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John Kuester was no fan of Lakers fans and their ‘MVP’ chants for Kobe Bryant at the Palace

I didn’t pick up much on it from TV, but apparently there were quite the annoying/obnoxious group of Lakers lovers, who were chanting ‘MVP’ when Kobe Bryant touched the ball and adorned in purple and gold gear at the Palace for Wednesday’s Pistons-Lakers game. Pistons coach John Kuester noticed, and wasn’t too impressed:

‘To tell you the truth, I was disappointed,’ Kuester said.

Even more disappointed? Natalie at Need4Sheed:

I was ashamed last night at the Palace of Auburn Hills for the first time in my life.  It wasn’t the same felling of heartache when I watched LeBron take away a game five before my eyes, or when Horry hit that three that still haunts.  This time the state of Michigan disappointed me to a point that I never thought I would get to…ever.

To be honest, I’m more offended that they chanted ‘MVP’ at Kobe when he’s not even the MVP of his own team. Chant it at Pau. That would be annoying still, but at least it would show at least a cursory understanding of basketball.

But the point Kuester and Natalie are making is well taken — one of the underplayed downsides of losing is that your home arena can often become a less friendly place to play than road arenas. When the Pistons were winning, there were a good percentage of fans who only cared about the team because they were a winner. Bandwagoners are a pain to everyone who is passionate about a team, win or lose, and suffers through the down periods, only to watch all of the dunderheads run back in, put their Kobe gear away and pull their Pistons stuff out of mothballs when the team gets good again.

Ultimately, though, there’s an easy way to not have fans chanting ‘MVP’ for an opposing player in your home arena: win games.


  • Nov 19, 20109:24 am
    by nuetes


    Is it really that bad? Everyone knows there are Lakers bandwagon fans everywhere they travel. And Lakers fans are the worst. Kobe is the greatest of all-time to a Lakers fan. It’s like they forgot about Magic already, don’t know who Jordan is, and don’t even bring up Lebron or your going to be in for the most worthless go nowhere debate of all-time. If you understand the Lakers fan you understand the MVP chants.

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  • Nov 19, 201010:57 am
    by Odeh


    I was at the Lakers game 2 years ago and and at the one last week and wow what a difference.  Last week’s game had about 30% of the fans wearing Lakers apparel.  The section behind the Lakers bench had closer to 90% wearing Lakers apparel.  My tickets were next to the players tunnel and the Lakers tunnel had a group surrounding it while the Pistons tunnel had 2-3 people.  I was conversing with the usher the whole game  about how bad it was and that it was the worst it has ever ban regarding fan base and he agreed.  Their MVP chants were drowning out the BEAT LA chants!!!  It was crazy but that’s what you can expect when the time is not giving effort.  Never-mind the wins, the least you can do is make crisp passes and go full speed on screens and cuts to the basket.  More often than not it was 1 on 5 basketball with guys standing around and not moving and the plays that were called were so predictable that you can read them a mile away.  I was so disappointed that I left before the 4th quarter even started,,,what a shame!

  • Nov 19, 20102:38 pm
    by Laser


    on one hand, yes, lakers fans are the worst. i lived in LA for over a year and met a lot of them. it’s no easier to root for the lakers than for the yanks. the two teams i could never see myself supporting on any level.
    that said, in all seriousness, the pistons are the worst. if we, as fans, can’t enjoy the current state of the team on some level, we’re going to lose our minds. the team is terrible, irredeemable even. i hope the negativity is directed at the parties who deserve it (10 parts dumars, 3 parts kuester, 0 parts players). but with all the questionable moves joe’s made, REAL pistons fans shouting from the mountaintops that things were going in the wrong direction, and the organization says, “wait and see.” well, we’ve waited and seen.
    i confess, i’m starting to enjoy this. i’d gladly trade the satisfaction of being right for a winning team, but as long as it’s going to be this bad, we may as well enjoy it.

  • Nov 19, 20102:46 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Out of curiosity, if the Pistons traded for Kaman, for example, and dumped Kuester if he keeps this up, regardless of record, would you change your feeling for the team THIS season??

  • Nov 19, 20108:08 pm
    by Laser


    the question is kind of pointless, because you’ve got to project a reasonable trade for me to answer. let’s say it’s an absolute best case scenario and the clippers gave us a healthy kaman for prince straight up (though i don’t think that ever happens), the pistons would be a LOT better. they might even be a good team, though i still think something absolutely has to be done with one of stuckey, rip and gordon, but the team would be a lot better. i’d certainly root for them. slide daye over to the three, monroe to the four, you’ve actually got a team here once you add in jerebko. so sure, it’s a major upgrade, but what’s the point? the trade’s not happening. joe has no tricks up his sleeve.

