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I hate writing posts about commenting on this site

It’s a waste of my time and yours. And that’s why I haven’t done it before. I probably should’ve addressed this sooner – and I’ll keep it brief now – but here’s the deal:

No personal attacks.

Attack the idea, not its author. It’s really that simple. If you don’t, offending portions of your comments will be removed. Repeat violators will be blocked.

Our comments are pretty open right now. We’ll give a lot of leeway on what you can post, but this is where I draw the line.

I enjoy our comments section, and I read all of them. Let’s keep that area below the posts worth reading.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Sep 2, 201011:21 am
    by Laser


    amen. thanks dan. i know i (at minimum) tiptoed the line in the exchange that presumably inspired this, but anyone who pays attention to my posts knows i criticize (sometimes eviscerate) ideas. if you can call some of these crackpot notions “ideas.”

  • Sep 2, 201012:53 pm
    by Laser


    also, hilariously, this “article” appears as a Pistons news link on the bleacher report sidebar. so in case anyone is on bleacher report and wants to check out some current pistons news, they can come hear and read about our personal disagreements.
    the Piston Powered community IS the news!

  • Sep 3, 20101:31 pm
    by Laser


    btw, i wouldn’t have redacted the portion of that guy’s post where he told me to lay down in traffic. it didn’t bother me, and i think it adds to the already-rich irony of this particular joker criticizing the way i interact with people online.

  • Sep 4, 20102:42 am
    by Jared DetroitRed


    So will you no longer be acting players?

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