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Detroit Pistons try to give out 50 free lower bowl season tickets, eleven people show up

The Pistons recently created the Power Plant, a 50-person group of the most energetic fans who would, ideally, fire up The Palace for every game. The idea was modeled after Milwaukee’s Squad 6 and Houston’s Red Rowdies,* both big success.

The Power Plant? Not so much. A whopping eleven people tried out, according to Neal Rubin of The Detroit News.

*Not the Izzone as the writer, who surprisingly didn’t attend Michigan State, mentioned twice.

In an era of downs for the Pistons, I think this is a new low.

But they’re still optimistic and haven’t given up on this plan:

They’ll look for reinforcements anyway, though, with on-the-spot auditions at Friday’s 7:30 p.m. exhibition game against Memphis.

That seems like a fine idea – assuming 39 people show up to that game.


  • Oct 21, 201011:39 am
    by Jason


    This was extremely tough to believe when i read it this morning.. I’m in Chicago, or you better believe I would have been there. But 11 people?? Just plain upsetting…
    I just hope Illitch doesn’t see this article.. haha.

  • Oct 21, 201012:08 pm
    by Laser


    just read this on detroit bad boys and said WOW to something pistons-related for the first time in a long time. i think it happened twice since last season: bynum’s 20-assist night (oh, but stuckey dropped 34 on the wiz in a preseason game and managed a +1 AST-TO spread, so he just HAS to start, right?) and GSW picking udoh sixth.
    (note: a friend just called me to discuss this very subject!)
    on one hand, when you read the optimism of pie-in-the-sky dreamers, cheerleaders, joe dumars apologists, you’d think 300 was the number of people who showed up to audition. i sincerely hope this sends a message to the organization. it’s time to make that “change for the sake of change” dumars refuse to make. give the people what they want.
    on the other hand, the poison pill might have been the commitment to attending all 41 home games. i mean, even if you thought you’d enjoy watching the team play (and apparently those people somehow still exist, at least 11 of them), it’s sort of a weird and burdensome commitment. even most season ticket holders (have the pistons got any of those left?) who pay a fortune always give away their tickets once in a while. so maybe that’s it. but it was highly publicized. props to the 289 people who sent the right message, intentional or not.

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