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Terrico White wows at Rookie Photo Shoot’s impromptu dunk contest

First of all, and most importantly, that’s pretty cool and nothing but a good sign about Terrico White’s chances of NBA success. But before anyone gets too excited, I think it’s an appropriate time to point out recent Slam Dunk Contest winners include Gerald Green and Fred Jones.


  • Aug 18, 20108:09 am
    by JaySports95


    Maybe he could enter the dunk contest and make it better than last years lame one.

  • Aug 18, 20108:55 am
    by sop


    Terrico is already a better shooter than Jones or Green are right now. I think his main challenge will be confidence. He doesn’t seem like a guy who will demand the ball, he’s too humble.

  • Aug 18, 201010:42 am
    by Alan


    The video is exciting but I’m not sure White will see the floor much this season.  Even if he does, I think the comparisons to Jones & Green are likely to be more applicable than any players that have meaningful contributions to their teams.

  • Aug 18, 201012:54 pm
    by Chris N


    I’d like to hear your analysis on that Alan.  What about his game matches up to those two?  My guess from watching him during summer league is that he’s likely to be a far superior defender than Jones or Green ever were.

  • Aug 18, 20101:16 pm
    by Alan


    First, I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch Ole Miss bball.  My analysis (based on little research) is from the summer league and Ole Miss highlight reels.  His athleticism is more than a little intriguing.  He gets of shots with a hand in the face and he gets to the rim pretty well.  That said, all the highlights were his drives, pull-ups, forced shots, etc.  I didn’t see anything about getting his teammates involved.  I also saw him shying away from contact, I like to see Piston guards be able to get to the free throw line.  I suppose he could develop into a good/great defender, but I don’t see him showing up on day 1 and contributing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan and I’ll root for White’s success.  It’s just that I’m hesitant to predict he’ll be a contributor.  That’s all, his lack of contribution to a team is more similar to Jones or Green than his overall game.  Hey, I hope I’m wrong.

  • Aug 18, 20101:44 pm
    by Tara Williams


    Terrico is the bestbasketball palyer I have actually known that made it this far! I am so proudof him and I just hope he  keep up the good work

  • Aug 18, 20103:55 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    @Alan and Chris N:
    Who says Fred Jones was bad? I mean, Terrico is a second round pick. Jones was a rotation player for quite a few seasons. If White turns into that for the Pistons, he’ll be a fine pick. And Jones was a pretty solid defensive player when he was with the Pacers.

  • Aug 18, 20104:20 pm
    by Alan


    I have no issues with White as a 2nd round pick, regardless of whether he does anything.  Most 2nd round picks wind-up in Europe, White has a great shot to make the 15-man roster. 

    If White turns into a rotation player, I think that’s good value.  Frankly, I’m not sure what he does as an NBA player.  Also, if I’m wrong and he contributes, will it be a result of his talent or the Pistons failing to produce a great rotation of players?

  • Aug 19, 20102:21 pm
    by frankie d


    imho,  white is one of those young players who will be sacrificed on the alter of t-mac.
    in the current position the team is in, white should at least be getting an opportunity.  while i’m not certain of his offensive potential, i do believe that he has great potential as a defender.  in the summer league, his athleticism and his instincts showed that he is very capable of becoming the kind of strong perimeter defender the team has missed since afflalo was traded.  unfortunately, he’ll probably get nothing more than garbage time, if that.  there’s also a good chance he’ll spend the season in the d-league.
    and why?
    so that mcgrady can get his PT.
    i just hope white is not one more young player who sits and rots here before going elsewhere where they get a legitimate chance to show their true value.  but, again, we’ve seen this sorry movie before so the future doesn’t look good for white here in detroit.

  • Aug 20, 20104:16 pm
    by Laser


    it’s absolutely impossible to muster a SHRED of enthusiasm for this kid. we would have to suffer last year’s injuries for him to crack the active roster. and we won’t even get a WHIFF of  if he could replace stuckey.
    frankie d, when you typed that first sentence, did you think you were going out on a limb or something? there’s no need for an IMHO when you state something that’s so painfully obvious it doesn’t need to be said to anyone with a brain in their head. we have 12 spots on the active roster, and terrico white is SOLIDLY somewhere between our 13th and 15th man. nobody on the planet thinks he’s going to be on our active roster.

  • Aug 21, 20103:40 pm
    by frankie d


    funny, when joe d drafted him, everyone in the local media was extolling his virtues, talking about how joe d got a steal at that position and how he was going to be groomed as a point guard.
    personally, i didn’t agree – i thought it was amazingly stupid to draft another combo guard, instead of a big man or a real point guard – but that seemed to be the conventional wisdom around here.
    since signing t-mac, however, the narrative has shifted and no one in the local media hardly mentions white’s name any longer.

  • Aug 22, 20102:54 pm
    by kent


    The best part about this video is #21 for the Hornets running towards Terrico White with his phone after White made his last and most impressive dunk.  Giddy as a school girl.

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