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It’s probably time for the Detroit Pistons to dump Richard Hamilton

OK, I’ve finally come around.

The Pistons should dump Richard Hamilton.

There’s no need to acquire assets in return. Although doing so would be a plus, it’s no longer necessary.

Before we go any further, this is based on a couple assumptions. If these two conditions aren’t the case, Detroit shouldn’t dump Hamilton:

  • Tracy McGrady is relatively healthy. If he’s not, the Pistons shouldn’t have signed him.
  • The Pistons didn’t sign McGrady only to fill out the roster. That would mean they’re cutting DaJuan Summers (because as last year showed, they’re perfectly content with carrying 14 players). If filling out the roster was the objective, they should’ve waived Summers before his contract became fully guaranteed June 30.

One, but not two, too many shooting guards

I’ve long maintained Hamilton had value as was worth keeping. And I agreed that keeping both Hamilton and Ben Gordon limited both. But I thought, and still think, having Hamilton with Gordon was better than having just Gordon.

But adding McGrady to the mix puts me into the trade-Hamilton-before-the-season camp.

I believe the Pistons have a pretty good idea in what Hamilton and Gordon give them. I don’t think they know what McGrady provides, and the only way to find out is to give him minutes.

Of course, they don’t have to find out. Financially, the risk of not finding out is low. They only signed McGrady to a one-year minimum contract. But the intangible risk is high.

McGrady didn’t come to Detroit to sit. He might be fine coming off the bench – emphasis on might – but he won’t be OK not playing. And he’s not the type to sit back quietly and not become a distraction.

There was no point to signing McGrady if you’re not going to give him an honest shot at showing he’s still got it – or close enough to it that he can sign a multi-year deal in the offseason. McGrady can’t get that shot with Hamilton on the team.

Trade options

Trading Hamilton might be a little tricky. Keep in mind only the Cavaliers, Raptors, Timberwolves and Kings could absorb Hamilton’s contract without sending a player to Detroit in return. (You could also include Charlotte with Erick Dampier’s contract, because the Pistons could waive him after the trade at no cost to them.)

Of course, there are other teams that could trade an expiring contract for Hamilton. A popular version – Hamilton to the Knicks for Eddy Curry – would mean Curry’s $5 million trade kicker, er, kicks in. So, that probably wouldn’t work, but I think there are other options out there.

Not a rush

I don’t think this is such a dire problem the Pistons should send a draft pick or some other type of sweetener to one of these teams to take Hamilton. Shedding him might be beneficial, but it’s not necessary to do at all costs.

I still have faith Hamilton will rebound from his poor season of a year ago. But that’s far from a guarantee. With Gordon and McGrady in the fold, it’s no longer worth taking the risk Hamilton doesn’t return to form.

Of course, if Hamilton again becomes an efficient and team-leading scorer, giving him away will have been a mistake. But I’m willing to take that chance.

If someone will take Hamilton now, send him.


  • Sep 3, 20101:22 pm
    by Laser


    hallelujah! took you long enough. still, don’t hold your breath…

  • Sep 3, 20102:06 pm
    by detroitpcb


    You are right about the need for a trade but i am not sure you are focusing on the right player. Personally, i would trade Ben Gordon. I know he is younger, but the Pistons have two future stars a two guard (Stuckey and Daye) and do not need a high priced small slow no defense player at the two spot.

    I would trade either Rip or Ben Gordon. Which ever player brought me a better return.

  • Sep 3, 20103:02 pm
    by tads


    While Rip would the piston that it would make the most sense financially and positionally, it is fairly unrealistic.  The whole league knows that he a) had the worst season ever, b) from injuries, c) which prevented him from playing the last 10 games of that season, and d) may or may continue this year.  Your argument is analogous to Milwaukee coming out and deciding that it might be time to move Michael Redd, and we have just as much of a chance of finding a taker before the season starts as they do.  For Rip to be gone we will probably have to put someone that we could use in the deal, or take back a player that we don’t need.  It’s really not worth it.
    T-Mac’s arrival really means nothing to this argument either.  He is under contract for one year, we are doing him a favor.  If he leaves at the end of the year and we have Ben Gordon and an undeveloped Daye as our 2-guards we are worse off than if we had Rip as well.  Next season he will have only 1.5 years guaranteed and could be viewed by some as an expiring contract and could be a good person for a purely numbers trade.  Also after a season where he isn’t under a lot of stress to play a lot of minutes he can prove to be rejuvenated and successful for a team wanting to make a basketball trade.
    Next season is going to be a hot-ass mess, and while a Rip dump would alleviate that, seems unrealistic to hope for it.

