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MLive.com has a roundup of Detroit Pistons predictions

Chris Iott at MLive.com (my old stomping grounds) has a nice roundup of Pistons predictions from various media covering the team, and was kind enough to let PistonPowered participate. Although some (Laser) will most assuredly laugh at my 40-42 prediction, I can say with confidence that there is one person who will look worse than me. Take it away, Bill Simonson:

The pressure is on for this team to make the playoffs. The seventh or eighth spot should be easy to secure.

Wow. In fairness to Simonson, though, no one really expects his opinions to be grounded in reason. Or based on strong analytical evidence. Or even vaguely coherent. There are about 37 teams in play for those 7th/8th spots in the East, all of them very evenly matched (read: not very good), so it will be no “easy” task for any team to attain those last spots, including the Pistons.


  • Oct 25, 201012:53 pm
    by Laser


    i’m not laughing at the prediction. honestly i just think it’s sad. this whole thing makes me sad. and not in a “oh hayes, you’re pathetic” sad kind of way. what makes me sad is the lack of urgency to get this team on the right track. or any track, for that matter. when i read fans (and even joe dumars) talking about last year like a little road bump, saying “why are you people panicking after one down season??” i feel like all that does is give dumars more excuses to sit back and do nothing. because i don’t think it was a road bump; i think 50 losses is basically what we’re looking at as long as this is our team.
    it’s fine that some people look at this team and think it can really get out and compete and make the playoffs, but i don’t see it. i see a team whose startling lineup consists of two shooting guards, two small forwards and an undersized center with no offense. and then you go to the bench to a backcourt tandem that’s shorter than i am and a frontcourt tandem that’s softer than i am. it just makes me sad. that’s all. i wish i didn’t care so much about this team.

  • Oct 25, 20101:08 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Saying they’ll be in the neighborhood of 40 wins isn’t a stretch in a conference where basically every team outside the top six or so can best be desribed as “mismatched” or “work in progress.”
    I get that you want the team to be blown up and you think last year and the year before were signs of major trouble. Boy, do I get it. But whatever I think of the roster, I’m still going to write about the team, whoever is on it. You’re free to make every single comment you post about your desire to see major roster overhauls. If it were me, I’d get tired of writing it over and over, but hey, to each his own.
    The fact is, it wouldn’t shock me if the Pistons won 20 games this year and it wouldn’t shock me if they won 40. They can compete and win enough in the East to tread water. I’m not commenting on what the longterm future of the team is or who I think needs to go on the roster. That’s a separate conversation. The question was, “How do you think this team can do this season?” I think their max is 40 wins if everything goes right. Obviously, I’m not happy about believing the max success the team can have is just below .500.
    Like I said, I know where you stand. I don’t know if there’s a sense of urgency. I don’t know what’s gone on behind the scenes. If there were legitimately moves out there that could’ve helped the team, I have to believe Dumars would’ve made them if he were able to. I mean, if you were in his situation, possibly told by ownership not to do anything, what would you say publicly? “Oh yeah, Minnesota basically offered to give us Al Jefferson for Prince, but I had to say no because they didn’t want to add long-term salary.”
    And yeah, I get that you’re being hyperbolic, but the softest player in the NBA is still much much tougher than you or anyone else who comments/writes on this site.

  • Oct 25, 20101:25 pm
    by Laser


    if you know i’m being hyperbolic, no need to point out that professional athletes could beat me up. and for the record, i think ben gordon’s got an inch on me. whatever. you got my point.
    20 wins is comfortably within my predicted range. frankly, ten or fifteen wouldn’t SHOCK me, though i think our record is going to look a lot like last year’s. i think that’s pretty much where we’re at right now. but 40 is at the extreme high end. i think if everything goes perfectly for them, the pistons have a .500 ceiling. but nothing goes perfectly in the NBA. look, all i was saying is that i wasn’t laughing at your prediction. nothing about this team makes me laugh anymore.
    we certainly both agree that the 7-8 seed will not be “easy” for this team by any stretch of the imagination. i rather think 7 is out of the question. but as i see it, it’s a seven team race for the 8 seed, so i hate our odds. maybe it’s easy for some people to look at all the individual talent we have and be optimistic, but i think it just fits together all wrong and the result is the worst team i’ve ever seen with this much raw individual talent.

  • Oct 25, 20103:07 pm
    by Alan


    What makes me sad is trying to make a case for Detroit qualifying for the playoffs.  A case that consists of pointing out that nobody’s better, as opposed to say, here’s why Detroit will qualify.  We expect 6 teams in the playoffs (MIA, BOS, ORL, CHI, MIL, ATL).  But who can confidently predict the next two?

