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John Kuester tries hard-line stance, but it’s not accomplishing anything

From Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

After Monday’s game, one player wondered why Stuckey was punished and Prince wasn’t.

"You see it, the inconsistency," said the player, who didn’t want to be quoted by name. "Everybody does."

Therein lies Kuester’s problem. While it’s true coaches treat players on an individual basis, there is no star who stands above everyone else.

Which is worse, a player ignoring a coach or a player and coach having to be restrained? Both happened during the heat of the game, when emotions run high, but seemingly, Kuester handled them differently.

People in the Pistons organization have said Kuester has taken a more assertive tone, that he’s not going to fall in line with one of his predecessors, Saunders, who never fought back.

Being more assertive is a fine course of action, but you have to be consistent with it. The idea of that strategy is to command the respect of the players in a way Flip Saunders never did. But a consistency is necessary for that approach to work.

It’s not working. From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

And although this movie is awfully familiar, considering the locker-room problems with previous coaches Flip Saunders and Michael Curry, several veterans say they have never seen it this bad — especially since the season is so young.


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  • Nov 17, 20108:02 am
    by detroitpcb


    that unnamed player is 100% correct. Prince’s rear end should have been glued to the bench in the second half and for tonights game too. QWho does Prince think he is – trying to dictate the starting lineup?

  • Nov 17, 201010:48 am
    by Jason


    I agree PCB. It’s time for Prince to be shipped off – but he sure isn’t helping his case any, acting like a little school girl.
    He needs to be dealt – he’s expiring anyways, so why not deal him while we actually still have some value left? Not to mention that we have 4 other guys who can take over his position today..
    He will always be loved here, but his time as a Piston has come to an end..
    PLEASE trade for a true Center, or at least a rebounding Forward, soon, Dumars!!

  • Nov 17, 201010:58 am
    by geeyathink


    right idea.  wrong guy to implement it.  you can’t command respect from guys who have already been to the mountain top under a guy like larry brown.  you have to earn it.
    john hasn’t earned it, and he, like saunders and curry before him, has no business (and no real chance of effectively) coaching a roster like this.
    in the eyes of the players, last year was john’s chance to figure out how to be a head coach, and he failed.  miserably.
    chalk another one up for “the genius”.
    not putting avery johnson in when he had the chance should have been the last mistake they let joe make before firing him.

  • Nov 17, 201011:37 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Why does everyone think Avery Johnson is an amazing coach who is worth the $5 million a year contract he was asking for? Because he took over a Dallas team that was already built, already one of the best teams in the league? He’s not a difference-making coach. Let’s see how he does with a flawed roster in NJ before we go saying he was some missing ingredient that Dumars passed on.
    Remember, Avery had Devin Harris in Dallas, and Harris became an All-Star the second he was away from Johnson. There are only like four or five legitimately difference-making coaches in the league, and Johnson is not one of them. If your coach is not Jackson, Popovich, Brown, Rivers, Sloan or McMillan, you just don’t have a great coach. Couple young guys like Brooks or Monty Williams might get to that level. The rest, including Johnson, are guys who will have little or no impact or will have negative impacts on their teams. Unless you have a great one, coaching hardly matters in the NBA.

  • Nov 17, 20102:36 pm
    by nuetes


    yeah finding a good coach is hard. assistant coaches that get promoted almost always seem to fail in their first job. i think kuester is a scrub, and has no business being a head coach, but also who the heck replaces him? brian hill on an interim basis? then what? jeff freaking van gundy?! mike fratello? hubie brown? isiah freaking thomas?! all scrubs with longer track records of scrubiness than kuester. another assistant coach that has never been a head coach? ugh. no wonder dumars goes through coaches like crazy, if you don’t have a good one they all suck.

  • Nov 17, 20103:20 pm
    by Laser


    finding a good coach may be hard, but there’s no excuse for this parade of rookie coaches in too deep with a mess of a roster like we’ve had for three (!) years running…
    PS. i’m team prince on this one. kuester’s a dud. whatever prince is complaining about, he’s probably objectively right.

  • Nov 17, 20105:40 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I actually think Prince and Kuester both have to go. They need to bring in a coach that will let this team run a little bit. Until we get a defensive stopper and a couple more bigs this team needs to get out and run a little.
    Either though he might not be the best man for the job, i am sure a lot of people will say to bring in Laimbeer. I’m not the biggest fan of Laimbeer to be the pistons head coach but i truly believe he would’ve done way better job than Kuester has. Laimbeer is a proven winner and you can bet your a** that Prince and Stuckey wouldn’t have the balls to challenge Laimbeer the way they did with Kuester. Does anybody know what kind of offense/tempo Laimbeer ran when he coached the Shock?
    I do remember the last time Laimbeer’s name got brought up to be an NBA head coach we got comments from his daughter which was pretty funny. As i said earlier i am not 100% for Laimbeer but i think he might just be what this team needs to get back on the right track of the Bad Boys culture. Yeah it might not be all rosy from the start and cause some issues but you just know that Laimbeer will bash your a** if you run to twitter or ignore him when he speaks to you. If not Laimbeer then has anybody else got some candidates if the Kuester thing keeps going the way it is?

  • Nov 17, 20106:02 pm
    by gmehl1977


    One final thing to add…Laimbeer wouldn’t of let that big run from the end of the 1st to 2nd period that Kuester did against Golden State last game. Obviously this would of prevented the heated exchange that occurred with Prince. Laimbeer would of chewed Bynum’s a** off after his 4 straight turnovers which fulled this massive run. Bynum should of been benched straight away.

  • Nov 17, 20106:31 pm
    by Laser


    well prince has to go, but i’d say that even if he and kuester were boyfriends. i would be more worried about players who put on a smile and act like nothing’s wrong with this team. credit kuester and prince for admitting the team’s personnel stinks, credit prince for pointing out that kuester’s doing a miserable job with what little talent we have. credit ben gordon with making skeptical comments about the roster.
    i’m mosre worried about someone like stuckey who says, “we’ll be fine.”

  • Nov 18, 20105:04 am
    by Kaneda


    Just like I commented in the CV article… Q should man up and take control of the team. He needs to start treating all players equally, especially since the difference between bench and starting players on this team is insignificant in most cases. If he can’t regain the trust of the players then he might as well quit or get sacked. With such comments leaking out there is no hope in turning this mess around.

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