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Pistons have been active recently – depending your definition of recently

Joe Dumars has taken a lot of criticism for being complacent with his roster. But is that fair?

Like many, if not all, of you, I’d like to see a roster move, too.

The Pistons have added only one player since last season began – Greg Monroe. Terrico White will likely be a second. As much as I like Monroe, that’s hardly inspiring for a team that has averaged 33 wins the last two years.

But to pretend Dumars has sat around and done nothing is a fallacy. The simple argument is that he’s trying. But I also think the numbers show Dumars has been active – if you view the numbers with a certain lens.

The Pistons have eight players they acquired in the last two years.

Seven of them – Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Ben Wallace, Chris Wilcox, Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko and DaJuan Summers – were added last summer.

Only adding one since then is a league low.

Combine those totals, and the Pistons are right at the league average for number of new players still on the roster who were acquired since the summer of 2009.

But I don’t think merely counting new players is a strong enough test. Adding a Gordon is much more meaningful than adding a Summers. So, what about judging by minutes?

The Pistons led the league – by far – in percentage of minutes played last season by players acquired the previous summer. Unfortunately, players acquired this offseason can’t be judged by minutes played yet.

Here’s a graph to show where the Pistons stand:


I understand the frustration. The team went 27-55 last year, so Dumars should know there is still work to be done. The seven additions from a year ago aren’t enough.

But don’t say he’s done nothing.

Please, don’t make this about the quality of Dumars’ moves. That’s a different argument for a different day. But for everyone who has said Dumars is just sitting around doing nothing, I don’t think that’s fair.


  • Aug 6, 201012:21 pm
    by Laser


    for the life of me i’ll never understand why anyone would spend a precious second of life being a joe dumars apologist.
    the bottom line is that nothing has gotten done. if joe planned on being busy but was unable to, that’s a major indictment on the roster he’s assembled. after 27 wins he can’t even make a lateral move to balance the talent a little.
    this team doesn’t need “change for the sake of change;” it needs “change for the sake of shedding a shooting guard.” it’s plenty fair to criticize dumars for anything. he’s been a disaster lately. so he added 8 new faces and brought us from a 39 win team to a 27 win team. and then he added 2 new faces, which amounts to nothing since they’re draft picks. i don’t know what last year’s roster overhaul has to do with this summer’s inactivity,
    bottom line: what’s the difference if he’s UNABLE or UNWILLING to make moves?? the proof’s in the pudding, and this pudding looks like it’s headed for the lottery. the world has enough dumars apologists. be one less.

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  • Aug 6, 20102:55 pm
    by Alan


    I love this graph and I love what is shows.  Joe D was determined to turnover the roster and start over with a new core.  Fact is, the turnover process takes time.  Every fan wants what the Celtics were able to do in one season but the worst to first has only happened this one time. 

    8 new players in two seasons is a above average rate for turnover and thats good, as this is the goal.

  • Aug 6, 20103:59 pm
    by Laser


    ugh. yes, the quantity of new players is surely all that matters when rebuilding. very good observation, alan!

  • Aug 6, 20104:09 pm
    by sop


    I’d love to see them send Rip to Boston for Sheed’s retired contract and crippled Kedrick Perkins. No seriously.

  • Aug 6, 20104:58 pm
    by Alan


    @ Laser…It’s more than the number of players but since we’re on the topic lets examine numbers.  Ben Gordon is 26, Charlie V is 25, Stuckey is 24, Austin Daye & JJ are sophs, and Monroe is a rookie.  This is our new core, young and talented. 

    While a trade or two can help, the theme from here on out is player development.  

  • Aug 6, 20105:47 pm
    by Laser


    fine. if that’s the core, get rip out of the way so there’s room to develop. he’s not doing the “core” any favors with his required 35 MPG. there aren’t enough minutes for all these players. god only knows where we’ll find minutes for daye.

  • Aug 6, 20106:34 pm
    by Alan


    We will tweak the core over time with trades, pickups and drafts.  A players trade value fluctuates throughout the course of the season.  I agree, Rip Hamilton’s time in Detroit has come to an end, but his trade value is at a valley.  This will change over the course of the season but to dump him now would be no different than what we did with Chauncey – except we wouldn’t even get AI, we’d get Eddy Curry (gulp).  The fact is, the most tradeable Pistons right now are Stuckey and then Tayshaun.  As far as Daye’s situation, he’s only a sophomore and under contact for several more years.   He can wait his turn (it will come), his minutes are NOT the priority.

  • Aug 6, 20106:57 pm
    by Larry


    @Alan – It’s real easy to make statements like “Get Rip out of the way” without putting any context around it. Are you saying tell him to take a hike while you continue to pay him? Do you want to find someone, anyone who will take one of the best shooting guards in the game and give us nothing in return, losing a possible trading chip in the process? Do you think that Joe has not turned every rock he can find to come up with some kind of trade that makes sense for Rip or Tay? Give me a break. If you have a trade that you know makes sense for both sides and will work in the salary aspect and you know that both sides will do, by all means… enlighten us. Don’t just make wild accusations about someone not doing anything. I think our NBA championship and Division finals appearances speak volumes about the job Joe and his staff have done.

  • Aug 6, 20107:42 pm
    by The Rake


    I’m not a JD apologist (I dont think) anymore.  And yes, I would like to see more moves, but only if they make our team better.  I dont want Nazr Mohammed or Kwame Brown or Chris Wilcox.  Those are the types of moves one makes just to be active.  Truth is there is not a lot of quality to be had without a trade, and the league knows that are contracts (with the exception of Prince) are not easy to unload.  So, the behind the scenes negotiation that we dont know, will be just that until we do know.  Everyone wants the team to get better, right?  There is no point in making moves that don’t make sense for our team. I dont believe for a second that JD has not been active.  Whether that means he is overvaluing what he has in these offers is a different matter, but also purely speculative.

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  • Aug 7, 201010:21 am
    by Old Willy


    Do we forget that some of the most important moves are the ones we did not make. Fine NBA players make big bucks. We have some guys with big salaries because they are fine players. Sometimes small adjustments are all that is needed. I hope Joe continues to use his best judgement and ignores all the “monday morning” opinions.

  • Aug 7, 201012:18 pm
    by Alan


    @ Larry,
    Hello.  I read your post, every word of it.  Did you read mine?  Even one single word of it?  WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???
    Where did I write “Get Rip out of the way?”

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