    Knicks – No qualified PG and they signed the one max FA that nobody really wanted to sign.  Don’t get me wrong, Stoudemire is exciting, but he couldn’t get done with a HOF PG and surrounded by talent.
    NJN – one year away from 13 wins and Favors isn’t ready, Murphy’s not healthy and in trade talks and Outlaw was their big signing after all that cap space?
    CLE – Lost LeBron and maybe Mo bounces back with the ball in his hands more.  Jamison is a year older, Varajeo w/o LBJ could struggle and is JJ Hixson ready?
    IND – Collison is nice but is he ready to play 82 games?  Granger has to go from very good to great?  Will Hibbert take another step?
    WAS – This team will be led by John Wall, who, is the one PG I’m confident will give Rodney Stuckey a run for his money in the Ass/TO ratio
    TOR – just no!
    PHI – Brand is a shell of himself, Iguadola is not a #1 option and yet he is 76ers #1 option – he’s also on the also on the trade market.  Holiday is set to become a player, but is he set to lead a team into the post-season?  Evan Turner has to be one of the worst #2 picks in the history of the draft.

  • Oct 25, 20103:24 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Wow, you’re hard on Turner. He was pretty good this preseason. And while your flaws about the Sixers are legit, one thing they have going for them is Iguodala’s strengths will be highlighted in Doug Collins’ defensive system. If they get anything at all out of Brand and if Speights comes back reasonably healthy, I think they’re a playoff team. They still have Thad Young and Lou Williams on the bench, who are both solid.
    And if I were any team sniffing contention, I’d be calling Cleveland about Varejao non-stop. He’s a top four defensive big man, an irritant and a perfect player that every team needs in the playoffs.

  • Oct 25, 20103:59 pm
    by nuetes


    I’d like Philly if they didn’t trade Dalembert for no reason. Now they’ve left themselves with Brand, Speights, and some other scrub I can’t think of right now in the front court. Turner’s skills aren’t being taken advantage of because they have too many ball handlers already. I don’t think they’ll win 30 games.
    Of course I don’t like a lot of teams in the East, including the Pistons, and I guess that is the point here. If Hibbert is any good then Indiana might be decent. Same with Hickson for Cleveland. And T.Williams for NJ. I don’t see how Charlotte letting Chandler go for nothing makes them any better. None of the bottom 8 teams in the conference even deserve to make the playoffs because they are all sorry teams, but I guess someone has to go. Since I think Amare is going to go off this season I’ll say the Knicks get the 7th seed and then that 8th seed is completely up for grabs. I also think Cleveland and Indiana are going to be better than the Pistons so that rules them out. Is getting swept by Miami or Boston that cool anyway?
    I just want to see Daye and Monroe get better. I don’t really care that much about the record.

  • Oct 25, 20104:09 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Yeah. Dalembert for Nocioni? Gross.
    I agree that NY will get one spot. I actually like NJ as well. They didn’t make any big additions, but collectively Outlaw (if healthy), Murphy (if healthy) and Morrow will all be really solid.
    Charlotte has LB ready to murder his PGs since they let Felton go (so much so that he was playing Diaw at the point), and I don’t think Stephen Jackson will be as good as he was last year. Plus, I love Gerald Wallace, but you never know when dude is gonna dive head first into a scorer’s table and break his face.

  • Oct 25, 20104:22 pm
    by Laser


    breaking news: we’re 30th in ESPN’s power rankings. sure it’s almost as trendy to sh*t on this team nationally as it is to make excuses for them locally, but that’s a new low. i don’t think it’s accurate, but that’s only because i have a feeling we’re probably somehow better than toronto. but that might just be the homer in me talking…

  • Oct 25, 20104:24 pm
    by Alan


    I am hard on Turner.  I see the #2 pick as an opportunity to take on some risk and, at least try and get a game changer.  Turner is about as safe a pick as you can get.  Analysts were comparing him to Brandon Roy and that is way, way overboard.  In about 6 months, folks will look back and wonder how PHI passed on so & so and picked up Turner. 

    I agree with Nuetes, I think they’ll be a 3rd playoff spot in the Central.  I think CLE or IND could nab it.  I really have no idea who to pick for the final spot.  Your reasoning for NYK is fine. 

    I’d rather be swept as the 8th seed than not get in.  That’s just me.