  • Sep 3, 20103:56 pm
    by Ken


    Yeah, I wrote an article of how to get rid of Hamilton in May, check it out:

    We pretty much have to ditch him, too many SG’s. Dumping Villanueva is probably a pipe dream but my plan is to dump them both in one trade and get a player back. Trading with the Wizards makes the most sense, and would help both teams

  • Sep 3, 20104:10 pm
    by Laser


    @pcb: i’d be all for trading either one. or stuckey. we just have too many SGs. but i don’t see dumars trading gordon of all people. gordon was the “prize” of last offseason, the guy joe targeted and signed even though we had abundant depth at his position, our big free agent signing. dumars is too stubborn to pull the plug now. very, very obviously he’ll net a better return than rip… in that he might conceivably net A return at all. you’d be lucky to trade rip and get no return at all.
    @tads: you just don’t get it. your first paragraph makes sense, though i think virtually anything in the world that gets rip off the roster is well worth it. rip and stuckey for nothing? sounds good to me. let’s find a taker!
    anyhow, your second paragraph is a mile off. t-mac means plenty to the argument. his addition gives us the freedom to send rip into outer space and have no depth issues whatsoever. if at all healthy he’ll be a solid fourth guard, something we wouldn’t have otherwise (sorry, austin daye and terrico white. nobody knows what we can expect of either of you yet). so now we have the luxury of dumping rip with a completely clear conscience without having to thrust young guys into big roles they may not be ready for. everything feldman said about player development is right on the money. all of these shooting guards are going to get in each other’s ways.
    and to say rip’s contract is viewable as expiring is WAY off the mark. he’s owed $12.6 million next year and something like 1/4 of that in his last year. so whomever we could swindle into taking his contract ends up paying around $16 million dollars for one year of rip, and when they cut him loose in that final year (as any idiot would) he still represents a roughly $3 million cap hit for that last year. this is not a desirable situation.
    and your third paragraph is back to making perfect sense.

  • Sep 3, 20106:32 pm
    by tads


    @ laser  Crank up the trade machine, provide a rationale, I’d love to see it.  In the mean time I’ll be bracing myself to see him around for another year.  I think his name will come up though in trade talks…
    Joe D:  Hey I’m interested in that young talented big that you want to get rid of because he’s so defensive oriented
    Other GM:  Ok, but you’ll have to take back another side contract.  And I need a wing.
    JD:  How about Rip Hamilton
    OG:  If I want a SG with injury problems I’ll take Michael Redd, John Hammond was just calling me too.  At least that way I’d get an expiring contract.
    JD:  I hate to do it, but, how about Tayshaun Prince.
    OG:  Weird I wasn’t even that excited about Prince, but now that you mentioned him after hamilton, he sounds like the much better player, I think we have a deal.  

  • Sep 3, 20107:30 pm
    by Odeh


    Trading Rip is addition by subtraction.  It shortens the rotation and gives the team a chance to develop more chemistry.  I read earlier in the offseason that Joe had an offer on the table for a draft pick, similar to the Hinrich deal,  but turned it down in hopes of using him to net talent in return.  I believe his view is still that he can net back something in return and is waiting to see if that comes to fruition.  If he doesn’t have a deal in place by the end of training camp, I think Sac town or the Cavs would pull the deal in a heartbeat.  The Kings GM has spoken highly of Rip and it would give them a veteran option at the 2, their weakest position.  The Cavs are going to need some kind of scoring threat on the court and Rip would excel with a traditional pg like Mo williams.
    Also, I don’t think Rip and Michael Redd’s durability are comparable.  Rip had minor injuries for the shorter part of one season while Redd has had multiple major injuries over multiple seasons.  GM’s will be sure to take that into consideration.
    Another note, we still might be able to get something for Rip but it most likely would involve taking on a bad contract along with talent.  Okafor?

