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Detroit Pistons’ reported free agent targets: Brendan Haywood, Matt Barnes and Raymond Felton

The Pistons have contacted Brendan Haywood and Matt Barnes, according to Ted Kulfan and Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News. Raymond Felton’s agent planned to contact the Pistons, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

Beginning the Detroit MLE Dreams profiles is long overdue, and you can bet those three guys rank at the top of the agenda.

D.J. Foster of ClipperBlog was kind enough to provide a couple write-ups on players who will sign elsewhere. If you’re curious, here’s what he had to say about two players I thought the Pistons could get, but won’t:

Drew Gooden

After watching Gooden play for 24 games last year, a few things became evident. As a spot up shooter and pick and pop guy, Gooden is extremely effective. Gooden also loves crashing the offensive glass, as evidenced by his 3.5 offensive rebounds per game. Gooden is pretty good at drawing fouls as well, going there 4.2 times a game as a Clipper and converting those chances at a ridiculous 92% clip. Gooden struggles as a passer because he often fails to recognize double teams, but he’s still a fine offensive player that can succeed in a featured scoring role or a complimentary one. Defensively Gooden is pretty limited — he’s not a presence at the rim, can’t block shots, is a little foot slow, and really only serves as a pretty good defensive rebounder (9.4 rebounds per game). The league is gravitating towards stretch fours, and Gooden fulfills that role while providing the added bonus of some hard-nosed rebounding. He’s not perfect, but Gooden absolutely deserves substantial minutes on an NBA roster next season because of his offensive skill-set.

Steve Blake

It sounds cliché, but you really don’t get to appreciate the things Steve Blake brings to the table until he’s suiting up for your side. As a basketball player and athlete, Blake is extremely limited. He can’t, and won’t, drive into the paint. He rarely gets by his man. He never shoots off the dribble. He’s a little slow and a little weak on the ball defensively. Just those deficiencies alone seem like deal-breakers, but here’s the thing: Out of every player I’ve seen suit up for the Clippers, no one understood his own limitations better than Steve Blake. Add in a total unselfishness to his keen sense of self-awareness, and you have an incredibly solid distributor and general at the point guard position. Blake always seems to make the right pass to the right guy in the context of the offense, rarely ever makes mistakes and tries to do too much, and simply doesn’t take bad shots. He’s a solid distributor, a really good spot up shooter who can stretch the defense, and a good effort guy defensively. There isn’t a safer point guard on the planet than Blake — he’s a coach’s dream and a perfect fit for a team that features a lot of scorers and playmakers.


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  • Jul 4, 20106:22 pm
    by Jay


    Dear Joe
    The only players worth your time are Arenas, David Lee and possibly Al Jefferson. Trade Brown, Maxiell and a draft choice for Arenas. Add Jerebko only as a last resort instead of the draft choice. Trade Prince and Stuckey in a sign and trade for Lee or  for Jefferson. I also like Roy Hibbert, but don’t know who to give up. 

    • Jul 4, 20109:23 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Jay, Kwame Brown is a free agent and can no longer be traded by the Pistons. Detroit shouldn’t touch Gilbert Arenas. His contract is ridiculous, and the odds are stacked against him being close to the player he once was.

    • Jul 5, 20102:08 am
      by Jared DetroitRed


      Im glade your not the GM, your trading Prince and his expiring contract along with stucky for a FA in Lee who 1st would need to sign with us, If Lee is gone NY will be happy with Prince, Stucks not a through in player.. And the Wolves want to move Al and RIP and 2 of our 3 2nd rounders can get that done..
      Arenas contract takes more then Max 5m and Brown whos no longer on the team… Rip, Max, and Wilcox will get that done If  I want arenas but at that money do I..
      So RIP for Al is great maybe we sale them on Max and in the deal we get a Big and save 6m…
      Prince doesnt get moved unless you giving young players or a #1pick..

      We play next year healthy..

      Then Prince’s $11.5m is free with the $6m we saved… So $17-$18m for a FA and 1 or 2 moves can make that $20-$22m..

      So if Joe wont hire me (yes I did send him a request for work) then Pistonpowered should $50 – $100 per week

      • Jul 5, 20103:21 am
        by Travis


        I recognize your writing style… Regis?

      • Jul 5, 20105:08 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        Jared, I doubt the Knicks would want just Prince for Lee. Prince and Stuckey is the type of deal that might tempt them. An you are right, that’s conditional on Lee wanting to sign with Detroit.

        As far as Hamilton for Al Jefferson, I can’t begin to speculate on whether the Timberwolves would do that. I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

        I’m not sure I understood all your trades, but your understanding of cap room is lacking. The money you have coming off the books doesn’t necessarily equal your cap room. If you’re already over the cap, the money coming off the books doesn’t all count as cap room. And most players’ salaries increase each year of their contracts, which means even less cap room.

        Unfortunately, at this time, I have to decline your offer for employment.

