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NBA Rookie of the Year: Why not Greg Monroe?

If Greg Monroe needs some motivation, maybe this will do it. His peers in the NBA rookie class don’t think Monroe has any shot at the Rookie of the Year award.

With guys like John Wall, Blake Griffin and DeMarcus Cousins getting handed big roles with their respective teams right off the bat and the chance to put up numbers, it’s very likely one of those three will take home the reward. But Monroe didn’t garner a single vote in the NBA’s annual poll of its rookie class. And check out some of the guys who did receive votes: late first round picks who may not play a ton like Eric Bledsoe and Jordan Crawford, a player who most feel Utah reached for in the lottery in Gordon Hayward and a guy who not only is stuck behind Steph Curry in Golden State, but wasn’t even drafted in Jeremy Lin.

Monroe, the seventh pick in the draft, a player who could get significant minutes in a thin frontcourt that got even thinner with Jonas Jerebko out for the season, has no chance at NBA Rookie of the Year? Really NBA rookies?

I realize that Monroe is up against long odds. But there are also some things working in his favor. First, check out his preseason numbers through six games:

  • 9.0 points
  • 42 percent shooting
  • 5.2 rebounds
  • 2.3 assists
  • 1.5 steals
  • 2.5 turnovers

Monroe is putting up those numbers in about 24ish minutes per game. They aren’t spectacular, but he does a good job of putting up stats in several categories, something not all big men are able to do. If he closes the preseason strong and earns let’s say 28 minutes or so per game during the regular season, which is feasible considering Chris Wilcox is no guarantee to get minutes, Ben Wallace is likely to see a lightened workload (at least initially) and Jason Maxiell and Charlie Villanueva are both inconsistent, those numbers should climb a bit.

His shooting percentage, which has been really bad this preseason, is likely to go up. Even with his poor shooting and high number of turnovers this preseason, his two most notable deficiencies, Monroe has done a decent job filling up the stat sheet, which is the most important consideration in Rookie of the Year voting (just ask Tyreke Evans). If he’s able to get his numbers in the 13ish points/7ish rebounds/4ish assists range, shoot above 45 percent and continue to get over a steal a game, Monroe could certainly contend for the award.

Wall, Cousins and Griffin have all looked phenomenal this preseason. But Griffin lost his season to injury last year and Cousins has already been injured this preseason. Plenty can get in the way of talented guys winning the award. Monroe, based on his potential playing time and production so far, has a fair shot at being the first Piston to contend for the award since Grant Hill shared it with Jason Kidd in 1995.


  • Oct 18, 201011:58 am
    by Laser


    to be fair, i like him a lot and i’m glad he’s a piston, but i wouldn’t vote for him. probably a little raw to be rookie of the year, and he’s got some stiff competition. i think it’s probably a three man race like everyone else does.
    and jeremy lin is better than stuckey today.

  • Oct 18, 201012:02 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Haha. Everyone loves Jeremy Lin.

  • Oct 18, 201012:13 pm
    by brgulker


    Those stats make me cringe. Less than 1 assist for every turnover and 42% shooting from one of your big men? Ewww…
    He’s young and raw; hopefully those things improve with time, coaching, and plenty of practice. But if there’s not a rookie in the league who can do more than that … well then we’re talking about a pretty awful draft class.

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  • Oct 18, 201012:25 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I’m not saying he’ll win. His FG percentage is hurt by a couple early really poor shooting games, but in his defense, he’s getting to the line quite a bit too, which is good. I wouldn’t expect Monroe to ever be a really high FG percentage guy, but he’ll definitely be higher than 42 percent this season. I’d expect in the 45-47 range.
    And as for his turnovers, he had two five-turnover games, which have inflated his average. I don’t think (or at least I hope) that will not be a norm.

  • Oct 18, 20101:28 pm
    by Laser


    it could be the norm for a while. protecting the ball in the paint ain’t easy. but he’ll get better. and his assists will probably steadily increase while his turnovers improve. it’s not like we need him to be great this year. if we’re lucky we’ll need him to be great next year. because if we “need” him to be great, it means we have something to play for.

