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Detroit Pistons wave Ike Diogu and Vernon Hamilton

From a team release:

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars announced today that the club has requested waivers on guard Vernon Hamilton and forward Ike Diogu.

Hamilton appeared in five games, averaging 0.6 assists and 0.8 rebounds in 3.6 minutes per game. Diogu appeared in three games, averaging 2.3 points and 1.7 rebounds in 5.3 minutes per game.

No surprise here. They were longshots to make the team when they were invited to training camp, and neither played much in the preseason.

The Pistons’ roster is down to 15 players, so no more roster moves need to be made.


  • Oct 20, 20103:18 pm
    by nuetes


    Diogu was pulling down 11 boards per 36! Gotta love those conversions. No but seriously we need rebounds, and for his limited time in his limited career he has rebounded well.
    It’s evident the Pistons just brought those two in as camp fillers. They never played them any significant minutes in any of the games. I can’t imagine how Mcgrady or Summers are going to provide any more to the team than Diogu may have. The Pistons never gave those guys a fair shot. The least they could have done was let them go out and play extended minutes in a game or two and show what they can do. Let them showcase their abilities for another team to see.
    Most of the teams in the preseason are playing their scrubs quite a bit. The Pistons haven’t done that. They haven’t played a regular rotation, but they have given almost all of their minutes to rotation guys.

  • Oct 20, 20103:27 pm
    by Laser


    yeah, “wave” them goodbye… HEY-O!
    no, but in all seriousness: “…no more roster moves need to be made?” uh, have you looked at the roster lately? i know what you meant, but still.

  • Oct 20, 20105:01 pm
    by JP


    so dumars honestly would rather pay wilcox 3mill this season, instead of buying him out and paying an extra min contract for a younger more healthy diogu?
    hey joe d, i think you forgot your common sense back in feb. 04.

  • Oct 20, 20105:38 pm
    by Laser


    1) who ever said wilcox would take a buyout? no sense assuming something like that.
    2) would it be wise to spend any money AT ALL on a player who will be on the fringe of the rotation at best? and on a team that’s all but destined for the lottery? it’s not my money, and i wouldn’t.
    3) if joe has any sense left, and i’m almost certain he doesn’t, he might consider the fact that no matter who they’re attached to, there is inherent value in an expiring contract. maybe as part of a bigger trade, maybe not. but he could $3 million off someone else’s books and a worthwhile return for us.
    4) when i start defending ANYTHING joe dumars does, people might as well pay attention. it might not happen again.

  • Oct 21, 201012:42 am
    by JP


    maybe he wouldve taken the buyout, maybe he wouldnt have, who knows. i sure hope it was at least discussed within the suits.
    youre a knucklehead if you think spending another 700k on diogu wouldnt be wise. what happens when cv and monroe  (please dont happen) get injured? we have mother effing chris wilcox as our other big man, you honestly wouldnt spend 700k just for the possibility that it MIGHT happen and actually have a serviceable big man? imagine maxiell and diogu eating 7 footers in the paint! mmMMMmM TASTY!
    i hope youre right about dumars using his expirings for a bigger trade down the road, but i still think having diogu riding the pine over wilcox wouldve been a no brainer. to each their own.

  • Oct 21, 20101:28 am
    by Laser


    (rolls eyes) knucklehead. right.

  • Oct 21, 20101:29 am
    by nuetes


    Wilcox seems serviceable. Much like Diogu. I’d rather have Wilcox than Mcgrady or Summers, I’d also say White but he’s injured so it seems mean to cut him. I hope Dumars has something up his sleeve (doubt it) to solve the big man issue. If he’s not going to give Diogu a shot and is honestly considering going into a full season with CV (scrub), Monroe (rookie), Wallace (old), Maxiell (maxed out), and Wilcox (eh) as his big men, and that’s it, then I don’t know what more can be said here. Dumars has lost his mind. Big men are important. I don’t really think that can be stressed enough. They prevent scoring and rebound the misses which creates extra possessions. That is the game of basketball right there. I’m not quite sure what game the Pistons are playing.

  • Oct 21, 20108:45 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Diogu is not what I would consider more healthy than Wilcox. I believe he had microfracture surgery in 2009.

  • Oct 21, 201012:53 pm
    by Laser


    yeah i guess the grass really must be greener if we’re SWEATING a guy who can’t get a job ANYWHERE in the league. geezis. and i’m the knucklehead. i mean, i hate what this team’s become and will jump at any chance to bash joke dumars (see?), but this is just unreasonable.
    also i’d rather cut t-mac over wilcox too. good point.
    (and just as an ironic side note… i notice the little banner next to this very text box that has josh smith in an ad for dick’s sporting goods. there’s something ironic about saying we “fleeced” atlanta or “stole” rasheed wallace when the guy we gave up, albeit in the form of a draft pick, ends up with endorsements like that. right. i’m sure atlanta wishes they could take that one back. riiiiight. and isn’t that the TRUE indicator of if a fleecing or some kind of lopsided trade occurred?? yikes.)

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