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Shaq claims Detroit Pistons made him an $8 million offer this summer

Shaquille O’Neal addressed his free agency, which apparently included a large offer from the Detroit Pistons, in an interview with John Reid of the The Times Picayune (hat tip: Mike Payne of Detroit Bad Boys):

As a free agent this summer, what were all the factors you considered before deciding to sign with the Celtics?

Atlanta was cool, but they don’t have a lot of national television games. But Boston, with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, I said we can do it. A lot of people said I only got the league minimum salary, but that’s all right. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I’ve had four max contracts in one lifetime, I don’t care about that little million. Did I want $10 million? I’m always going to put the number high. I could have gotten $8 million from Atlanta and Detroit, but it wasn’t about that. It was about being somewhere and being seen and winning.

I’m not sure if this is true or Shaq embellishing. There were no reports (that I saw) mentioning Shaq as a Piston target, but I discussed the idea as a hypothetical.

Update: I’ve seen Shaq’s claim disputed because the Pistons didn’t have $8 million in cap room. Well, neither did the Hawks, but they offered him a two-year contract, according to Tim Povtak of AOL FanHouse. The Pistons easily could have done the same.


  • Sep 7, 20106:23 pm
    by TDP


    Shaq is a goddamn liar.

  • Sep 7, 201010:38 pm
    by Patrick Hayes



    I don’t doubt Shaq’s claim that the Pistons had interest. If they were interested enough in McGrady to sign him, they would’ve been interested enough in Shaq to ask about his services. Not sure I buy that he received an offer, but it’s possible.

  • Sep 8, 201012:07 am
    by TDP


    Solo un chiste.

  • [...] engineer, so to speak, the possible deal. The simplest and most likely explanation has already been touched on by Dan Feldman at Piston Powered, who speculated the deal was probably worth a total of $8 million, [...]

  • Sep 9, 201010:39 pm
    by trav


    that would have been a great signing.  I love Shaq, and T mac.  Shaq and big ben would be a sweet frontcourt to watch, because you know big ben would have out worked all the power fowards on the roster, and at that money shaq would start.  If Only the daddy didn’t want to win a championship…

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