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Video: Rodney Stuckey says Dime Magazine quote was innaccurate, he discusses becoming a vocal leader and he dropped 10 pounds in the offseason

Last week, Rodney Stuckey‘s quote to Dime Magazine caused a mini-buzz (and commenter Laser’s head to explode) in a slow news time. Stuckey reportedly said the Pistons were “the best team in the league on paper.”

So naturally, on media day, that was the first question he was asked, and Stuckey said that the quote wasn’t accurate, although he believes the Pistons are certainly among the most talented in the league.

He also discusses, at length, his belief that he needs to become a more vocal leader and he says he lost 10 pounds in the offseason to get quicker.

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  • Sep 28, 20101:42 am
    by Laser


    i’m still scrubbing bits of brain out of the carpet…
    glad he was supposedly misquoted so we know he’s not insane, just continuing to do the only thing the pistons do well anymore: say “the right thing.” toe the line! wave the flag! 72 wins!

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