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Joe Dumars shows forgetful side in comments about contract extensions

In his one-on-one interview with Joe Dumars, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press asked about contract extensions:

Q: There are several players on this team that will either be restricted or unrestricted free agents next summer. Talk about your philosophy toward contract extensions.

A: I think in my 10 years we’ve only done extensions twice. We did Tayshaun (Prince) and (Jason Maxiell).

I could be missing another one or two, but Dumars has given at least three more extensions than the ones he gave Prince and Maxiell:

Did Dumars just forget about these? (With Hamilton, I think Dumars might wish he had.) Or are his comments more calculated than that?

Larry Coon explains which contracts can be extended, and by my interpretation, Rodney Stuckey and Tayshaun Prince are eligible. I’d guess both players want extensions.

Of course, it makes sense for Dumars to not give either extensions. I doubt ownership would allow extensions at this point, and the pending Collective Bargaining Agreement, which will likely be more owner-friendly than the current agreement, makes waiting even more prudent.

Is it possible Dumars is trying to downplay how often he gives extensions in order to placate Stuckey and Prince?

Or has Dumars really forgotten how he built the Pistons? Looking at the roster, you could certainly make the case for the latter.


  • Oct 27, 201010:14 am
    by Brian


    I believe that Joe was referring to rookie extensions – which would make the Prince and Maxiell answer accurate.

  • Oct 27, 201010:22 am
    by herm


    What Brian said clearly.

  • Oct 27, 201010:33 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    @Brian and herm:

    But read the question. Maybe Dumars interpreted it as meaning rookie extensions, but Ellis very clearly said “restricted and unrestricted free agents,” meaning not just the player on his rookie deal (Stuckey).

  • Oct 27, 201010:37 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Also, nothing in the rest of Dumars’ response suggests he was only talking about rookie deals:

    “I don’t think there’s any one policy that you live and die by. I think each situation is different. I think you have to judge each situation separately in each individual case, and that’s what we’ve done. When we’ve felt like it was time to do an extension, we’ve done them; when we’ve felt like it was best to wait, we’ve waited. You have to just sit back and make decisions.”

    Again, maybe he was, but it wasn’t clear in either the question or answer that he was.

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  • Oct 27, 20102:27 pm
    by Brian


    You are correct sir.  I guess when I read extensions, my mind went straight to Stuckey, as he’s the only one I’ve heard discussed at all this summer/preseason…

  • Oct 27, 20105:33 pm
    by Laser


    uh, chauncey billups, anyone? i remember a lot of talk about that extension. how else would that cat still be on the contract he signed here?
    also, joe is a bad politician. everything he says is calculated, deceptive. he defers blame, intellectualizes everything. he shouldn’t be listened to or interviewed. a joe dumars interview is a waste of time. i’ll be glad to read his candid autobiography where he’s free to explain all of his mistakes, but interviewing him now is a waste of time.

  • Oct 27, 20105:34 pm
    by Laser


    oh yeah, and rasheed. don’t listen to anything joe dumars says.

  • Oct 28, 201012:25 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    “he shouldn’t be listened to or interviewed.”
    Haha. Great line. I’d love to see Vince Ellis write, “Joe Dumars wanted to do an interview with the Free Press today, but I declined.”
    Also, Rasheed and Billups weren’t extensions. Both were re-signed when they were allowed to hit free agency. This was discussing guys who were signed before their contracts ran out. Wallace’s contract expired right after the championship and his only other offer came from Philly and Billups was a free agent in a year when the only team with real cap space to sign him was Memphis, so he came back on a very team-friendly contract since he got no other substantial offers.

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