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My guess is the Pistons will inquire about Carmelo Anthony’s availability

When the Pistons traded Chauncey Billups to the Nuggets, the rumor was they asked for Carmelo Anthony before settling on Allen Iverson. With ESPN’s Ric Bucher reporting a Melo-Nuggets split is inevitable, my guess is Joe Dumars will make a play for Melo.

Jeremy Wagner of Roundball Mining Company solicited offers for Melo and ranked them. On behalf of the Pistons, Patrick and I offered Tayshaun Prince, Rodney Stuckey, Austin Daye and a lottery-protected first-round pick.

The Pistons offer didn’t entice Wagner, as he put it in the win-later category and wrote:

Prince is a decent player, but I am not sure how Stuckey would fit in Denver and Daye is a long way from contributing. If the first round pick was not lottery protected this trade would be more appealing, but it is difficult to fault Dan for not making a better offer when there is no chance Carmelo stays in Detroit after this season.

I didn’t expect Wagner to love that offer, but we couldn’t justify the Pistons giving up more because it’s likely Melo would leave Detroit after the season.

Is there a reasonable offer for Melo you think the Pistons could make?


  • Sep 1, 20106:48 pm
    by detroitpcb


    u have to be nuts. I would never give up Prince, Stuck, Daye, and a first round draft pick for Melo. Hell, in 3 years Daye will be a better player than Melo.

  • Sep 2, 201011:30 am
    by Laser


    wow. bold, unfounded prediction about daye there. i’ll tip my hat for that one. but you’re certainly right about sacrificing all that stuff for the rights to any player for 82 games who doesn’t significantly increase your chances of winning a championship.
    and even if he could get you one (1) championship and for some reason wouldn’t stick around (though it seems likely that he’d leave immediately after winning a championship), it’s still quite a lot to give up.

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