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Remember that one time the Pistons ran an awesome play last season?

When Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook e-mailed me to let me know the Pistons ran one of his favorite deadball sets of the year, I thought it was a mistake. Surely, he must’ve meant a different team.

But as soon as I saw the video, I remembered. Check out Sebastian’s post analyzing the play. Definitely one of the highlights of the season.

Sebastian speculates John Kuester drew up the play on the fly, but I’m not so sure. I think there’s a good chance he learned it from his mentor, Larry Brown. When Brown coached the Pistons, under-the-basket out-of-bounds plays were like automatic points.

Also, read what Sebastian says about Rodney Stuckey’s importance in the play. If the Pistons had the smaller, weaker “true” point guard so many of you are clamoring for, Tayshaun Prince may not have come around the screen cleanly.


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  • Aug 13, 20105:06 pm
    by frankie d


    so the morale of the story is that the team should endure 82 games of turmoil for lack of a point guard so they can run this play every few games, at most?
    sounds like a great trade-off.

  • Aug 13, 20105:59 pm
    by Josh V


    We aren’t clamoring, we’re simply pointing out the fact that there is a distinct lack of leadership when it comes to running an offense.  It’s all to haphazard and frankly I’m not the only one sick of having a starting point guard that is lucky to get more than 3 or 4 assists in one game.  If Stuckey could figure out how to become more of a consistent, elite type of scorer, I’d be ok with his lackluster passing.  Until he can develop better finishing skills or an above average ability to see the floor and deliver the ball we will have a pretty poor offense.  I love everything about Stuckey except his passing and mid-long range shooting.  He has a quiet confidence about him that is admirable, but he needs to command respect to be able to run an exceptional defense.  And as much as I love Rip, I wish he would’ve been the one we parted with as opposed to Chauncey years ago.

  • Aug 13, 20106:51 pm
    by Laser


    stop it, feldman. one play. over the hundreds of plays you get out of someone who knows how to run a team. this is desperate and embarrassing.

  • Aug 16, 20109:29 am
    by brgulker


    This has been my primary beef with both Curry and Kuester: they don’t run plays (or perhaps fail to hold players accountable for not executing what the coaches call).
    I always felt like Flip made the same mistake in crunch time. Instead of running our fluid offense, we’d default into high post isolations for Tayshaun or some other bad idea. Offenses are hard to guard when five guys are moving in unison. C’mon, coaching staff, this is middle school level basketball 101 we’re talking about here!

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