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Detroit Pistons go 1-for-2 in accuracy of leaking contract information

When Ben Wallace agreed to terms, I wondered why he wasn’t getting more money. I think it was obvious he felt a minimum contract wasn’t respectful enough.

Turns out he will get the full Bi-Annual Exception.

ShamSports updated its Detroit Pistons contract information and has Wallace pegged to make $4,326,400 the next two years – $2,080,000 this season and $2,246,400 the following.

That’s encouraging, because I like Wallace and am glad the Pistons didn’t nickel and dime him. But I also wished he signed using the Mid-Level Exception. At this point, the Pistons aren’t going to use the entire MLE, so if they had done that, they’d still have the Bi-Annual Exception available next year.

Bynum will make what Pistons, not Bartelstein, said he will

Will Bynum is set to make $3,250,000 each of the next three seasons. That’s the $9.75 million figure the Pistons leaked, not the $10.5 million Bynum’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, claimed.

Bynum’s contract also contains unlikely incentives – I’m guessing to the tune of $750,000. That would make Bartelstein truthful, just misleading.

The Detroit Pistons contract information page will be updated shortly.


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  • Aug 5, 20102:42 pm
    by Laser


    on one hand, yeah you want your exceptions at your disposal, but dumars had both exceptions to use this summer, and all he did was bring back big ben. so i gotta wonder exactly what he’d even bring to the team next summer anyways.
    also, is there a rule that you’ve got to call this chunk of money the bi-annual exception and that chunk of money the MLE? or can joe just say retroactively this 2 million bucks was a portion of the MLE? seems like that should be acceptable.

  • Aug 5, 20102:49 pm
    by Laser


    also, forgot to add: the bi-annual exception seems like it gets used for spare parts or as a bone for an older vet (who may figure to play a lesser role) who deserves something more than the minimum. what players are there who are likely candidates for us to even use it on next year? nobody wants to play here. shoot, nobody wants to watch this team play!
    i understand this is a piston blog and it’s been an excruciating offseason with nothing to report, but it seems like a silly thing to get hung up on when there’s an entire season of horrid basketball ahead of us. seems kind of silly to be worried about a “problem” like this that may or may not affect anything, and if it does it’ll be a full year down the road.

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  • Aug 6, 201010:58 pm
    by Jeremy


    According to this, Ben got mid-level money.

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