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Today, in headlines I never expected to see…

Pistons look a little like 2010 Team USA

I don’t care who wrote it. The Free Press should be embarrassed to have published it.


  • Aug 26, 20104:22 pm
    by TDP


    “Granted, the talent level on Team USA far exceeds that of the Pistons, but the gap isn’t that big. And the Pistons will have more than just a couple of weeks to mesh and develop chemistry and one can see a glimmer of Dumars’ vision materializing.”
    Far exceeds, but isn’t that big?  Oh.  My.  God.

  • Aug 26, 20107:50 pm
    by tads


    Give the free press a break, they are just as desperate for some Pistons news as the rest of us.  When times are desperate, people do horrible things to get through.  This is not exactly as bad as the guy from goodfellas turning to drugs in prison, leading to his downfall and that of his cronies.  This is more like the guy who is stuck attending Lake Superior State hooking up with the ugly girl at a party after a few too many Busch Lights.  With the beer goggles on I could kind of see some parallels between the USA team and the Pistons (Small Ball, combo point guards, only 1 real center) but I wouldn’t let this one hit the presses unless it was the slowest of newsdays.  Or if I was really drunk.

  • Aug 26, 20108:51 pm
    by Laser


    no way. no breaks. give me a break.

  • Aug 26, 20109:52 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Also i don’t even think you can call Wallace a real center. He is one of a kind manning the middle at 6’9 and is shorter than Daye who at the moment is a SG. I know you can’t measure height by heart but i guess in Ben’s case you can. It’s a pity he wasn’t 5 years younger cause he could maybe make this thing look a lot more promising than its going to be.

  • Aug 27, 20101:37 am
    by Terrico



  • Aug 27, 201012:50 pm
    by Laser


    yeah i almost added the bit about a center, too. but i decided to keep it brief and snappy for once. ben’s not a true center.

  • Aug 27, 20101:55 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Sam Presti is going to be pissed that Kevin Durant is the next Tayshaun Prince.

  • Aug 28, 201012:41 am
    by Carter


    This is one of the most blindly optimistic articles Ive ever read of any team.

  • Aug 28, 20105:21 pm
    by Laser


    carter- try reading some articles the pistons put out about themselves.

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