  • Oct 18, 20101:33 pm
    by Alan


    ROYs usually go to the face of a franchise.  Grant Hill was the face of the Pistons, same goes for this years big 3.  The chances of Monroe getting the ROY are smiilar to his chances of becoming the face of this Pistons team.  Pretty slim.

  • Oct 18, 20101:37 pm
    by nuetes


    Simple reason: Blake Griffin. Dude already has that award in the bag. I really don’t think I’m getting too ahead of myself when I say he’s already one of the best players in the league, and he hasn’t even played a game yet. John Wall looks good. He’s going to be good. He might be great someday, but Griffin is looking like he might be great starting now. He’s looking like he could post 82 double/double’s this season. This is of course barring injury. I watched some of Griffin’s highlights on NBA.com and NBAplaybook and he looks so good.
    Just for giggles here are Griffin’s preseason per 36 numbers: 21 ppg, 15 rpg, 2 apg, 2 spg, 2 bpg, 59% fg. His only weakness is his free throw shooting, and he’s going to get to the line a lot.
    Monroe’s per 36 numbers: 12/7/3/2/<1/42%
    Let’s just say I’m not sold on Monroe. Not sold being that I’d have no problem throwing him in a trade if need be. He might make for a good NBA player, but he’ll never imo be anything great. He needs to rebound a lot better. A LOT. He needs to be paired with a good rebounder if he’s not going to do it. He’s young, and maybe with work he improves to be something decent. 45% is not what I’m looking for in my C/PF. Pair that with CV and you got yourself a pretty inefficient front court, relative to just about any other front court in the league.
    Jeremy Lin? What?

  • Oct 18, 20102:09 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Griffin is damn good, but he is injured again, even if it is a minor one. Talent-wise, no doubt, Griffin, Wall, Cousins are all far superior to Monroe. But it is ridiculous that he got zero votes in that player poll while guys like Hayward, Bledsoe and Lin received at least one.

  • Oct 18, 20103:36 pm
    by pezzimac


    i have been apiston 4ever an i think that greg with a team built on passing the ball an good shot  selection he could be a 14 pt 10rb 5ass -2bl guy keep charlie v minutes down till he  does something 

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  • Oct 18, 20105:55 pm
    by Steve Kays


    Wow, it’s crazy that Monroe didn’t receive a single vote, especially since this team is desperate for someone in the frontcourt to step up.
    To me, this award is Wall’s to lose. Yes Griffin has been impressive, but Wall will have the ball in his hands almost all the time, while Griffin has to rely on Baron Davis to get him the ball.

  • Oct 18, 20106:03 pm
    by Laser


    see, i don’t think it’s ridiculous that he didn’t receive a vote; i think it’s ridiculous that anyone outside of griffin/wall/cousins got any votes.

  • Oct 18, 20109:15 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    That is ridiculous. But considering a lot of others got votes, it’s kind of crazy that Monroe didn’t get at least one. Seriously … Gordon Hayward? Who voted for him?

  • Oct 19, 201012:29 am
    by Laser


    i dunno. i guess these people just like to go WAY outside the box. maybe because a safe prediction is no fun, but if gordon hayward explodes he’ll look like a genius. that’s my best guess.

  • Oct 19, 20107:57 am
    by detroitpcb


    Monroe is going to get minutes and two of the players picked have injury or conditioning issues (Griffen & Cousins) so Monroe has a chance for ROY. But he needs to get stonger (that shooting percentage will go up when he is stong enough to finish – those turnovers will go down when he can’t be stripped of the ball so easily, maybe more rebound will come his way).

    I don’t know that i would include him in a trade. I think he is going to be a perfect complimentary player – the Tay Prince of the new Pistons.

    now if we could get Cousins???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oct 19, 201011:34 am
    by Laser


    a-hyuk. and also if we could get lebron james and dwight howard and chris paul! then we’d be in business! sure is fun to blab on and on incessantly about players we CAN NOT HAVE. right? right??
    also, to those of you who live in the real world: i just read a yahoo fantasy primer for my upcoming draft (never played fantasy basketball before, so i’m reading everything i can), and one of the guys in the yahoo friends and family league picked monroe as the dark horse if wall doesn’t win. i think it’s a little silly to write off blake griffin and demarcus cousins, but monroe’s got at least one “expert-type” in his corner.
    also, it appears in an eight team league with thirteen roster spots, precisely ZERO pistons figure to be drafted. i know fantasy value doesn’t necessarily correlate to real-life performance, but still. and if anything, defense is what’s left out, so maybe the pistons are even worse than their fantasy rankings…