  • Sep 3, 20107:31 pm
    by sop


    I think Joe will try after new ownership oks it. Since Illich and Gores will make their bids next week on the franchise and the all parties want to expedite the process (NBA doesn’t like in-season change of ownership and next offseason looks to murky with the possible lockout), the Pistons could be in new hands by a week before training camp. If anything happens it will happen then.
    Hamilton would be most attractive to…
    1. Charlotte: They could start Stephen Jackson at the point and Hamilton at the 2. They won’t keep Dampier anyways now since he wouldn’t sign a contract with them so they picked up Kwame. (chance of happening= 6%)
    2.Cavs: Dan Gilbert wants back in the Playoff race as bad as anyone and he needs more firepower. 4%
    3. Hornets: Ariza makes Peja unnecessary, Peja’s contract is expiring. Peja for Rip gives NO a contract that comes off the books the same year a Paul and tells him they are going to be active to improve even if they have to take on more money. 3%
    4. Milwakee: Would they take Rip for Redd’s expiring contract? Yes. Hammond has shown he is loading up with a dollars-be-damned attitude for what he thinks will be a couple impressive playoff runs in the next two years. 2%
    5. Nobody: Toronto is happy with Derozen and Barbosa.  Kahn is crazy; so crazy that he’s committed to keeping half a dozen SFs and trying to play them at SG. Kings= Evans is the whole perimeter. Wizards want to see if Wall and Arenas can play together but if it goes poorly then this is a possibility. 85%

  • Sep 3, 20107:52 pm
    by resou


    Bad idea. Tayshaun should go. Easier to trade, and we have the veteran T-mac to fill the spot. I don’t get why you are so stuck on T-mac having to be a SG. He plays the 3 as well.
    I just don’t feel comfortable dumping the team’s leading scorer for chump change.

  • Sep 3, 20108:20 pm
    by tads


    @sop I didn’t know that they were making bids next week.  Can you pass along the link from where you heard that?
    As far as your trades for rip…the first three teams you mention have luxury tax issues.  Charlotte has talked about wanting come out from under the cap, and the Cavs and the Hornets have new GMs that probably want to improve their financial profile, don’t know if adding a new long term contract would be their best choice.  Even still, I bet they wait til the season starts before looking to acquire a guy who has shown some injury problems lately.  Milwaukee would be cool, but then we end up with Michael Redd, another shooting guard, and odds are he’s going to actually want to play to show off for his next contract.

  • Sep 3, 20108:21 pm
    by Odeh


    Resou, Ben Gordon can fill Rip’s shoes much better than Tmac can fill Tayshaun’s.  There’s your answer.

  • Sep 3, 201011:15 pm
    by Nelsen the Rep


    I have been yelling “TRADE” ever since Tayshaun and RIP started sand-bagging after the Billups/Iverson trade. I don’t know about Tay, but RIP’s “ankle” injury last season was either BS or milked to the N’th degree. The team proved they could still compete without their 2 biggest stars. It was when they both returned that the Pistons started losing in long streaks and dropped out of contention in the division.
    Wilcox still hasn’t been given the playing time to gauge whether he can fill his position, but that still doesn’t mean we have enough muscle in the paint. If you want to talk about mistakes, let’s talk about Austin Daye. Everyone is talking about him as a SHOOTING GUARD?!?! He’s 6-11! Just because he weighs as little as a guard doesn’t mean he will fit in that position. Hence, the reason why his playing time was limited last season. There is nowhere we can put him.  That is a player that just won’t fit regardless of his position. We need to stop trying to justify that mistake by making him something he’s not.
    Back to RIP and Tay, I believe Tayshaun can easily be traded because he is a utility player that can fill multiple positions and roles. He also has  a contract that is up at the end of this season.  So he would be a limited-liability acquisition for any team really. As for Hamilton, he will be a little trickier to dump due to the size of the remaining 2 years of his contract. I really don’t want to see the Pistons trade him for someone long-term that we don’t need or tack on any players that we do need in order to “sweeten” up the deal. With either player, I would definitely settle for a decent center or a draft pick or 2.
    Let’s face it, the Detroit Pistons have lost the work ethic that got them to the late rounds of the playoffs year after year and won them a championship. We need to make moves to regain that “it’s time to go to work” attitude.

