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Pistons have NO chance of trading for Chris Paul

A silly idea typically resigned to imagination and the far-reaches of the Internet, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press last week raised the possibility of the Pistons trading for Chris Paul (to clarify, he said it came from fans).

In a word, no.

It’s completely unrealistic. The Pistons don’t have the assets, and more importantly, New Orleans is aiming to build around Paul, not trade him to start rebuilding.

So, not only do you have to match the value of one of the league’s best players, you have to offer enough to convince the Hornets to change their plan.

For some perspective, I asked Joe Gerrity and Ryan Schwan of Hornets247 what it would take to land Paul.

Gerrity thought it would take this trade:

Paul and Emeka Okafor for Austin Daye, Jonas Jerebko, Tayshaun Prince, Rodney Stuckey, Jason Maxiell, 10 first-round picks and 15 second rounders.

Schwan’s idea was a bit more modest:

Paul and Okafor for Daye, Jerebko, Prince, Stuckey, Chris Wilcox, a re-signed Will Bynum and five first-round picks (with the trade coming after the Pistons pick this year, so they can send consecutive first rounders).

Their answers may seem excessive at first glance, but I don’t think they’re out of line. Remember, New Orleans won’t be calling Detroit to offer Paul. And if the Pistons call, they have to wow the Hornets, or all they’ll hear is a dial tone.*

*Not really. I’m sure they’ll use cell phones, but a dial tone makes a better line than saying they’ll just hear a “click.”

To be even more accurate, I bet Joe Dumars would text the offer. In that case, the Hornets probably just wouldn’t respond to a bad offer. But saying his text won’t draw a response is an even worse line.

Phone technology is ruining writing.


  • May 3, 20103:39 pm
    by nuetes


    I don’t think it would take THAT much to get Paul. You’d obviously have to relieve them of Okafor in the deal somehow. Prince/Daye/Stuckey/Wilcox/Max/2 1st rounders. Yeah it might take a lot, but mostly to get the salaries to match. I don’t think its that far fetched, but only because of NO’s current cap situation, okafor’s deal, and collison’s emergence. I’ll just put it at 100:1 or greater. I’d rather find a way to get Collison. Prince/1st rounder/Daye for Collison/Okafor or something. Paul would be too great a price to pay and his salary makes it harder to match.

    • May 6, 20103:42 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      New Orleans might want to shed a little payroll, or not (with its new owner.) But Chris Paul sells tickets, so the Hornets aren’t looking to cut him from the books.

  • May 3, 20104:36 pm
    by Blade03


    Chris paul can definitely be used in Detroit and with him and gordon at the 2 as well as rip….that would be a good combination..we stil have c.v(hopefully is more agressive next season) at the 4 and big ben at the 5.  and im sure we can find someone to put at the 3 since prince n jerebko would be gone.  Joe dumars…pistons aren’t going anywhere without a good guard…ex: I.Thomas and C.Billups     Stuckey is good at the 2 he isn’t ready for the 1 position, in my opinion.

    Just something to consider. Im a Pistons fan no matter what happens.

  • May 3, 20109:03 pm
    by William Crockerham


    I don’t think any of those exorbitant ship and trade deals for Paul are realistic. If it were based on how much the Pistons should want a player of his ability, not even then. But in the final analysis it will be about the salaries of the players  involved in any trade for Paul or any other player of that caliber. Where the Pistons are weak is where they won in the past, that would be in the post and in the paint. They might do better with Okafor, than for Paul. Detroit has managed keep good guard play  going back to the ‘Bad Boys’ where they are lacking is at the forward and center positions. Are they going to beat you with team defense as in the past or are they going to outscore you. Paul doesn’t show the scoring ability of say a LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or even a Dwyane Wade, so what he offers is top notch guard play. And the Pistons already have that in a couple of players. Where need to go is into the post and the forward spots and get someone who can make them for get about Rasheed Wallace and a younger Ben Wallace. The center for Kentucky would be nice about now.

    • May 6, 20103:40 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      The trades aren’t based on how much Detroit would give up or how much Detroit would want Paul. They’re based on what it would take New Orleans to trade him.

      As you can see, the gap between those sides is too great. Paul won’t be a Piston.

  • May 4, 201012:29 pm
    by Elijah Rushing


    first of all the center from kentucky[ Demarcus cousins] is an ok center but is very raw in skill set and very lazy and will not be a good fit for detroit. we need a good point guard, dominate YOUNG center and good power foward with wallace coming off the bench.  AND DONT TRADE ARE ONLY PRODUCTIVE ROOKIE LAST YEAR JONAS

  • May 4, 20101:18 pm
    by boobooman


    Come on, man…The reality of their situation is somewhere in outer space…There are two huge points that you neglected to metion that mitigates Paul’s value: #1- The Hornets, even with CP3 are not a good team. – #2- The Hornets third best player, Collison, plays the same position as CP3- at about $10 million less per season.

    Now before anyone post the idea of “both guys playing” , I will give the opinion, humbly that neither of these guy are as effective without the ball in their hands, and both are far too small to guard the “2″ position.

    If some team was willing to take Okafor’s crappy contract off their hands as inclusion to a possible trade, that would further mitigate CP3′s value. The huge amoun of first round picks is just  a silly homeristic exaggeration by the New Orleans guys. Shaq in his prime didn’t cost LA that much- so perhaps the Hornet’s organization needs to temper their expectations.

    Maybe they’re looking to trade Collison and package the young emerging PG with Okafor’s albatross of a contract…

    • May 6, 20103:47 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      1. The Hornets have a couple expiring contracts and will try to become a good team around Paul. He’s an amazing piece to start with.

      2. Paul sells tickets. Collison doesn’t, which means he’s the one to go.

      I don’t think the trades are that far-fetched. You have to consider that the Hornets don’t want to trade Paul. So, Detroit has to offer a ton to just get them interested.

      The Lakers signed Shaq as a free agent, so they didn’t have to give up anything for him. Not sure what you meant by that.

  • May 15, 20101:03 pm
    by danny


    I didnt read the original article, but would imagine any thought of trading Paul would come from him wanting out of NO, which I think is very possible. There franchise has done nothing since theyve been in the league, and theyve been through several coaches already in Pauls short career. If he does want out, I think Detroit would be near the top of his list. Why not come and play for a proven winner and a gm who knows how to build a team.

    • May 15, 20102:02 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Paul has give no indication he wants out of New Orleans.

      And I doubt Detroit would be on the top of his list. The Pistons won 32.9 percent of their games this year. The Hornets won 37.8 percent (14-23) of their games without Paul.

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