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Video: Detroit Pistons coach John Kuester is excited by the team’s versatility, but says players have to buy in defensively in order to earn minutes

Apologies for the extra caption at the beginning of this video. It looks dumb, but not really dumb enough for me to take it out and re-upload.

John Kuester talked mainly about his desire to see the team play tough, hard-nosed defense, form some chemistry and rebound the ball better. He was also pretty adamant that for his rotation, he’ll look first for the guys who play best together, not necessarily the most talented players of the bunch, stressing the importance of improved chemistry this season.

My favorite point he made was towards the end when he said Rodney Stuckey could become one of the best defensive guards in the NBA with proper commitment, a take I agree wholeheartedly with.

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  • Sep 28, 20102:06 am
    by Laser


    with all due respect to coach Q (does that translate to “no respect?” whatever.), the biggest defensive issue i saw last season, aside from the notable disaster that is charlie hustle, was an institutional commitment to preventing dribble penetration AT ALL COSTS. every single time someone penetrated, there were invariably five pistons with at least a foot in the paint, leaving four shooters wide open. this happened constantly, and it wasn’t just one guy missing his assignment or cheating off his man too much. this was obviously an institutionalized policy, as if everyone assumed ALL dribble penetration MUST end with a contested shot (the rodney stuckey method). unfortunately, the only guard in the league who constantly attempts a contested shot after penetrating and drawing five defenders is a piston. so before we get all uptight about individual defense, we should take a look at our overall philosophy.

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