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Detroit Pistons get good value by re-signing Will Bynum

The Detroit Pistons re-signed Will Bynum today. Because he was a restricted free agent, this was inevitable for a while.

Bynum’s agent, Mark Bartelstein told Marc Stein of ESPN the deal is worth $10.5 million for three years. Chris Iott of MLive.com insists it’s a $9.75 million contract. (UPDATE: Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News also says it’s a $9.75 million contract.)* As long as that difference doesn’t cause a rift that delays the signing, I’m happy.

*All three of those reporters are usually credible. And I’d typically just take the word of two against one. But my guess is Iott and Goodwill got their info from the Pistons. The numbers the Pistons initially leaked for the Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva signings were lower than the actual contracts, so I don’t completely trust the team with this. I don’t have any reason not to trust Bartelstein, who told Stein $10.5 million. I’m curious what the Free Press reports, because its reporters have been in contact with Bartelstein and have Pistons contacts.

Bynum, 27, is a good backup point guard. I’ve said for a while that if he was a first-round pick and Rodney Stuckey was someone Detroit signed from Maccabi Tel Aviv, Bynum would start. I’m not sure I still believe that, but the case could be made.

Since coming to Detroit, Bynum has shown an ability to drive to the basket. At the beginning of last year, he looked much improved as a distributor, rebounder and on-ball defender.

But ankle injuries – yes, both ankles – derailed his season. When he returned, his all-around game had reverted to past-season form. His ability to drive was still there, at least.

I have serious questions about his ability to fight through screens, an essential skill in today’s game. And maybe his play at the beginning of last season was a fluke.

But a little more than $3 million per season is almost worth his ability to drive to the basket alone. If everything else comes together, Bynum is a steal. Heck, even if only some other parts of his game come together, he’s probably a steal.


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  • Jul 28, 20103:38 pm
    by Odeh


    In a off season where teams were splurging on busts and overpaying for decent players, it seems Joe has stuck to his philosophy of getting value for his money.  Both Big Ben and Will Bynum, were signed for below-market value contracts when many teams had cap space to offer more and contenders offering a chance at a championship.  Although I believe next season is going to be a lost one if Joe doesn’t bring in a center through trade, I have to say I admire him for not getting caught up with overspending in an unusual offseason.  And for those that say Joe overspent last year I will say this:  I’d rather have Ben Gordon at 5 yrs/55 million than Joe Johnson at 5 yrs/100 million, and I’d also rather have Charlie Villanueva at 5/35 than Darko, Amir johnson, or Drew Gooden at the contracts they signed this year.  Give Joe time, he knows what he is doing.

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  • Aug 2, 20104:36 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Odeh, I’m not sure if I’d rather have Villanueva or Gooden for their contracts. I think I’d lean toward Gooden, because he’s more capable of playing center and a better defender.

    But to your overall point, definitely agree. Dumars was very prudent this offseason when many teams weren’t. Hopefully, that pays off.

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