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Chris Iott: Ben Wallace will return to Detroit Pistons next season

Detroit Pistons beat writer Chris Iott for MLive.com tweeted tonight Ben Wallace will return next season:

@PistonPowered That rumor is not worth much. Ben Wallace will be back next season. I promise.

Iott’s tweet came in response to my linking of this post, which said a friend of a former babysitter to Ben Wallace’s family heard Wallace will retire.

Iott responded to my inquiry whether he meant Wallace will return to the NBA or the Pistons:

@PistonPowered Back with the Pistons.

Update: Iott is backtracking slightly:

@PistonPowered I guess I shouldn’t "promise" he will be back. But I would be willing to bet your life savings.

This probably means Wallace will be back, but it’s not quite the promise Iott made earlier in the night. I’d be a lot more confident if he was willing to bet his own life savings instead of mine. Not really sure how much Iott would regret losing my money.


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  • Jul 7, 20103:53 am
    by nuetes


    I’m pretty mixed on a Big Ben return. I’m a big fan and I know they will need him if they want any chance at a .500 or better season, but I’m not sure what that really does for the season beyond next. It’s pretty clear the Pistons lack some elite talent, which is needed to win, and it’s not very clear to me how they would go about getting it. The draft is one avenue and if Big Ben returns it could take that avenue away. I just don’t know which way to lean.

    • Jul 7, 20101:01 pm
      by chris


      i see your point, but its worth having him back on the team just to teach his work ethic and defensive skills to greg

    • Jul 7, 20107:57 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Nuetes, the draft is a possibility for bringing in talent, but that’s clearly not the direction Joe Dumars wants to go. This team is too talented (and I want to emphasize the difference between talented and productive) to tank.

      The best option is to win. If you win, everyone will have more trade value. Without a doubt, Ben Wallace would help the Pistons win next year.

      • Jul 7, 20108:34 pm
        by nuetes


        Dumars has assembled a team with a 35-40 win best case scenario season. I guess I’m missing where all the talent is on the Pistons. Whoever you want to pick as the Pistons best player (the fact that is even a hotly debatable topic in itself isn’t a good thing), if that player is the best player on your team your not winning more than 40 games a year, ever. If Big Ben wasn’t returning I would be adamant that the Pistons would win fewer games next year than they did last year. Wallace is that important. It’s not like he can return to a limited minutes role because they would need him too much. Kuester will have no choice but to ride Wallace’s 36 year old legs as far as he can. It almost makes me feel bad for Ben.

      • Jul 7, 20109:45 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        Nuetes, without a doubt, the Pistons’ best-case scenario is higher than 40 wins.

        Who is the best player on the Hawks? Just because that’s not clear doesn’t mean they’re a bad team.

        It wouldn’t be a stretch to see good seasons (by league-wide, not personal standards) from: Rodney Stuckey, Ben Gordon, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Charlie Villanueva, Will Bynum, Jonas Jerebko. Certainly, the odds are against all of them playing well. But they all have the reasonable capability to be good players next year.

        The Pistons’ best player isn’t as good as most playoff teams’ top player. But Detroit’s fourth-10th guys might be better than most playoff teams’.

        Wallace was certainly the Pistons’ most important player last year. But with fewer injuries, they shouldn’t need to rely on him quite so much.

        • Jul 7, 201010:05 pm
          by nuetes


          Well both Johnson and Smith are better than any player the Pistons have. On the Pistons the argument centers around which of the non-top 50 nba players on the Pistons roster is the best. I just don’t think Stuckey, Rip, Bynum, and Gordon can all have good seasons. Its not possible. There aren’t enough minutes and points to go around for them all to put up really good numbers. Stuckey, Rip, and Gordon cannot all average 18 ppg. Its just not possible. If Prince is 100% healthy and plays 35 a night with the addition of Monroe, a healthy CV, and Big Ben returning its highly unlikely Jerebko even sees 15 minutes a game. Daye won’t be playing at all. There isn’t enough minutes in the game for everyone to be successful by nba standards.

        • Jul 7, 201011:01 pm
          by Dan Feldman


          Nuetes, you said having a team where the top player is debatable is a negative. My point with the Hawks is that’s not necessarily the case. I didn’t mean to imply Johnson or Smit are better than any Pistons.

          How many of Stuckey, Rip, Bynum and Gordon had good season last year? Probably none, but maybe you could argue Stuckey. If two of them have good seasons next year, that will be a big step up.

          Of the 96 minutes available at power forward and center, roughly:

          • Monroe 22
          • Villanueva 24
          • Wallace 24
          • Jerebko 14
          • Maxiell 12

          Plus, Jerebko would get minutes behind Prince at small forward.

          Obviously, there’s a good chance the roster won’t look like this by the beginning of the season.

          • Jul 7, 201011:39 pm
            by nuetes

            yes, but i do think its a problem when your starters aren’t clearly better than your backups at just about every position. when your starters aren’t good enough to eliminate all the fan chatter involving who should start over who then thats not a good situation. you have:
            bynum v. stuckey
            rip v. gordon
            prince holding daye and jerebko back
            cv v. max v. jerebko
            monroe v. big ben
            you could argue for or against any of those players starting. i’ve seen it and heard it. in order to get all the guards minutes jerebko would lose minutes at SF if prince was healthy. gordon can’t get enough minutes. lets just say i don’t think dumars has made kuesters job easy in the slightest.

          • Jul 8, 201010:59 pm
            by Dan Feldman

            Nuetes, I agree, if the roster remains as is, there will be some issues. And that will definitely be tough at Kuester. But I think a lot of the issues will sort themselves out with injury and players doing better or worse than expected.. Plus, I don’t expect the roster to remain as it does today.

  • Jul 7, 20102:34 pm
    by Travis


    Big Ben is a Piston Hero, it’s always good to have him in the D.  Hope he becomes a Piston Defensive coach whenever he is going to retire.

    • Jul 7, 20107:59 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Travis, I’ve wondered whether Wallace will become a coach. He certainly understands the game well enough. And he’s been a star and an end-of-bench player, so he could certainly relate to both. I’m just not sure he’d have the interest in being around basketball every day when he can’t play himself.

  • Jul 7, 20106:35 pm
    by al-scorpio


    would love to have Ben back at the right price. We need his veteran presence with all these young guys. They really need to learn about his heart and work ethic. He is a true piston.

    • Jul 7, 20108:00 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Al, I agree. Behind Wallace, Jerebko is the only other Piston you can count on to consistently show passion. I’m not sure Jerebko has the reputation in the locker room where others would follow his lead.

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