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Houston Rockets won’t sign Erick Dampier, will the Detroit Pistons?

The Houston Rockets won’t sign Erick Dampier, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle (hat tip: Detroit Bad Boys).

The Pistons could use a defensive-minded big man if they’re truly committed to making the playoffs this year. I think they’re more committed to minimizing costs, even though they have the full mid-level exception to offer.

On Dampier’s end, the Toronto Raptors were supposedly his second choice, so he’s obviously not completely attached to playing for a contender.

The odds of the Pistons signing Dampier are still extremely low, but they’re higher than they were a day ago. With Greg Monroe’s strong play lately, do you even want Dampier anymore, anyway?


  • Nov 9, 20108:09 am
    by detroitpcb


    i have never liked Damp’s game and would much prefer a trade for a young big over a Damp signing

  • Nov 9, 20108:13 am
    by herm


    I know Joe has talked about the need to acquire a big man, but I think he prefaced the need with the requirement that the guy be able to get the ball down low and manufacture a bucket.  Surely not Dampier.
    Lopez did use his size successfully against us, and the roster shows we have a need for a 7 footer, but I’m not going to advise we chase after a guy who would only steal minutes from Monroe.  I like him getting his experience at center regardless of his mistakes, and his rebounding has been on par with Dampier anyway.

  • Nov 9, 20108:15 am
    by Glenn


    I wouldn’t mind him as a Elden Campbell, Derrick Coleman type of guy who is going to play spot duty against the really big C’s, but I don’t get the feeling that’s what he’s looking for.

  • Nov 9, 201011:18 am
    by Alan


    We’d have to cut DaJuan Summers to make room for Dampier.  That, right there, is pretty cold.  I admit that Dampier would beef up the front-line but he doesn’t fit the high-character mold the Pistons commit to dress in a Detroit uniform. 

  • Nov 9, 201012:41 pm
    by Jason


    There are no other 7 Footers with his size, and rebounding ability available. I’ve been saying for months that we need to sign Damiper, and was crushed when the first report of him signing with Houston surfaced.
    The Pistons have an entire team of scorers – so adding an offensive minded BIG would take that many shots away from our already stacked offense.
    We have shown consistently that we can score big numbers, but cannot DEFEND OR REBOUND – especially against teams that HAVE BIGS!
    We NEED someone to clog the lane, and assist Big Ben in getting some rebounds/defending the paint – because Ben surely cannot do it all game.
    Signing Dampier would open the door to give Monroe more minutes at PF as well, which if you ask me is where he is going to shine anyways..
    This is the EXACT player we need to sign – to a 1 year contract…

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  • Nov 9, 20101:43 pm
    by Alan


    You make a lot of good points and I agree with you.  Here’s the question, why haven’t any of these other teams signed Dampier?  I sure don’t have that answer but someone does.  Damp has a reputation of enjoying his NBA lifestyle but not really giving much effort.  I don’t like watching this team lose but I’ll deal with it so long as I’m watching effort.

  • Nov 9, 20103:28 pm
    by Laser


    dumars may have the ability to hand out a full midlevel exception, but that would make us a taxpaying team. i’ve said before, as much as i’m in favor of spending money, there’s something distasteful to me about paying the luxury tax while being one of the worst teams in the league. the pistons’ M.O. has long been “stay on the right side of the tax line,” and i don’t see them breaking that for erick dampier. he’d be an upgrade, but i don’t think he makes us a playoff team. all he’ll do is ensure a totally mediocre season, which would be a lot worse than either a “good” season or a “disastrous” season.
    also, as long as the rest of our roster looks like it does now, we’ve got six perimeter players CEMENTED in, and therefore austin daye is CEMENTED as a big man (bad idea, i know, but still). so you’re going to squeeze someone out (probably monroe) to make minutes for dampier? they’ve said they only want to play four bigs (and who could blame them), and if that’s the case, wallace, monroe, villa and daye need to play. it’s shame enough that jason maxiell is making $5m annually to sit on the bench for a team with one of the worst frontcourts ever.

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