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Pistons’ blight in comic form

ESPN teamed with Marvel Entertainment to produce this gem:

This is probably our best hope. But if the NBA won’t allow these shoes, not sure what it will think of Robo-Rodman. (And Robo-Laimbeer probably can’t survive the new technical rules.)


  • Oct 21, 201011:45 pm
    by Laser


    well if we’re supposed to read into this in ANY way, it’s positively brilliant. i guess i’d have to see the other ones to get some context, but i doubt the NBA signs on for something like this to say: “the pistons are doomed” or “joe dumars should enlist a mad scientist to create robo bad boys.” but who could possibly disagree?

  • Oct 22, 20102:07 am
    by nuetes


    Awesome. The Magic cover is pretty good. I’m not quite sure I get the Sixers cover. The Pistons cover is one of the best if not the best team cover. Easily the best however is the headline cover with Kobe grasping for his 6th ring while the Eastern conference surrounds him. What a great concept.

  • Oct 22, 20102:19 am
    by nuetes


    Ahh I see it’s an insider article. Here’s a screen grab of the cover I found if anyone is interested.

  • Oct 22, 201010:29 am
    by Glenn


    Dumars would make a good corporate crime boss for a comic, imagine that drawing in a pinstriped suit and fedora.

  • Oct 22, 20109:58 pm
    by DoctorDaveT


    Hey, PP,
    don’t you just love this comic? And did anyone notice the era chosen? The jerseys in the robo-players aren’t #1, #3, & #30, are they?
    Too bad this year we’re “Dr. Doomed”.
    Play the kids and start the re-build.

  • Oct 24, 20105:11 pm
    by Laser


    so my buddy send me the espn magazine where these covers were posted. as a comic book and NBA fan, it’s one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long time.
    interestingly enough, this had to be the most damning one by a mile. to the extent that, as clever an idea as it is, i really can’t believe the nba signed off on it. they’re not all glowing, optimistic takes on every team. but for teams like portland and houston, where injuries are an issue, they’ve got different themes of robotic/technological enhancements to guys like yao ming and greg oden.
    i don’t know if there’s been a team in nba history with such extended and devastating injuries to SO many different key players, but we certainly had a historical runs of injuries. yet the concept behind this cover isn’t, “robotically enhance the ankles of hamilton, bynum and gordon and the back of prince.” it was throw this team in the garbage and field a team of robots based on good players.
    most every other negative cover has something clever going on to justify the team stinking. the timberwolves are “frozen” (a la iceman) by ricky rubio. the kings are credited with having tons of talent but being very raw. they poke fun at GSW’s shooting gallery style of play by comparing them to bullseye (daredevil’s nemesis), but it’s GSW so they’re not hurting anyone’s feelings. for the pacers, they have larry bird going to dr. strange for help, but strange is a good guy and he’s doing some sorcery. not replacing the team with evil robo-rodmans.
    some of their projections for the season seem a little off to me. i don’t have the hornets making the playoffs, and espn has them fifth in the west. they’ve got the nuggets 12th in the west. they do agree with my prediction on the knicks being the 7 seed, and i can’t deny that the bobcats are at least a decent pick for 8th. but they do have the cavs 15th in the east, and there’s no reason in the world to think they’ll be any worse than us this year.

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