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Poll: Which current Detroit professional athlete do Detroit fans hate most?

A new feature on PistonPowered: polls. From time to time, I will post Pistons-related poll. The most-recent poll will also appear in the sidebar. So, here’s our first one:

Which current Detroit professional athlete do Detroit fans hate most?

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If you vote for “other,” please note in the comments whom you think deserves it. Actually, even if you voted for someone on the list, please explain your choice in the comments.


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  • Jun 10, 20102:39 pm
    by shawn brown


    i voted for jeff backus aka jeff sackus, while i admit it is unfair to blame all the lions problems on him , he is one of the most well known lineman on an offensive line that has struggled for not just one or two years ..but years as in more then five.   
    i know charlie v gets alot of the blame for the pistons struggles this year but my fellow pistons fans have to take a step back and realize that charlie is only a complementary player ..hes but one piece of the puzzle.     i know hes not good on defense but in the right situation he could become a poor mans version of corliss williamson (who also wasnt known for defense) .  as a side note these same people that are taking shots at dumars for his handling of the team have to realize the situation that hes working under.       if dumars had signed no one last summer and saved up the cap room for this summer and didnt get any free agents he would be getting crucified.         

    • Jun 12, 201012:00 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Shawn, I’ve definitely had my frustrations with Backus, too. But isn’t he just a complementary player like Villanueva?

      And you’re absolutely right about Dumars. With the core of the title team again, he was in a tough spot. Maybe he didn’t take the ideal course. But I don’t think people realize the hole he was in.

  • Jun 10, 20107:26 pm
    by nuetes


    Backus is the best linemen the lions have. Sad but true. So i guess it can’t be his fault. Charlie V was in his first season. Dumars brought him in and he’s no different than he has been his entire career. There is a reason Hammond lifted the restricted tag on him in Milwaukee. The rest aren’t too bad accept Raiola. People like to blame Backus I blame Raiola. He can’t move anybody. The running game has suffered ever since he’s been a lion. Can’t open any holes up the middle. He can stand stout in the passing game, but he’s worthless in the run game. I don’t think the lions will have a good rushing attack until Raiola is gone, or they get some really good guards to make up for his deficiencies.

    • Jun 12, 201012:27 am
      by Dan Feldman


      I was really high on Raiola when the Lions drafted him. But, you’re right. He hasn’t done much.

  • Jun 11, 20101:55 pm
    by Mike


    I think the results are skewed because of the poll being on a Pistons site, but that being said I still voted for Charlie V.

    • Jun 12, 201012:01 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Mike, I tried to reach out to some Lions, Tigers and Red Wings blogs to have their readers vote. Unfortunately, I still think it’s probably skewed.

  • Jun 12, 201011:00 pm
    by brando inge


    The winner should have been me
    Afterall my name is Brandon Cringe

  • Jun 14, 201011:53 am
    by Mike


    Yeah, there’s no such thing as a perfect poll (or stat). I think more people are just disappointed with Charlie than straight up hating him though.

    • Jun 15, 20105:19 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Mike, I think a lot of people view Villanueva as the face of the new, soft, bad, mentally weak, overpaid Pistons.

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