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Detroit Pistons media day live blog

Please hold discussion in the comments for this blog post rather than the Cover it Live application. Patrick and I probably won’t have an opportunity to moderate the CiL comments.

Update: While Patrick and I will be busy, Graham will be hanging out to moderate. He won’t be able to show up until a little after the action starts, so comments may be in limbo near the beginning. If you’ve got anything urgent to say before he arrives, feel free to use the comments.

1 Comment

  • Sep 27, 20109:04 pm
    by Laser


    1) good to be back. you guys had me worried for a second.
    2) if NBA results were based on “saying the right thing,” stuckey would be 100% right about the pistons ruling the league. from dumars to kuester to every single player, always saying the right thing. good for them. that’s much more important than fielding a competitive team. *sigh*

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