  • Oct 19, 201012:34 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    This play alone is why Griffin should win it:
    The dude can do things athletically that only Dwight Howard can do among big men. But it is the Clippers, and Griffin did have a serious injury last year. Things just tend to go wrong with that team, although I’m hoping Griffin becomes a huge star and maybe in a couple years the Pistons are in a position to trade for him when the Clips have their inevitable fire sale.
    As for fantasy basketball, Ben Wallace should get picked. He’s not the fantasy beast he used to be, but he’ll still get a team rebounds, blocks and steals, which are all commodities, although his lack of scoring and poor free throw percentages lessen his fantasy value.
    A healthy Ben Gordon would also be picked. He’ll get points and three-pointers. The other Pistons either fall into the “only help in one category” label (Stuckey and Hamilton will basically only get you points, for example) or they are good NBA players who do multiple things well, but don’t have elite stats in any category, like Prince or Jerebko.
    I’d possibly try and get Daye and stash him though. His rebounding numbers have been pretty good, and if he qualifies as a power forward for fantasy purposes, which he should if he doesn’t already, he could potentially get you points and three-pointers at that position.

  • Oct 19, 20101:21 pm
    by nuetes


    People that don’t think fantasy basketball equates to real life success are nuts. A fantasy basketball roster is not made up of scorers, because in fantasy you have to win multiple categories. i.e. gordon and villanueva are not fantasy players. It’s made up of josh smith’s. guys that contribute in multiple categories. That has to equate to real-life success. The Pistons not having any fantasy-worthy players to me is a knock on their lack of productive players, which correlates to real-life wins on the court.
    I saw an espn mock where Griffin went in the 6th round though. Absurd.
    This is a great analysis of Griffin complete with highlights. Must-view.

  • Oct 19, 20103:58 pm
    by Laser


    yeah that’s pretty sick. “oh me oh my” indeed. (i lived in LA last year, and will be heading back there next year. jerry lawler has got to be the most ridiculous play-by-play announcer in league history.)
    as for fantasy, i suppose you never know how the draft will unfold or who might need rebounds and some blocks and steals in the last round (and nothing else), but if the draft goes more-or-less according to plan, no piston gets drafted. keep in mind, we’re talking about a league with 8 teams and 13 roster spots. stuckey’s the highest rated piston, and he’s only gotten picked in one of the drafts i’ve done.
    i’m trying to come up with a few guys to target in the last two rounds. i suppose there’s a chance i’ll take a stab at daye. he’s one of the sleeper guys i’m thinking about. he should be a major contributor to the team. monroe’s another possibility, but quite a long shot. if he starts to break through he’ll definitely get snatched up by somebody. but at the moment they’re real backup plans. but it looks like there could be significant upside there.

  • Oct 20, 20106:18 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Rookie of the Year typically goes to the top-scoring rookie. I’m not sure Monroe can realistically do that.

  • Oct 20, 201012:21 pm
    by Laser


    does it? i mean, scoring is pretty much the “easiest” thing to do, and it would tend to be the most natural transition from lower level ball (NCAA, international ball, even high school) to the NBA. so that does make sense. but i don’t think that’s really THE determining factor. for instance, if john wall develops into one of the better PGs in the league but doesn’t crack the top five in scoring, i think he probably still wins (unless griffin or cousins is straight-up dominant). so i think the scoring thing is a big misleading. rookies are naturally going to be better at scoring than some specialty like BS, AST, STL. and i don’t think anyone ever won based on rebounding. but three of the last five were PGs, and i bet tyreke evans was the only scoring leader among them.

  • Oct 20, 201012:23 pm
    by Laser


    that should have read: “a bit misleading.” normally i let my typos go, but that one was a big confusing. (<— intentional typo joke. heh heh.)

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