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A note on comments

Dan and I started PistonPowered from scratch in January, 2009 to very little fanfare. The site design was minimalist if you’d like to be polite, uninspired if you’re not feeling so generous. Content consisted primarily of newspaper round-ups and sparsely attended live blogs. Our readership was made up of a few friends and our moms, the latter of whom aren’t even basketball fans. Ensuring proper comment formatting was not a top priority.

Fast-forward eighteen months. Thanks to our inclusion in the TrueHoop Network, the recent addition of Patrick Hayes to our writing staff, and general practice at this stuff, we have more readers than ever before. Good readers who often challenge what we write and participate in (mostly) thoughtful discussion. And the comments are a mess.

Make no mistake, it’s our mess. In all this time, we’ve strived to constantly improve the blog, both with more in-depth coverage and new features. But for technical reasons, the comments have lagged behind. After a couple levels of replies, it becomes necessary to practically climb into the screen to follow along.

We’re currently in the middle of a major design overhaul that will soon solve these problems, but it’s not yet ready for prime-time. In the interim, to improve general readability, we’ve decided to disable nested comments. You’ll still be able to weigh in on all the action here at PistonPowered, just not directly reply to other comments.

I hope this temporary inconvenience won’t deter you from sharing your thoughts with us. We really do appreciate your participation here on the site. After all, it was nothing other than a comment that prompted us to make this change.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how to improve PistonPowered please contact us.


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  • Jul 21, 20102:23 am
    by gmehl1977


    My suggestion would be to make the piston powered blog look like the old full court press @ mlive blog. Patrick i am sure you can help out there. You cannot read the text of the replies or even worse, the replies of replies etc.
    Other than that i will take 1 Dwight Howard & 1 LeBron James and throw in a Dwayne Wade and i will be on my merry way :0)

  • Jul 21, 20103:17 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Gmehl, MLive’s comments can’t be nested, and I think that makes conversations more difficult. After the re-design, you will be able to nest comments here without the text getting smaller.

    What other feature of FCP did you like that we don’t have (besides Justin Rogers)? We’re always looking for feedback.

  • Jul 21, 20104:44 am
    by gmehl1977


    Nah Justin Rogers can stay there. You guys have already got Patrick and he is probably the only one that can handle my crazy trade scenarios. Patrick is kind of like the opposite to Keith Langlois (pistons.com) cause he calls a spade a spade and that’s what us real fans want. I am sure since he came over to pistonpowered you would of seen a big rise in users. I see a couple of Patty’s blogger enemies have even managed to come across (i wont mention them) which should be fun once the new season starts.
    I am not going to lie about the user interface cause i think mlive is much easier on the eyes but hopefully after your re-design as you mentioned it makes a difference. Other than that i look forward to your guys up coming work.

  • Jul 21, 201010:44 am
    by brgulker


    Personally, I love comment nesting. There’s gotta be a way to do it without making the text size grow incrementally smaller. Even if that’s the only change, I for one would love it!

  • Jul 21, 201011:29 am
    by DoctorDaveT.com


    Building a good website is not easy – and if you think so, I dare you to try.
    While the comments section needs some improvement, it’s good to know that you know and understand that. That’s the first step to dramatic improvement.
    Huzzahs, guys!

  • Jul 22, 20103:31 am
    by Dan Feldman


    DDT, thanks for the encouragement. There are a few tweaks I know we want to make (e.g. comments), and I think we have a decent grasp on how to do those. But I worry there are things we don’t know need improving. Are there things that stand out to you?

  • Jul 22, 20108:36 am
    by Ian from CommentFlock


    Not sure if your site is running wordpress or not, but your ‘design overhaul’ should include ComLuv and some sort of ‘Notify me of followup comments’ feature!
    Just a suggestion to get more comments!
    (I think those type of plugins are available for other CMS’s as well)

  • Jul 22, 201011:27 am
    by Graham Simmington


    Thanks for the feedback, Ian. We are, in fact, running WordPress, and I’ll definitely look into plugins for both of those features.

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