  • Sep 4, 20102:48 am
    by Jared DetroitRed


    No you dont just dump RIP he can and will bring you something, maybe even more then we expect.. If your dumping him for FA money wait until next summer, then he’s a expiring contract… Denver would like him in a sign and trade for NENE

  • Sep 4, 20109:18 am
    by Odeh


    Nelson the Rep, I can’t agree with you more, Austin Daye is not a shooting guard and maybe not even a small forward for that matter.  He needs to bulk up so we can use his skill set at power forward like Rasheed.
    Also, I am not a big fan of his yet because I believe he lacks the speed to play sg, sf and lacks the strength to play pf, basically not deserving minutes yet in the league until he develops those either speed or strength.  People forget he tested as the worst player athletically at the draft combine last year.  I believe we should package him with Rip, while other teams are still high on his potential, before other GM’s start to realize that Daye isn’t going to be a starter in this league so we can get a high return.
    And for the people that say Rip’s contract can;t be dumped because teams won’t be willing to take on the extra years, I would like to point out that there always seems to be a team that will bite.  Whether it was the Camby deal a couple years ago, or the Hinrich deal, Hedo Turkoglu, Vince Carter, Zach Randolph, Eddy Curry, Stephon Marbury, and others, someone seems to always bite.

  • Sep 4, 201010:06 am
    by sop


    @tads here’s one of the articles:
    and the other one is an insider ESPN article by Ryan Corazza.

  • Sep 4, 201011:25 am
    by resou


    @Odeh- No, he can’t. BG is too short, his defense is truly non-existent and his shooting has not been consistent, to say the least. There’s your answer.

  • Sep 4, 20101:43 pm
    by Laser


    @tads: what about your “response” to me relates to anything i said whatsoever. YOU are the one who’s trying to make rip look more attractive with this “nearly an expiring contract” business. i think rip is probably entirely unmovable. as in, i am LESS optimistic than you are about moving him anywhere ever. reading comprehension, buddy.
    the thing about that 1/4 guaranteed year is that it effectively means rip hamilton’s contract will NEVER have the value of a contract that expires normally. because you sure as heck don’t want to fully guarantee it; unless he suddenly becomes one of the best players in the league, you’d rather pay him $3m not to play than $12.6m to mess up your rotations. and he can’t have a true “expiring” contract unless you fully guarantee that last year.
    other than that, whoever you’re swindling into taking him has to pay about $16m for one season, $3m of which counts against the following year’s cap, and he ends up representing only about $9m in cap relief. fat chance getting a taker at all, let alone something in return for him.
    for the above-stated reasons and more, rip has one of the absolute worst contracts in the league. certainly as bad a contract as i could imagine sitting on this particular team’s books, what with all their shooting guards. so, uh, what were you trying to say in your response?

  • Sep 4, 20101:57 pm
    by Laser


    @resou: you’re just plain wrong. you’re looking at these things in a vacuum. it’s not about who can fill in for whom (though anyone aside from a t-mac slappy, and i mean anyone, would say ben gordon is a better replacement for rip than t-mac is for tayshaun. anyone. at least until t-mac proves otherwise). this is about eliminating one or two of our shooting guards. take tay off the team and you’ve made a major downgrade; take rip off and you’ve freed up much-needed minutes for stuckey to play off the ball, for t-mac to play, maybe even daye could get a crack at some minutes. as long as we’re drowning in shooting guards, we’re going to STINK.
    @nelsen: you’re looking at things in a vacuum too. 1) you say when rip and tay returned from injury the team got worse, but don’t assume that’s got anything to do with those guys alone without considering the context of the team. when we had all those injuries, it freed up minutes to play sensible rotations. once they were back, you’re looking at three shooting guards to juggle, though i’ll give you that rip specifically was a problem. but i don’t blame him. i blame joe for making this mess. you can bet we’ll be better off next season if a few ankles break. because we saw what happens when all these perimeter guys are forced to play together. and we’ve just added one. 2)i don’t think rip and tay sandbagged. maybe their enthusiasm for being here was diminished, but they’re not the kind of guys to just tank. or fake injuries, or whatever other conspiracy theories you’ve got.
    and to you jokers who say there’s always someone who will bite on a contract, i’ll believe it when i see it. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? why aren’t they biting??? where’s the bites? we know how badly rip needs to go, but still no bites. so, uh, i’ll just keep on assuming nobody’s biting.

