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Who will be available with the seventh pick in the 2010 NBA Draft?

Now that the lottery has decided the Pistons will pick seventh, we can start to look at who they will take. The first step is figuring out who will be off the board.

I found 18 mock drafts updated since the lottery, and they collectively projected 10 players to be picked before the Pistons’ No. 7 pick.

Five players – John Wall, Evan Turner, Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins and Wesley Johnson – went before Detroit’s pick in all 18 mocks. Of course, a lot can change before the draft. But at this point, you better have a compelling reason one of them will fall before you suggest Detroit drafts him. (Although, if you think there’s a reason one of them will fall, would you want him anyway?)

Here’s a chart detailing how likely it is each player is off the board before the Pistons pick:


If you’re curious, the mocks had the Pistons taking: Cole Aldrich (eight), Ed Davis (five), Greg Monroe (two), Al-Farouq Aminu (two) and Patrick Patterson (one).

Mock drafts used


  • May 19, 201011:07 am
    by Mark


    Too bad the pistons started trying to win towards the end of the season. If they would have lost 1 more game they would have the 2nd pick.

  • May 19, 201011:44 am
    by nuetes


    I think its between Monroe and Aminu. Whoever the Warriors don’t take the Pistons will take. I like Udoh too. But you get the feeling the Pistons really like Aminu, although if he’s not there they can’t take him, and if he’s not there Monroe likely will be.
    No Davis or Aldrich. Please. I’m having a hard enough time coming to grips with Aminu, but at least his ceiling is through the roof.

    • May 19, 20103:27 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Is Aminu’s ceiling that much higher than Davis’? Both are extremely athletic, but raw.

      • May 19, 20105:28 pm
        by nuetes


        I’m going to say yes. Aminu will be an exciting get off your seat high flying player. When was the last time the Pistons had a guy like that? Aminu does have a ways to go, as does Davis, but I like Aminu for the excitement he could bring to the Palace.

        • May 19, 201010:30 pm
          by Dan Feldman


          Deron Washington, Amir Johnson, Ronald Dupree…

          Athleticism doesn’t necessarily make you a good basketball player. I get that Aminu has a ridiculous amount of potential, but I’m not convinced he’s likely to reach it.

  • May 19, 20101:30 pm
    by JS


    Monroe is the pick!!  The last thing the Pistons need is another long small forward, especially after the emergence of Jerebko last season.  Combine that with last years picks Austin Daye and DeJuan Summers, and vet Tayshaun Prince, and you can see that there is plenty of depth there.  A couple bigs is what we need, and Monroe is the best guy that will be available

    • May 19, 20103:29 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I want Monroe right now, just because I like him as a player. But the Pistons should probably take who they think is the best available player, regardless of position. They’re too far from contending to worry too much about positional fit. Fortunately, most of the players projected in that range are big men.

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  • May 19, 20101:47 pm
    by MikeMo


    I think the pistons should take Udoh, his skill set and his work ethic are two things the pistons need very badly.  Plus he can run the floor with the current team, which will help him show off his ability rather than hinder him trying to post him too much.  He could have an immediate impact!

    • May 19, 20103:31 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I like Udoh, but I think seven is probably too high. And I think he would have a good work ethic, because he certainly does most of the times — but not always. When things weren’t going well for him at Michigan, he certainly sulked and didn’t appear to be working as hard.

  • May 20, 20106:13 pm
    by David Konkel


    The last thing the pistons needs is a shooting guard or a small forward. Like what was said earlier, we already have tayshaun and austin daye, since big ben is leaving that leaves us with charlie V and some other unknown bigs. we need a big who will not only play defense, but can score at will also. Yes that may seem far fetched, but with the bigs these years you can do just about anything. I think that they should take monroe

    • May 21, 201011:31 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I think you’re right on two counts, David.

      1. Finding a big who can defend and score at will is probably far-fetched.

      2. Because the rest of the league lacks impact centers, it’s important to have one.

      So, I would be all for drafting a big at No. 7, picking another in the second round, signing one with the mid-level exception and trading Richard Hamilton and/or Tayshaun Prince for one or two.

      Then, maybe, and I really do mean maybe, the Pistons would have a decent chance at having an impact big man.

  • May 23, 20102:40 pm
    by slyfox


    dose it really matter who we get the pistons are in a rebulding mode thanks to dumars dumb as* moves last year

    • May 24, 20101:04 am
      by Dan Feldman


      If the Pistons are rebuilding, doesn’t that make who they pick very important?

  • May 26, 20105:09 pm
    by Willie Buford


    I do not believe that the Pistons will find what they need in the draft but I do believe that they could make the right trades (whether using draft positions or current players ) to try and woe someone like a David Lee or Chris Kaman,  because that’s what the Pistons need someone whose going to be a force on both ends of the court. This years draft really doesn’t offer that I’m not even sure if any of the lottery picks from this draft will even be in close contention for the rookie of the year award(B. Griffith). I just believe that the transition from college to pros want be as easy for this crop of guys.

    • May 26, 20109:50 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I hate to break it to you, Willie, but Lee and Kaman aren’t close to forces on defense.

      And yes, they’d probably be better than whomever Detroit drafts at No. 7. But the draft pick would probably have more value, because  Kaman is owed about 2.5 times as much as the pick will be.

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