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Jonas Jerebko will miss significant time with torn Achilles

Those strong seven minutes of play from Jonas Jerebko last night were all we’ll be seeing of him for perhaps as long as five months: what was originally called a strained Achilles tendon is actually a torn Achilles tendon, per multiple Pistons sources. And the weirdest part is, on the play that Jerebko left the game, he appeared to be going to the locker room with an elbow injury.

I don’t have much to say. This is obviously devastating. Jerebko is one of the few new addition Pistons who actually embodies the hard-nosed, physical, “dog” style that the Pistons have always played. He’s also a versatile athlete and defender who was a good bet to take another step forward this season, heading into camp as the presumed starter.

As for the power forward position, I assume this means Charlie Villanueva will get his chance to start, or possibly Greg Monroe. It also means the Pistons are going to need some quality minutes out of a person like Chris Wilcox or Ike Diogu, which is a scary proposition to say the least.


  • Oct 8, 20102:57 am
    by Vince


    This is possibly the most comments I’ve ever seen posted on a thread. But lets get this cleared:

    @Adam I respect your opinion, but yuo can’t seriously say that Max and CV are better than JJ! Max has a good mid-range jumper, and can be a hustle type guy if needed to be, CV has a whole repertoire of offensive strategies, he’s just a bad player (my opinion!), Jerebko incorporates all of that: Solid mid-range jumper, consistent from beyond the arc, great defense, and is a low post scorer, he’s a hustle guy and is very energetic, Max and CV don’t come close to the skills he’s shown to have on the court. In my mind there are only two other players that can compete with him : Monroe and Daye, and I honestly hope Monroe gets the starting job.

    @Patrick, Nuetes and Gabe I think we understand each other pretty well, and share the same ideas, I’ve been enjoying reading your comments.

    @Laser Whats with all the negativity dude? I agree with you about Stuckey, Villanueva and T-Mac, but I see deep flaws in your reasoning and judgement, though I do respect your opinion I think you’re going a bit over the top don’t you think?

    @Lee Seriously? You’re gonna blame the whole thing on Dumars? Sure he has had a lot of bad judgement the past few years and not everyone sees eye to eye with him, but do you know how hard it is to be the GM for a team? He made judgement calls, sure maybe he has poor judgement, but he did it for the sake of the team, not to piss everyone off and destroy the organistaion. Think about things before you type.

    @Doctor Dave I can see where you’re coming from, but there is no way (at least in my mind) that CV is making the starters. No wayyyyyyyy. Monroe has more energy and hustle than CV, good passing skills and can finish close to the basket. My second choice would have to be Daye, he’s tall enough and is an average defender, he’ll get more minutes at PF than at SF or SG, and I think he would agree. Second of all: Gordon a SF? he’s a guard. He’d get absolutely smashed at SF. I wouldn’t mind seeing him be a PG, but there’s no way he’s a SF.

    I’m keeping to my original (hopefully this’ll actually be it) roster with a couple of changes:

    C- Wallace/Wilcox
    PF- Monroe/Daye
    SF- Prince/ T-Mac
    SG- Hamilton/Gordon
    PG- Bynum/Stuckey

    Extras: Summers, Villanueva, Maxiell

    I mean imagine the defensive capabilties! Big Ben, Monroe and Prince are probably the best defenders in the team and having them start would set the pace, a second unit of Wilcox, Daye and T-Mac would be pretty imposing as well, I’ve also found that Hamilton, Prince and Bynum have a good understanding of each other and complement each other well, and there’s your offense! With Wallace and Monroe picking up the slack post up. Gordon and Stuckey would be a good option as well, their scoring touch and agressive hustle would be interestong to watch. Though its true I’m not very fond of Stuckey and T-Mac, it is possible for them to contribute for the team, I mean its their best interest, since T-Mac wants to be noticed again and this is a contract year forStuckey for his extension… As far as Villanueva is concerned, he can soak up any left-over minutes, that is until he can prove to be an offensive threat and certified defender. I’d choose Wilcox and Max over CV any time.

  • Oct 8, 20108:51 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    I agree mostly with your rotation, although I don’t think Daye will play any minutes at the four. I know that’s where he played in college, but I think organizationally he’s viewed as a 2-3.
    And I hope Monroe is a good defensive player, but rookie big men not named Dikembe Mutombo or Dwight Howard typically struggle some at that end of the court.

  • Oct 8, 20109:18 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Oy. One more time I guess:
    “patrick, don’t tell me people argue with me because i’m always negative in a thread where i’ve been nothing but positive.”
    Uh … didn’t you say that it doesn’t matter that Jerebko is hurt and out for the year? That was your whole initial meme. That’s not really positive.
    “and i’m only saying this because you’ve messed this up twice, but the expression is “woe is me.””
    And your lack of using capital letters is annoying as hell. Who cares? I was typing at 1 a.m. BFD. Nit-picking grammar in a comments thread is the equivalent of saying “I have no relevant argument to make.”
    “if you think they’re no good, what’s a better way to improve than a good draft pick? god knows joe isn’t going to do a thing to fix this. great job he’s been doing so far, yeah? he’s positively handcuffed the team with these bad contracts.”
    He’s also only one year into his rebuilding effort and he spent an offseason “handcuffed” by the fact that ownership didn’t want him to add longterm salary, so that severely limited trades he could pursue. He needs to make moves. I’m interested to see what happens once the ownership situation is resolved.