  • Sep 4, 20102:28 pm
    by resou


    @ Laser: There you go again, assuming that T-mac has to be a SG. I agree with Jared DetroitRed. Let’s get something good for Rip.
    None of this is up to us anyway, so you should just relax and see what happens! Have fun with this stuff, Laser! It’s supposed to be fun, not life or death. If the Pistons don’t win it all next season, will it really change your life for the worse?

  • Sep 4, 20103:41 pm
    by Laser


    not assuming anything, chum. t-mac will spend most of his time at SF, because we don’t even have enough SG minutes for rip and gordon to share. 24 minutes apiece is criminal in the first place for two guys at the same position making a combined $23 million. so he’ll be your backup SF no matter how you cut it. he could play either position, as they’re basically interchangeable when you’re looking at a guy who’s 6’8.
    “let’s get something good for rip” is as useless a suggestion as it gets. what are we going to get and who’s going to give it to us? he is worse than worthless with that contract. he is a major liability.
    it may not be a matter of life and death, but being a pistons fan has been anything but fun lately. the only fun i have is venting.

  • Sep 4, 20105:16 pm
    by Alan


    I go back and forth on this, right now, I’m going back and don’t think it’s a good idea to dump Rip.  These players have trade values that can fluctuate a good deal in a very short period of time.  If Rip is only worth a 2nd round pick now, that’s the floor and he always be worth at least this.  Give it a month…maybe Ray Allen or Manu get hurt and suddenly, Rip is worth much more.  Even if his value is the same in a month, we’ll know more about McGrady.  If McGrady can be healthy enough to start, it will make more sense to trade Rip.  If it turns out that, one month into the season, Arnie’s magic fails and McGrady isn’t healthy, we’ll regret having dumped Rip.  Who would start?  Gordon should always player starter minutes but never start (IMO).  I’ll always favore a lesser player lake Aflalo or White to start and have Gordon come off the bench.  A starting backcourt of Bynum/Stuckey is intriguing but doesn’t offer much in the way of 3-point shooting. 

    Whatever his value is today, Rip’s value will be the same or more one month into the season.  Detroit would be smart to take some time on this trade.

  • Sep 4, 20107:45 pm
    by sop


    Rip and Maxiell for Michael Redd plus a future second round pick.

  • Sep 5, 20102:46 am
    by Laser


    +1. i’ll throw in more than that second rounder, too. protected first, terrico white, cash considerations. pick one.
    @alan: i just don’t think anyone gives you anything for rip ever. and every minute you wait to dump him is more money out of your pocket, minutes taken from guys who represent the future of the team, more time for players and fans to grow more disgruntled, more time passed since this team was relevant or fun to watch. there’s plenty to lose.
    as far as the urgency to make the move, it’s a matter of perspective. i think it’s urgent, because 3,4,5 years of losing, being embarrassing and painful to watch is a lot of stress to put on a franchise and fanbase. if there’s a decent prospect of improving, a little patience goes a long way. but when that’s not realistic you gotta start moving in the right direction as soon as possible. so manu or ray allen or whoever goes down. what are you going to get then? if these teams are picking up rip to make a run, they have to send back a big chunk of salary. and they could do better than rip. this is nuts. i don’t know about you guys, but for me it was just not fun to be a pistons fan next season.

