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Could the Pistons help Carmelo Anthony get out of Denver?

Carmelo Anthony remains the last big name on the trade market, and although he’s not coming to Detroit, Denver needs a trade to involve multiple teams to get all of the assets they seek. Apparently, the Detroit Pistons are still a possibile match according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

Another team that could emerge as a facilitator in an Anthony trade is the Pistons. Sources say the Nuggets inquired several weeks ago about the availability of Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince — with a particular emphasis on Prince, whose $11.1 million contract is expiring and would provide a cost-cutting tool for the Nuggets. At the time, Pistons president Joe Dumars quickly dismissed the invitation. But sources say there’s a chance Detroit’s posture could change with reports this week that the team will be sold to Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch.

Although the organization has never admitted as much, there have been whispers all summer that the Pistons’ quiet offseason had more to do with ownership not wanting to make any moves while the team was for sale than Joe Dumars’ unwillingness to trade people. That excerpt from Berger’s report certainly lends some credence to that theory. There would really be no reason for Dumars to ‘quickly dismiss’ any talks with Denver if he did not have some type of constraints on potentially adding salary.


  • Oct 8, 20108:26 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Trade Rip and Tay and Wilcox and a #1 draft pick to Denver. Get Nene & Favors from New Jersy. Jersey gets Melo. Gives up Favors, Murphy and a #1 draft pick. Denver gets four vets who can help them win now, the expiring contracts of Tay & Wilcox (16.1 million i think?) and two #1 draft picks so they can reload next year – if there is a season.

  • Oct 8, 20109:29 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Wow. That would be a major haul for Detroit. I would think if Denver gives up Nene in the deal, they would want Favors too as a replacement. Can’t be one big man down in the West with that Lakers front line.

  • Oct 9, 20106:30 pm
    by Glenn


    Tweaking that trade…
    Detroit receives: Nene, Troy Murphy, Ty Lawson
    Denver receives: Favors, Prince, Villanueva
    New Jersey receives: Anthony, Stuckey
    Fill in draft picks, cash, and small contracts as necessary.

  • Oct 9, 20107:49 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I like it. I think Detroit has to give up their No. 1 this year to Denver to do it, something I don’t necessarily want to part with, but Lawson/Nene would be a haul and Murphy is very solid plus a large expiring contract if they don’t want to keep him longterm.
    And that might work for NJ too b/c reportedly they wanted a PG to replace Devin Harris in the other deal that fell through, which Harris was involved in. Nobody tell them that Stuckey isn’t a point guard.

  • Oct 10, 201012:57 pm
    by Glenn


    Alright, use your special pistonpowered privileges to get Joe D on the phone and make it happen!  Or at least make it a rumor…

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