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David Aldridge: Detroit Pistons deal with Tracy McGrady not imminent, Tayshaun Prince trade even less imminent

David Aldridge of NBA.com:

The Pistons "are not about to do anything" imminently with McGrady, the source said, disputing reports that the team had signed McGrady to a contract. Detroit is considering offering McGrady a one-year deal for the veteran’s minimum of $1.352 million, but the team continued internal discussions on Sunday between the front office and the coaching staff, trying to decide if the 31-year-old McGrady would be a good fit for the team.

Detroit is making a full evaluation of several factors before deciding what to do: McGrady’s health, his impact on team chemistry, what role he would feel comfortable accepting and whether adding McGrady would create an unwanted log jam at the shooting guard and small forward spots.

A second source said that the team would not trade Prince unless the veteran asked to be dealt, and even if that happened, a trade would probably not happen until closer to the trade deadline next February.


  • Aug 9, 201012:11 pm
    by Alan


    If Prince isn’t going anywhere until the deadline.  Joe must be ready to dump Hamilton.  There’s been rumors for Rip to NYK for Eddy Curry.  This is very unsatisfying and a complete last resort.  I suppose having McGrady on the roster makes it less unsatisfying, though only slightly.

  • Aug 9, 20102:16 pm
    by Travis


    Of course they say that about Prince.  What they meant is that Prince won’t be dealt unless we can get a better player with a decent contract.

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  • Aug 9, 20104:59 pm
    by The Rake


    I personally don’t see why trading Prince would be a priority. I DONT see him being traded at this juncture to be honest, not until the trading deadline, if at all.  If Prince rebounds and has a nice year, who’s to say we really deal him?  He is an above average NBA player and none of the young bucks on the roster, appear ready/capable of filling his shoes just yet.  IF we had a really nice piece, then it should certainly be under consideration, but Rip (sadly) appears to be the more needed to be moved.  His style doesnt fit what we are trying to do (I think) moving forward.  Too much motion needed to create an offense almost specifically to his skills. Love the guy, but he should be the odd man out IF< IF < IF, we can move his contract.

  • Aug 9, 201010:46 pm
    by TDP


    Why does David Aldridge have to ruin my day?

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