  • Sep 5, 20102:52 am
    by Stephen


    The Pistons don’t trade Prince as he’s the only defensive wing they’ve got,unless the new plan is to just try and outscore everybody.
    If I may,here’s a best case McGrady scenario. And by best case I mean he’s healthy enough to play 30min/game and play his way into starting rotation.(And it’s a huge whopping what-if I know,and I don’t think he needs to be 2002-2005 McGrady,just 2007/8 when the knee first started to fail.) If McGrady can do this,then the whole smalls rotation falls into place-assuming Rip is not playing for Detroit.
    McGrady under these circumstances would be the de-facto PG and the actual PG would need to be able to do 3 things:
    1)Keep the other PG from torching team
    2)Make 3s
    3)Bring the ball up the court,get the team into sets and then pass it to McGrady.
    If Gordon can do 1 and 3(and he came into League as a combo Gd and expressed desire to run his own team as a PG once upon a time) Then Gordon,McGrady,Prince starts and Bynum,Stuckey,Daye(or Jerebko) is second unit. Stuckey against other back-up SGs won’t have so much of a size issue. Meanwhile Daye is learning from watching and practices how McGrady uses his size to get what he wants.

  • Sep 5, 201010:04 am
    by tads


    @laser You were wondering about how my response related to your response.  You started with this:
    “@tads: you just don’t get it. your first paragraph makes sense, though i think virtually anything in the world that gets rip off the roster is well worth it. rip and stuckey for nothing? sounds good to me. let’s find a taker!”

    Basically my reply said that this is impossible, no team will take him.  If you think it is worthwhile for you to imagine any scenario that doesn’t involve Rip coming back to Detroit this year, I was asking you to create a potential trade scenario that is realistic in the other teams needs so I can further understand your optimism in moving Rip, and for that matter Patrick.

    You go on to say a couple things about Tmac that center around the role he will play for this team during this year, my comments were about how Tmac can be expected to just as quickly leave next year and as you say sorry, austin daye and terrico white. nobody knows what we can expect of either of you yet.”

    Then you went on to say some stuff about how Rip’s contract can’t be viewed as an expiring contract, despite ignorning that it also can’t be viewed as full length 12 mil/season contract either.  And while, no, we can’t sell it as an expiring contracts lack of full guarantee in the final year might make it easier for us to “swindle” on to another team in the 2011 summer.  But talking about trading Rip next season isn’t what this post is about, and I didn’t think it was worth commenting on since this whole conversation was about trading Rip immediately.

    The main point of my response probably come here where you say: and your third paragraph is back to making perfect sense.” Which is in response to this: Next season is going to be a hot-ass mess, and while a Rip dump would alleviate that, seems unrealistic to hope for it.” Here it seems clear that you think that Rip probably won’t be traded, yet in the very start of this post you were looking for a trade for Rip saying “Let’s find a taker!” In my response to you I was wonder why you can take a stance against something that you are for?

    I also don’t appreciate you questioning my reading comprehension or other put downs or whatever.  I didn’t intend to insult you when I asked you to make trade, if I did, sorry.  Honestly, I would love to see you create the trade for Rip that you think the pistons should urgently do before the season starts, especially given how untradeable that you agree Rip is and how knowledgeable you are about the other teams in the league.

  • Sep 5, 20101:37 pm
    by glstark


    So the Pistons team goes South, and you guys want to dump our talented players.  Gordon may be younger and shoot better 3′s, but Hamilton is a consistantly solid PG.  Just because he had a bad injury last year doesn’t make him old or used up.  Hamilton is a better defender and distruibutes the ball better than Gordon.  You can seriously go wrong with trading Hamilton, but “Dumping” him would be the worst move possible. 

  • Sep 5, 20103:50 pm
    by sop


    @tads: you said “the Cavs and the Hornets have new GMs that probably want to improve their financial profile”
    Actually new Cavs GM Chris Grant was quoted this morning as saying that he will be aggressive with the trade exception they have from Lebron and plan to use it by the Trade Deadline at the latest. Here’s the article.
    Secondly, Dell Demps the new Hornets GM pulled the trigger on the deal for Ariza, which added salary and sending Peja for Rip would actually cost less in the short term.

