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Ben Gordon is on Twitter, and he’s changing his number to 8

Ben Gordon is on Twitter – @BenGordon8 (hat tip: Need4Sheed).

Why 8? Gordon answered Sunday:

Yes! I am changing my # to 8!

Hopefully, the new number gives Gordon a fresh start in Detroit.

Update: Gordon explains his choice:

8 for 8th ave

Read more about Eighth Avenue if you want to know more about Gordon’s motivation.


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  • Aug 3, 20105:12 pm
    by Laser


    cute. same as the number of shots he’ll get playing behind rip and stuckey!

  • Aug 4, 20102:42 am
    by Laser Cutter


    Behind rip and stuckey?  Don’t you mean behind rip?  And who’s to say Rip will even be hear at that point,…. well don’t get me wrong he prolly will be, but the fact that he’s been in so many discussions in which he is characterized in such a burdensome fashion can’t be healthy.  Beyond that, Gordon will be the teams leading scorer, mark my words.  This is a new year.  Add to that, the vast repetoire of chances he’s going to get as the official Mr. Big Shot subtititute Shooter, considering rip so consistenly klangs in the clutchest of clutch.  Gordon has plenty of chance to shine, and even without starting his numbers threaten those of rips immediately.  Stuckey, on the other hand, I feel will blow up as well.  Hami is on the out though, expiring for expiring based on need and can’t be a wrong thing.

  • Aug 4, 201010:57 am
    by Laser


    cute name.
    yes, behind rip and stuckey. you can put the ball in stuckey’s hands all you like, but the fact is ben gordon is behind two other shooting guards on the depth chart. and if rip’s not here, this conversation is moot. but i think rip’ll be here.
    “repertoire of chances?” this phrase is gibberish.
    will gordon really get “plenty” of chances? i suppose that depends on how you define “plenty.” if last year’s system of distributing minutes is any indication, he’ll play about 18 minutes and take 8 shots. those are roughly his numbers when rip was healthy. if you’re satisfied with those numbers for $10.5 million, fine. i’m not.

  • Aug 4, 20102:54 pm
    by Bryan


    According to that link, it’s the gay area and the theatre district.  What exactly is he trying to tell us?

  • Jun 26, 20112:25 am
    by Jonathan


    Is Ben Gordon going to be the first active NBA player to come out?  That would be pretty cool.  Simmons called it happening sometime in the next few years.

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