  • Nov 19, 20108:26 pm
    by Ricky


    Laser is the biggest pessimist.  Why do you even comment on these blogs if you have no hope for the team?  It’s easy to keep pointing out problems among problems but until you have an opinion to put forth a plan with specifics of how the Pistons should go forward then stop criticizing everyone that comments and team management.

  • Nov 19, 20108:55 pm
    by detroitpcb


    I think Hayes’s bandwagon argument is accurate. The Pistons do not really have a discerning basketball clientle at their games. That is why they have to have so much “spectacle” to keep fans entertained during the games.

    as a basketball fan it is hard not to enjoy a team playing at the kind of level the Lakers are playing at. It is also hard for me to see why people don’t give Kobe his respect. Talk about a two way player who always added things to his game and plays through injuries. Gasol too. Before he is done, he will be in the conversation when you talk about the great Laker centers of all time.


  • Nov 20, 201011:53 am
    by Rodman4Life


    Dumars is limited for sure.  But if he threw in Stuckey AND a 1st rounder to go with Prince and took back something they’re trying to dump, maybe more possible.  In the overall trade, we will definitely get shafted, but for the right player and dumping one of our guards (which I agree would help us) then maybe for the sake of the near future, it’s worth it.
    I would love to dump one of the guards for a late pick, but the only one we can probably swing is Stuckey.  I don’t think Stuckey is the savior of this team, but Joe knows that if he ships him out for pennies, Stuck will put up the numbers to make him look bad for not getting more.  Bynum isn’t currently worth the deal he just signed 2 months back.  I think we have to package a guard with Prince AND take back some garbage to get the guy we really want.  But getting a big and losing any of the guards is actually doubly good.  Here’s to hoping . . . .

  • Nov 20, 20106:34 pm
    by detroitpcb


    you don’t trade top ten first round picks in this league and win anything.

    and trading Stuckey would be a mistake – unless you have chris paul coming in return.

  • Nov 20, 20108:57 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Here’s the thing though. What big is going to be both available and an attractive enough asset to trade for?
    Okafor isn’t going anywhere with the Hornets playing so well. Kaman is hurt again (third time in four years) and not worth the injury risk. Brand is having a nice bounce back season after an injury three years ago and two straight not great seasons. Plus, he’s in his 30s and signed for ridic money. Nene, like Okafor, could be dangled, but also like New Orleans, it would be silly for Denver to trade him if they’re in contention for a top half of the West playoff seed.
    I just have a feeling people are going to be really disappointed this deadline. The only star who seems like a lock to move is Melo, and even he’s softened a little lately on the trade demands and at least appears more amenable to working things out in Denver.
    People seem to always say, “Well, someone unexpected always becomes available.” And maybe that will happen, but things are quiet so far. Many teams like the Pistons, who are in need of a quality big, are out there. But there’s just no one available.
    I hope the Pistons are able to deal Prince and Hamilton. It was probably time to deal them two years ago. But I just don’t expect a franchise-altering player to come back to Detroit in either case. Maybe a helpful player (I hope). But no stars. This is what is ultimately going to be the solution to the Pistons frontcourt, best case scenario: Greg Monroe rapidly develops into a rotation-worthy big man and stops getting alligator arms every time he shoots; Jonas Jerebko comes back next season 100 percent healthy; Ben Wallace has another year of high-level basketball in him for the last year of his contract; the Pistons get some luck in the lottery and end up with one of next year’s stud young big men; they either add a rotation big via trading Prince or Hamilton near the deadline or they use part of the MLE on one next season.
    A trade that nets an All-Star level big would be amazing. I just don’t think one is out there though and I’m not convinced the Pistons have the assets to beat any other big-needy teams’ offers.

  • Nov 20, 20108:59 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Laser loves to bring the worst case scenario argument to the debate. Sadly, as annoying as it can be, he hasn’t really been wrong since he mostly saw the implosion coming.

  • Nov 20, 201011:03 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Yeah, I guess I’m an optimist.  I keep forgetting just how high our pick will probably be this year, in which case I wouldn’t want to trade it.  I agree there isn’t much out there, but this roster seems so unbalanced and that 8th seed seems so possible in the East this year.  I think a 35 win team sneaks in this year.  Sad.

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  • Feb 21, 20125:21 am
    by Keenan Smoke


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