  • Sep 5, 20104:09 pm
    by bg8


    i say we should keep rip.

    detroit should just start rip at 2 and tmac at 3. prince could come off the bench to play pg, that way, bynum won’t have to play.
    so starting line up of stuckey, rip, tmac, cv, wallace.
    bench team of prince, bg, daye/jonas, jonas/maxiel, monroe
    i think that is pretty good

  • Sep 6, 20102:34 pm
    by Laser


    @stephen: get off t-mac’s jock already. he’s our backup SF, and we don’t even know what he’s capable of. and stop assuming rip’s gone. he’s not going anywhere.
    @tads: we can probably chalk this up to a miscommunication, but there’s a reading comprehension issue at stake. perhaps not entirely your fault, but our wires are getting crossed. the bottom line is that i want rip gone, and i’d do almost anything to get that done, but i don’t think it’s happening.
    when i said, “rip and stuckey for nothing” i was just giving an extreme example of what i’d give up to move him, and what might realistically get a team to take him. because we sure as heck aren’t going to dump him alone. you want to get rid of a contract that bad, you have to throw in a sweetener or tow. it basically sounds like we’re arguing the same thing in different ways.
    the only things i took issue with were: 1) your opinion that t-mac is irrelevant in this situation. i think he’s very relevant. it’s not like we’re just “doing him a favor” and letting him tag along next season and hang out. he’s going to play. he’s a piston. and 2) that there is any angle to look at rip’s semi-guaranteed  contract in a favorable way. that last partially guaranteed year will “save” us money, but it won’t make the contract desirable in the least. you won’t “swindle” anyone with it. at best he represents $9 million in cap relief, and that’s after someone paid him almost $30 million for the next two years. plus there’s the little detail that his partially guaranteed money still counts against the cap.
    @glstark: your analysis of rip is faulty. the issue is not his injury-shortened season, it’s that we have too many shooting guards to be good, and he is the worst fit by a mile. he may be a better defender and passer than gordon, but gordon can create his own shot and has more range. rip needs good screens (like the one sheed and dyess and big ben and even kwame brown used to set) and a good distributor (like chauncey) in order to be most effective. without any of that he’s a fish out of water. you people just love ignoring crucial facts and judging everything in a vacuum. “rip’s taller! let’s keep him!” yuck.
    @bg8: whatever reasons you have that bynum NOT playing would somehow be a good thing are certainly invalid. so i’m almost glad you didn’t bother to explain them. he’s our best PG by a mile, and we just signed him to a 3 year contract. but then again, you think we should keep rip and you think tayshaun should come off the bench behind a completely unknown quantity like t-mac. so nobody’s going to take you seriously. god help you.

  • Sep 7, 201012:50 pm
    by brgulker


    We should have traded Rip a year ago, plain and simple. Extending Rip, signing Gordon, and standing pat was a colossal mistake. We’re not going anywhere but the lottery as long as both players remain under contract, precisely because those contracts in tandem take the resources we need to make improvements in other areas.
    Trade Rip for anything, literally anything. But like others, I’m extraordinarily skeptical that we’ll find a taker. Also, like others, I suspect that we’ll have to include another young asset.
    Maybe we luck our way into the 8th seed in a top-heavy conference with this roster. But who cares? I’d rather have a lottery pick, in all honesty. Dumars has made his bed, and now he gets to sleep in it. No Gordon makes a trade unnecessary. BG + Rip likely means giving away a young asset just to get out of Rip’s contract. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • Sep 7, 20104:24 pm
    by Joyce


    Trading Rip is not the answer. He was hurt last year so don’t act like he is a bad player and he gave everything that he could even being hurt. We do need a real point guard and don’t have one. Rodney stuckey is a shooting guard. Terrico could be developed into a shooting guard with his athletic ability. Will Bynum need to play point so we are not desperate to do anything. Starting line up should be, Terrico White , Will Bynum pg, Rip sg,ben gordon sg, Cv at power forward and so on.We should be able to figure who starts and not screw the whole season up trying to find a starting line up.
    Bynum pg,

  • Sep 7, 20106:12 pm
    by Laser


    wtf is joyce trying to say? proofread please, old friend.

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