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Detroit Pistons interested in Earl Barron, a 7-foot free-agent center who averaged a double-double for the New York Knicks last season

The Pistons are in contact with free-agent center Earl Barron’s people, Christopher Reina of RealGM wrote. (Hat tip: gmehl1977 in the comments)

Barron averaged 11.7 points and 11.0 rebounds in seven games with the Knicks late last season.  He even had 17 points and 18 rebounds against the Celtics! I don’t think the 29-year-old is as good as his numbers were last year, but I’d like to know how close he is.

In his interview with Keith Langlois of Pistons.com, Joe Dumars said he was looking at inviting a big man to training camp. I guess that’s Barron. Dumars:

I also think the one thing that we’re missing with our team right now is the big, the oversized, 7-foot guy you can stick in the middle of your defense, in the middle of your offense, and play. We don’t have that particular guy yet, but I like all the other parts that we have.

The Pistons have 15 players with guaranteed contracts, so someone would have to go for Barron to make the team. But Detroit kept training-camp-invitee Chucky Atkins over Deron Washington last year, so that might give Barron confidence to pick the Pistons over the other teams likely to extend him an invite.

It won’t be anything season-changing, even if he signs, but getting Barron to camp would be a plus.


  • Sep 27, 20108:29 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    I like Barron’s game. He’d definitely help. Probably not good news for Dajuan Summers if Barron comes in and has a good camp.

  • Sep 27, 201012:34 pm
    by bball4224


    if we send Terrico down to D-League could we keep everyone? (not a fan of Summers anyway but just wondering)

  • Sep 27, 20102:56 pm
    by nuetes


    good to have you guys back online.
    i’m indifferent on barron. he’s 29 and averaged 11/11 for the knicks of all teams. he plays no defense whatsoever. he’s just big. there must be a reason he’s never lasted in the league. his .441 fg% for a 7 footer isn’t too special – career .387. b-reference has his d-rating at 110 with a negative win share. seems like a good rebounder, but too many other deficiencies. low efficiency, no defense, no blocks. not worth it.

  • Sep 27, 20102:57 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Sending White to the D-League would not open a roster spot.

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