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Charlie Villanueva prefers to come off the bench

Via Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

"I prefer that role," Villanueva said Monday. "The coach has the confidence in me to finish. I would rather come off the bench. I have done that throughout my career, so it is nothing new for me."

That doesn’t really jive with what Villanueva told me before the season, when he said he preferred to start.

My guess is Villanueva prefers to start, but because coming off the bench has worked for him lately, he’s more accepting of that role. (Even before the season, he said he was OK with coming off the bench.)

Although it seems most commenters on this site want Greg Monroe to start at power forward, my preference has been Villanueva. But with these comments, I’m content to just leave him where he’s comfortable.


  • Nov 9, 20109:43 am
    by nuetes


    I’d rather start Maxiell there than Daye. That’s where I’m at. If CV doesn’t want to start, because he’s not a team player (ha!), or Monroe is strictly a center, which seems set in stone, then start Maxiell. Start Wilcox I don’t care. Where is Wilcox? Is he ever going to be healthy? Where is Jonas!?? *tear* - Jonas!!!!!

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  • Nov 9, 20101:32 pm
    by frankie d


    CV is a classic off the bench sniper.
    his overall game is shaky, but the one thing he can do is shoot and score.  but even that is somewhat erratic as he can be streaky with his shot.  as a starter, his weaknesses – defense, rebounding – are exposed more obviously.
    but, as a scorer, he is a matchup problem for anyone who might try to guard him. and it is much easier for him to focus on what he does best – score – off the bench.  plus, off the bench, he is typically going to play against second-level defenders and players.
    big guys hate going out to the 3 point line to try to guard that shot.
    he can post up small forwards who might be better able to guard him on the perimeter.
    he can put the ball on the floor reasonably well for a guy with his size.
    he is the classic 6th man and hopefully the pistons’ organization will realize that and use him appropriately.

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