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Rodney Stuckey: “On paper, we are the best team in the League”

In an interview with Casey Mack of Dime, Rodney Stuckey said:

On paper, we are the best team in the League.

Well, then.

Somehow, Stuckey found a way to make the Pistons the center of attention of NBA followers on a Monday afternoon in September. So, at least he has that going for him.


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  • Sep 20, 20103:43 pm
    by Ben


    honestly…hes right! hope they find a way to mesh together and stay injury free this season. If so, i truly believe the pistons can go deep in the playoff’s. injury free season, how can anyone disagree with me?

  • Sep 20, 20103:52 pm
    by Bob


    How can we even agree with you?

  • Sep 20, 20104:04 pm
    by Laser


    jesus, ben. come on.
    if you took all the NBA talent on a given roster (without regard to position or roster sizes) and put them in a blender to figure out who’s got the greatest sheer volume of talent, the case could be made that the pistons have as much “talent” as anyone by this useless, imaginary standard. but that’s absolutely as far as it goes.
    i disagree with you, ben. strongly. and the results of the season will 100% certainly disagree with you as well. this team is not good. embarrassingly thin at the most important positions, and burdensomely deep at the others. it will be a major, season-long challenge to settle on rotations that work and to get these guys in a rhythm. you’ve got 15 guys where the disparity between your worst and best player is not very big.
    it’s a recipe for unhappy players and 50+ losses.

  • Sep 20, 20104:11 pm
    by Laser


    plus this attitude the team has that all players are equal and that playing time will be earned on merit alone has two major flaws:
    1) we’re not stupid. all playing time will not be “earned.” rip’s going to be handed starters’ minutes because of who he is and how badly the team needs to establish value for him and dump that contract. similarly, stuckey will have everything handed to him just as it’s been since he joined the team; he’s never had no earn anything and never will, regardless of how bad he is.
    2) if t-mac and daye are playing at comparable levels, t-mac should be showcased JUST enough to ship him out of town for picks or something. if you just split the available minutes (are there any available for these two?) you’re doing everyone a disservice, because of their respective career trajectories. daye’s got nowhere to go but up, t-mac’s not getting any better at 31. i’d rather give all of t-mac’s minutes to summers or white and see what they can do with them. if t-mac is going to earn a multiyear contract it’s not going to be from us, who have too much money committed to the wings anyways.
    do i have to keep explaining this stuff??

  • Sep 20, 20105:54 pm
    by nuetes


    that’s funny because i don’t see a star on paper. this is the only thing i can give dumars. the team is deep. they have the most above average role players in the league hands down. he has won that title by a landslide. if by some arbitrary rating system you rated every player in the league on a scale of 0-100 and then added them all up by team the pistons might come out near the top. only problem is they don’t have a player above an 80. they don’t have many below 60 either.
    for giggles nba live arbitrary style (top 10 players):
    stuckey 73 rip 75 prince 79 gordon 74 wallace 76 jerebko 68 monroe 72 bynum 70 mcgrady 72 = 659 total points
    lebron 96 wade 95 bosh 84 miller 70 ilgauskis 58 haslem 66 chalmers 58 house 60 anthony 44 howard 48 = 679 total arbitrary points
    wow we are almost as good as the heat using this crazy math. add the other 5 bench players and we blow them away.

  • Sep 20, 20106:00 pm
    by nuetes


    oops i forgot CV 70 in my ratings to make 10 for the pistons. heck yeah our top 10 kills the heat top 10 – 729 to 679. the paper champs! whooo!!

  • Sep 20, 20107:28 pm
    by gmehl1977


    That’s why they call Rodney Sticky-icky…cause he be smoking too much of that sticky-icky!
    Seriously if there was a rule that said every team had to play there starters for the first half of games and the second unit for the second half of games then we would be making the conference finals.

  • Sep 20, 201011:33 pm
    by Laser


    precisely. if reality didn’t matter and it was all about collecting above average players, we’d be kings.
    also, the difference between the Goin’ to Work pistons and the Goin’ to Sleep pistons is that, in the absence of a superstar, the former was made of “very good players,” and the latter of “good players.” plus balance issues, etc. etc.

  • Sep 21, 201012:58 am
    by d-nice


    who knows at this point , i truly think that a rejuvenated t-mac may help but is there enough balls to go around ????we will see….stuckey

  • Sep 21, 201011:54 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    How can anyone agree with you?

  • Sep 21, 201011:56 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    “do i have to keep explaining this stuff??”
    No. But you will.

  • Sep 21, 201012:00 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    “they have the most above average role players in the league hands down. he has won that title by a landslide.”
    This is kind of a Dumars staple, though, dating back to when he built the championship team. Look at the teams under Irvine/Carlisle — there were many guys on those teams who you wouldn’t say were great or even good players. But they were also players who, individually, would have a spot in the rotation of any team in the league.
    Three moves that didn’t excite anyone that much at the time — Billups signing for the mid-level, Hamilton for Stack trade, Sheed trade — transformed them from a collection of solid role players into a title contender.
    Now the difference is that, as of yet, this group hasn’t proved they can play hard and tough and overachieve their way into the playoffs like Carlisle’s first team did. But the architecture of the team is pretty similar.

  • Sep 21, 201012:03 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    “who knows at this point”
    While I don’t like to make predictions, I can pretty confidently say that I do know that the Pistons don’t have the most talent in the league.
    I would be happy if Stuckey said something like, “We have enough talent to make the playoffs and compete with any team in the league.”
    That would be a fine statement. Saying things like “we have the most talent” when you’re coming off a lottery season just makes you look like the Clippers.

  • Sep 21, 20101:22 pm
    by Travis


    I guess he’s right, if T-Mac is a star again.  And Stuckey himself has gotten a heck of a whole lot better.  I hope they are the Best team in the league on the Court and not just paper.

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