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  • Oct 25, 20104:46 pm
    by nuetes


    I’d rather keep acquiring good young players because we might be stuck with Rip, Gordon, and CV for the next 3 seasons or more so they are pretty dependent on improving through the draft at the moment. I don’t really have a problem with losing; I have a problem with losing and getting absolutely nothing out of it. If your going to lose at least develop some talent. As a fan I think losing can be tolerable, but the team has to provide some hope in the process. The Pistons failed miserably at that last season.
    As for Turner himself – I really liked him coming out of college. I would really like him on a different team. I don’t like him on Philly and he was a bad fit for them. The concerns were there when they drafted him. He handled the ball A LOT at OSU. He’s basically learning how to play basketball again because he’s not used to playing off the ball. They have Iggy and Williams and Holliday to handle the ball. They didn’t need another ball handler. They needed a big man.
    I think the Pistons being ranked last in the power rankings and everyone predicting doom for them is a product of frustration by everyone, not just local Piston fans. It’s like everyone is trying to send Dumars a message that whatever he is trying to do is not working. The Pistons are a great NBA franchise, and nobody wants to see them fall on their face.
    On a side – I don’t like the Knicks that much, but I think Amare will prove why he got paid that much money this season. I don’t expect him to start playing good defense, but I do expect him to score, and score a lot. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he led the league in scoring. There are concerns long-term about his knees, but I think he’ll earn his money this season.

  • Oct 25, 20104:49 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    My immediate reaction to that is they’re much better than Toronto and Minnesota. Not that that’s saying much. But Minnesota could get less than 15 wins this year. And if it weren’t for Kevin Love, they might not get out of single digits.

  • Oct 25, 20105:05 pm
    by Alan


    Turner has an NBA-ready body for a G/F.  In college, he was just bigger than everybody and muscled them around.  He’s not going to be able to do that in the pros.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Turner will be a solid pro, just not a star.  A start should be drafted top 5, a solid pro should be drafted well after that. 

    My tolerance for losing will be tested this season.  Also, my opinion of its value to the team will be impacted by what transpires.  And I agree that drafting & developing will be key to the turnaround.

    I doubt very much that Rip, Gordon and Villanueava will all be on Detroit for the duration of their contracts and that one or more will be moved.  Historically, GMs were comfortable taking on bad contracts, swapping them, etc.  Recently, there was a race to get under the cap for the 2010 summer and now there’s concern about an expiring CBA.  This will pass and I expect business will return to normal. 

  • Oct 25, 20105:32 pm
    by nuetes


    It’s not like Turner is a scrub. I’d take him in a second on the Pistons. He’s rebounding and defending well. He’s been a good passer as well. Things that he did well in College. Problem is he’s not scoring very efficiently right now because he’s not used to the game. I think he’ll be a real good player. He’s outrebounding Greg Monroe.

  • Oct 25, 20105:33 pm
    by Laser


    grand. so we can trade cv, rip or gordon for equally bad contracts. that’s a sure fix.
    and as for me, i don’t think we’re “much better” than anyone. really unsure if we’re better than anyone at all, what with four wing players in the starting lineup and all, but certainly not “much” better. can a 50 loss win really be considered that much better than anyone?

  • Oct 25, 20105:37 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Well, no teams have any losses yet, so your “50 loss” is all hypothetical. But yeah, if we’re talking overall talent, I think it’s fair to call Detroit “much” better than Minnesota, although Kevin Love is great and one of the more underrated players in the league. And I’d call them “much” better than Toronto as well. There isn’t a young prospect on the Raptors who is better than Daye, Monroe or Jerebko.

  • Oct 25, 20109:59 pm
    by Laser


    once again, hayes, i can not and will not judge this or any team on overall talent. the amount of raw talent we have is ASTONISHING for a team this bad. like i said, our starting lineup is made of four wing players and an undersized center. individually, the argument could be made that any of these five could be a productive starter in this league, but they combine to form as bad a starting five as i can think of off the top of my head.
    i’ve said before that this roster probably has at LEAST an average amount of overall talent, and i mean it. it’s just that our talent can be grouped into three categories: scoring guards, lanky combo forwards and undersized centers. the only guys we have on the roster who don’t fit into one of those categories are monroe, wilcox and summers. and the latter two don’t even figure to crack the rotation.
    but i have to judge the team as a whole, and it’s not pretty. our idea of versatility is deciding how many scoring guards and how many lanky combo forwards we put on the floor at once. we can go as big as we want on the wings, but we have absolutely nothing on the inside. “going big” up front means pairing wallace (6’9) with either max (6’5 according to langlois) or monroe. sad state of affairs, that.

