playing hard right now’

Via Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News


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  • Nov 18, 201010:15 am
    by Jason


    Anyone in particular you think he was talking about, Dan?

  • Nov 18, 201010:55 am
    by Odeh


    This article hit it right on the head.  Of course the Pistons are lacking in big men and need players but, as it stands, we have enough talent to be a .500 team and make the playoffs.  It’s inexcusable when the only reason you can’t accomplish that is a lack of effort and hard work.

  • Nov 18, 20104:24 pm
    by Laser


    for one thing, i don’t know how anyone could get “geared up” for a game against one of the league’s top teams with this roster. near as i can guess, i think we can probably have competitive games against around 1/3 the league (LAC, SAC, PHI, TOR, MIN, WAS, NYK, NJN, CHA, CLE, IND), another 1/3 that i can’t even IMAGINE scratching out a win against (LAL, BOS, ORL, MIA, ATL, POR, SAS, NOH, DAL, UTA, CHI), and the rest i think would probably mop the floor with us, but i’m not 100% sure, and they may be prone to an off night for various reasons (MEM, PHO, OKC, DEN, MIL, GSW, HOU). so we’ll maybe win 1/2 of the games where we can be competitive and 1/3 of the games where we have a puncher’s chance…
    but when it comes to the upper echelon, i don’t know how anyone could possibly go out there and pretend to put up a fight. why show up at all? yes, they’re well paid, some of them have pride, but the bottom line is that it just isn’t fair. it’s like expecting an infant to put up a fight against muhammad ali in his prime. i’m not entirely sure why anyone would tune in to the game. i watched it for purely academic reasons.
    one of the reasons i thought kuester picked the absolute worst time to call out his team after that boston game, was that i didn’t hold it against them that they didn’t try. stuckey and gordon and tayshaun and the rest of the team didn’t lose that game; joe did. he assembled a team that CAN NOT COMPETE. so are we to blame the players for being incapable of putting up a fight. why should they bother to pretend? the harder they try, the worst they’ll look.
    on one hand, i’ve never seen a game “end” this quickly. it took about three minutes and 15 seconds. down by 9 before we’ve even scored two buckets. basketball is a game of runs, but against the lakers that’s game over. quickest decision i can remember EVER in an NBA game. and, yes, we fought back, but the game was never in doubt. on the other hand, the game was over before it started. a look at the lineups was all you needed.
    the only one who needs to be blamed is joe. if you’re like me, you can heap a little extra blame on kuester for mismanaging this clusterf*** of “talent.”
    @odeh: i said this from the jump, and the pistons are proving me right… .500 was this team’s ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM CEILING. if everyone played to their utmost potential, jelled perfectly, career years across the board, stuckey and at least one other piston playing at a near-All Star levels. then we’d have a shot at .500. this was never going to happen, but that’s the formula they needed. have you watched these dozen games? what have the pistons done to make you think .500 is a realistic expectation?? sounds like homer talk to me.
    i’m sorry, you guys want to talk about EFFORT??? this team has been BUSTING ITS ASS FOR EVERY BUCKET IT’S GOT! we don’t have a SINGLE player who makes the game easier for anyone else, except mmmmaaaaayyyyyyybe tracy mcgrady. i’ve never seen fewer easy buckets through 12 games ever. and yet these games are almost ALL close! joe sends the team to a gunfight with a spoon, and they make it close!! everyone on the roster deserves a damn medal for how hard they’ve been playing. we had more easy buckets last night in the fourth quarter, after the lakers cleared the bench, than we had in our first 47 quarters combined. all we get are tough shots, and we’ve kept almost every game close. we’ve got a lot of problems, but effort isn’t one of them. it hasn’t been the difference in one single game we’ve played.

  • Nov 18, 20105:11 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Maybe our new slogan should be ‘not going to work’.
    I am starting to think that Kuester doesn’t call timeouts to stop these big scoring runs because he is scared of which player next will ignore him or argue with him during one.

  • Nov 19, 20101:44 am
    by Laser


    i’ve been calling this squad the “Goin’ to Sleep” Pistons for a while now.

  • Nov 21, 201012:13 pm
    by Boney


    How come you don’t comment at N4S anymore

  • Nov 24, 201010:47 pm
    by Mrolliebeagle


    Instead of “going to work” the new Pistons slogan should be “calling in sick”

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