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Video: David Kahn thinks Darko Milicic is the next Vlade Divac. Or Chris Webber.

Most people thought it was just another entry in the annual “topic Bill Simmons will write about way too much” a year or so ago when he launched his “Minnesota should hire me as general manager” campaign. Then the T-Wolves  went out and hired a man who makes actually seem like the more sensible choice.

Anyway, most Pistons fans reacted with a collected LOLZ when David Kahn handed Darko Milicic four years/$20 million this offseason. Then this week, he gave away Al Jefferson for basically nothing to clear a starting spot for Darko. And, as his appearance during a Summer League game on NBA TV shows, he’d like everyone to think he’s a genius for it.

Former Piston Chris Webber was being a sport at first, trying to hide his chuckles. Then Kahn compared Darko to C-Webb’s former Sacramento teammate (and good friend) Vlade Divac. C-Webb didn’t like that. Then Kahn went one step further and tried to compare Darko to C-Webb himself. Needless to say, Webber had to end the conversation.

I watch this video, and no matter how bad the Pistons roster gets, it makes me happy that David Kahn is not running my favorite team. How sad for T-Wolves fans.

(Hat-tip, Ball Don’t Lie)


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  • Jul 15, 20107:04 pm
    by Dirtgrain


    The way Webber said, “Good luck,”  at the end cracked me up.

  • Jul 15, 20109:56 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Yeah. Also loved the, “Vlade Divac?” question when Kahn said “Darko passes like Vlade.”

  • Jul 20, 20106:12 am
    by Mike


    He just compared Darko’s passing to Vlade and his maturity to CWebb.  He never compared them as players as a whole.  Webber was a d-hole in this interview and didn’t give Kahn the time of day from the beginning.  Then again, I’ve never really thought that highly of Mr. Timeout-Technical himself.  He’s always seemed somewhat immature and his “Good luck” at the end was just more proof of that.

  • Jul 21, 20102:58 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Mike, Darko’s passing is nothing like Divac’s. Darko’s maturity falls far short of Webber’s (and believe me, I won’t make the case Webber is the most mature guy around).

    I’m sure Webber was embarrassed to be mentioned with Darko (as I’m sure most guys who played NBA would be). That probably frustrated Webber, plus with Kahn’s history of baffling moves, I don’t think the “good luck” was too out of line. Absolutely hilarious, yes, though.

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