  • Oct 25, 201010:34 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Love, Beasley, Darko, & Johnson might surprise you but i agree Toronto looks pretty pitiful. I cannot see the Cavs making the playoffs and New York better hope that somebody other than Amare steps up, because what i saw from Felton & Randolph & Gallari during the preseason was not playoff material. New Jersey is going to land Melo before the deadline and a lineup that includes Melo, Lopez, and Harris should make the playoffs. Other than Wall, who is in a class by himself because of his jets, i cannot imagine taking anyone other than Cousins with the #2 pick. All that garbage about his character and attitude had no basis in reality. The kid likes to play and he wants to win and he is a team player. His conditioning was/is a real issue however and i can see a GM looking at him and thinking Turpin but i think Philly passed on the most dominant player in the draft. Still, Doug Collins has a track record of improving teams dramatically in his first year and Philly has enough talent that they should be a playoff team. Washington might be a darkhorse for the last spot but Gil is Gil – usually hurt – and Flip Saunders is the coach.
    I peg the Pistons for 25 wins unless they move a guard or a wing for a quality rebounder. That would change everything. Doesn’t matter who they move – Rip, Tay, Gordon, CV, T-Mac, Stuckey – if they get a big man, they are a playoff team. But you don’t win games in the NBA when you give up the glass every night.

  • Oct 26, 201012:14 am
    by Laser


    +1 pcb. you and i don’t always see eye-to-eye, but i’m with you for the most part.
    personally i don’t think moving tayshaun just to get a quality rebounder is enough of an upgrade considering what you’re giving up. first off, you want a GOOD ASS RETURN when you’re forced to trade your best player. second, you’re losing so much by trading him that i don’t think “a quality rebounder” puts you over the hump. if that’s all you’re getting, it’s basically a lateral move.
    also, until they prove otherwise, i firmly believe gordon, stuckey and rip CAN NOT be successful on the same team. too many jumpshots, not enough playmaking. and three guys of their caliber warrant playing basically every backcourt minute available. i just can’t see them being happy or productive together. ever. prove me wrong, boys!

  • Oct 26, 20108:18 am
    by detroitpcb



    i would prefer to trade Rip and CV if i could choose – but Rip has a difficult contract and CV needs to prove himself – i personally feel that the fact that Austin Daye won the starting power forward spot in training camp after a summer CV spent working on his body and conditioning says it all – CV is not going to be a player for the Pistons.

    Games in the NBA are lost on the defensive glass or by giving up easy baskets. Games can be won by shooters who get hot. The Pistons have planty of those. What they need is a quality rebounder (10+ boards a game) and an intimidating interior presence (it could be a Kendrick Perkins type “come in here and i’ll knock you down” or a shot blocking type like Marcus Camby – but you have to have an interior presence.

    are there a lot of those players out there who are available? no. Chandler would have fit the bill but Dallas nabbed him. Will Orlando move Gorat? Maybe only as part of a package for Chris Paul. There are some young players around the league who i think could be that guy but teams are reluctant to give up cheap young bigs who might develop. Joe will probably have to wait until after the sale and will make his move at the trade deadline. Will that be too late to save the Pistons season? Don’t know. T-Mac is a huge question mark. You are absolutely right in asserting that the Pistons have a lot of individual talent that is redundant and mismatched at the moment. Joe has collected talent reguardless of position. Now he has to turn it into a team by making the right trade. he has done it before so i think he can do it again.

    was thinking about Okur the other day – another quality big the Pistons had to give up (they had to choose between paying him or Rasheed). I think the Pistons are the only team in the last 12 years to win a title while staying under the luxury tax. That fact alone means i give Joe Dumars a great deal of respect.

  • Oct 26, 20108:22 am
    by detroitpcb



    gordon, stuckey, and rip are all two guards.

    even if one player comes off the bench – that is one two too many.

  • Oct 26, 201011:58 am
    by Laser


    joe would rather trade cv or rip, too. anyone would. but i don’t think it’s happening.
    and these piston are going to redefine how games in the NBA are lost.
    joe can’t make “the right trade” because the guys he wants to move are liabilities, rather than assets. lots of talent, but it’s tied to bad contracts. you could count yourself lucky if you could simply unload rip or gordon or charlie v for nothing. but you’re certainly not getting anything of value for them. all i’m hoping for is that he gets a good return for tayshaun. a stuckey trade looks unlikely, but i think that would be a major leap forward.
    also F joe dumars and whatever respect he earned a decade ago. he’s an embarrassment. “great work six years ago, joe. you built something from scratch and smashed it right to bits. bravo!” this team is in a MUCH worse spot right now than when he took over. much worse.

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