        • Jul 5, 20108:55 pm
          by Jared DetroitRed


          Im sure you know once a player signs its not about what the team WANTS in a sign a trade but what they can get like  Wallace and Atkins remember… Prince will help them this year and be off the books next year.. And I didnt take the time to see pay increase for the next season this was off the top… But if  Rip is moved for a player that makes less, Prince, Max, and Wilcox are off the Books, we will have cap space and another move can make it max player space, teams have space for 1 and 2 ( some say 3 max players) we can make space for 1..
          And when your ready for that next level im here… you max writer

        • Jul 5, 201010:25 pm
          by Dan Feldman


          A sign-and-trade is a single transaction. The signing player(s) and each team must agree to the deal. It is very much a matter of what the other team wants. The Pistons wanted Ben Wallace and Chucky Atkins.

          And Jefferson will make more than Hamilton next year.

          Just because other teams have room for multiple max free agents, doesn’t mean Detroit would. Your moves would likely leave the Pistons room to sign one max free agent — as long as they don’t sign someone this year’s MLE to a multi-year contract and let Stuckey, Prince and two of Daye, Jerebko and Summers walk.

  • Jul 5, 201010:53 pm
    by JT


    Any truth to the Felton rumors?  He’s still the fastest guy in the NBA and Detroit needs a true point!

    • Jul 7, 20105:11 am
      by Dan Feldman


      JT, the word was Felton’s agent contact the Pistons, so it’s tough to say how interested Detroit is. Dumars reportedly wants to bring in a point guard, and if that player comes via free agency, I’d say Felton is the most likely choice. Now that Steve Blake has signed with the Lakers, I’d say the only other reasonable option is Luke Ridnour.

  • Jul 6, 20109:43 pm
    by Jay


    You guys are wrong about Arenas. People said the same thin about Wallace when he came to Detroit from Portland. Wallace was nothing but trouble in Washington and Portland. With kwane gone, it only adds to the cap space. Washington would take almost anything to get rid of him. Prince is finished, Max is nothing but a backup and Stuckey is not the answer. Detroit has to take the risk. Then bring Lee in a sign and trade for 10 mil for Rip and kwane’s space or trade for jefferson.

    • Jul 7, 201012:04 am
      by steve


      dude maxiel is a beast, you are an idiot… are you even from detroit?

    • Jul 7, 20104:03 am
      by nuetes


      i’d trade gordon and CV for arenas in an instant, but i don’t know about prince. at least prince represents possibilities of some kind. i’d rather be married to arenas for the next 3 years than gordon and CV for the next 4 years. that would just be a contract swap however, which washington probably wouldn’t go for. trading prince in a package means you have to be married to arenas, gordon, and CV. thats too much. not to mention Rip.

    • Jul 7, 20105:18 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Jay, there are big differences between Rasheed Wallace and Gilbert Arenas. Arenas has $80 million and four years left on his contract. Wallace was an expiring deal. If he didn’t work out, the Pistons could’ve let him walk. Plus, Wallace didn’t have the injury issues Arenas does.

      I don’t think the Knicks would go for that trade, either (ditto for David Lee). They could probably get Tracy McGrady to fill that role for cheaper for next season.

    • Jul 7, 20105:19 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Steve, Maxiell is an overpaid role player who is productive for stretches and disappears for others. Nothing more nothing less. What does it matter if Jay is from Detroit?

    • Jul 7, 20105:22 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Nuetes, Arenas also has four years left on his contract. I wouldn’t touch that trade. It’s easier to trade a $12-million player and an $8-million player than a $20-million player. Arenas is way too risky.

  • Jul 7, 201012:52 am
    by Jay


    If he is a Beast, why can’t he stay in the starting line up or play more than 20 minutes a game? Put the drugs down and clear your eyes.

    • Jul 7, 20105:23 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Jay, Maxiell plays like a beast in his 20 per game — sometimes. But, overall, you’re definitely right. He’s not a beast.

  • Jul 7, 20102:27 am
    by Ron


    Thing is Maxiell is a utility guy, he does good off the bench but has a little bit too much money, 5 mil if i’m right.
    But realistically, these trades would never happen, Rip has no value with 3 years left on his royalty check pretty much. Stuckey has not proved any leapership at the point. Bynum has showed signs of it but I don’t see him doing better statistically. Teyshaun has value but injury problems and Wilcox is a salary waste with 3 million who nobody would take. I could say if they are  not looking for too much money (MLE) possibly Shaq (low contract, not MLE), Haywood, or Jermaine O’Neal, because we need a center just in case of Big Ben’s retirement. And if we traded any of the rookies, i’d say DeJuan Summers which he only has potential but is not good now. Ben Gordon and CV31 are staying, they are young and need more pt to do good. No need to explain Jonas, he had a great season and Daye has sky high potential. Monroe will be great and Terrico is questionable.
    But as a Pistons fan i’m ready for this season but I really don’t see any big trades coming here due to our 4-5 overpayed players and our franchise players that should be staying here for a while.

  • Jul 7, 20105:25 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Ron, Maxiell has $5 million guaranteed for each of the next three seasons. And I think you’re onto something as far the trades — but maybe only for a few months. Nearly every Piston had a worse-than-expected season last year. Now isn’t the time to trade them. Once the season begins, and they re-establish their value, then look at a trade.

  • Jul 9, 201011:53 pm
    by mike


    build around monroe

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