    “when it’s plainly obvious that the team (A) will not make the playoffs, and (B) can not have any measure of success looking anything like it does now, i’d rather win zero games than twenty-two. and i don’t see the benefit of the alternative. if you have a guess as to how this team improves outside of the draft i’d love to hear it.”
    It’s not plainly obvious. It might be likely, but again, this team hasn’t really played together at full strength very long. If Gordon/Prince/Hamilton/Bynum have healthy seasons, they aren’t a 20 win team. I don’t think they’re a playoff team either, but there are certainly much worse rosters and situations in the East.

    “how did you feel about the last six games of last season? were you excited to see the pistons take four of the and go out on a high note?”
    Not particularly. But at the same time, I don’t root for them to lose. Teams that play for lottery balls end up like the Clippers – in the lottery every damn year. Once a team gets in the lottery, it gets very difficult to dig back out. Atlanta built through the draft and took a long time to get back to the playoffs. Golden State, the Clippers, Raptors, Grizzlies, Indiana, NY, Sacramento are all in the midst of major long-term rebuilding projects because they chose to get rid of all their players and start over. None of them, except maybe LA and NY, are really close to being good again. Building through the draft only works if you look and find a franchise player. And even then, it doesn’t always work – look at New Orleans with CP. They have a top five talent in the NBA who they drafted and they still don’t win. Building through the draft is not the can’t miss strategy people make it out to be.

    “and before you try to chase me off these boards consider that you’re talking to someone who explains himself, presents coherent thoughts in full sentences, and makes way more sense than not.”
    Who tried to chase you off? I’ve only chased one person off (The Rake … R.I.P). I just don’t subscribe to the philosophy that commenters are the only ones who run the comment section. If you’re talking about things I write, if you’re critical of things I write, then yeah, I’m gonna interact, and sometimes I’m gonna go hard at people I vehemently disagree with.
    “plus what you just said to me about the length of my posts and how you won’t pick through them is absurd after the post you just slapped directly above it. and of all things, it was in response to an at-best vaguely coherent post from my new bff.”
    Again, if it’s something addressed at me, as Lee’s post mostly was, I will go through it point-by-point, just like I’m doing with this post that was addressed mostly at me. I mean, I get the general thesis of most your posts. I don’t need to give them all the fine tooth comb treatment.

    And don’t whine about context when I excerpt a line from a larger post. Your comment itself is the context. It’s not like I deleted your comment and then left a single sentence published and said “OMG … what an idiot!” If people cared about the context, they could simply scroll up and look.

  • Oct 8, 20109:25 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    The only problem with your “play the young guys” sentiment is that it is kind of hard to sell tickets in that scenario.
    You’re a smart enough basketball fan to know Tracy McGrady hasn’t actually been good for like four years or so. But remember when he was almost voted into the All-Star Game despite not playing in the first half of last season? There are unfortunately a lot of dumb NBA fans, and I have to think that part of the reason McGrady is in Detroit is to sell a few tickets or jerseys to people who still think McGrady is an all-star talent.
    I do get the need to develop young players. The Pistons would be much better served than Daye getting more minutes than McGrady or Monroe getting more minutes than Villanueva/Wilcox/Maxiell. But it’s a tough sell for a GM of a team in an unstable ownership situation who may or may not have more than a season to turn this around to say, “OK, this is a lost season. We’ll play the young guys and get better next year.”
    And I do hope that Hamilton and Prince play well and rebuild their value, both because it would help the Pistons facilitate a better trade and it would get both of them the chance to go and play for contending teams again, which they deserve.

  • Oct 10, 20102:39 pm
    by Laser


    if all i did was nitpick grammar/spelling, you could use it against me, but i did as an aside in one of my massive posts. i just got annoyed seeing it misspelled twice. and for some reason you’re annoyed that my shift key is broken, so i suppose we’re even.
    this argument has grown tiresome for both of us. i’m glad you’ve at least seen some of what i’m talking about with the emergence of austin daye. guys are going to have to step up, and even an organization as backwards as the pistons is going to have to lean on some different guys. even dajuan summers got a chance against the bucks! OMG. we’ve got a ton of guy who can contribute, and now we get to see what they can do.
    as for the “chasing away” comment, i’ve seen this before, and it never ends well. i know you’re not here just to moderate the comments section, but it’s always a little uncomfortable when people who run the boards seem to get a bit personal. it’s not like i’m out here attacking people or calling names. i’ve been the subject of that garbage around here, from people who must think that (A) the pistons, if healthy, would have been real dark horse contenders this year, or (B) jerebko has this mile-high ceiling and was in desperate need of the development he’ll miss this season. and while both of these are incorrect, i’m not calling anyone names.

  • Oct 15, 20105:31 pm
    by Seattle Basketball


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  • Oct 15, 20105:32 pm
    by Seattle Basketball


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  • [...] all changed when promising incumbent starter Jonas Jerebko went down with a season-ending injuryseven minutes into the preseason. Suddenly, Villanueva went from a player the Pistons hoped would [...]

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