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Nobody voted for Ben Wallace for the All-Defense teams, and that’s OK, Ted

Sorry, Ted Kulfan, I usually enjoy your articles, but when two of your first three paragraphs are:

NBA coaches aren’t nearly as intelligent as I thought they were.


But the league’s other 29 coaches? They’re a lot dumber than I thought.

… you’re off to a bad start. NBA coaches make plenty of mistakes, and I’m definitely prone to second-guessing them, too. But they’re not idiots. They all know a lot more about basketball than I do, and more often than not, their decisions are right – even the bad coaches’.

So, what’s so seriously objectionable that you’re so up in arms with nearly every coach (the exception is John Kuester, by the way)? Oh, you’re upset Ben Wallace didn’t make an All-Defensive team.

I thought Dwight Howard and Andrew Bogut deserved the recognition, but I definitely wouldn’t object to Wallace or Tim Duncan. I do object to your logic, though.

After pointing out 52 players received votes besides Wallace (irrelevant because the teams are position-specific), you lists some big men who received votes:

Jermaine O’Neal, Luis Scola (you’ve got to be kidding), Jared Dudley, Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol, Brendan Haywood and Ersan Ilyasova.

Scola, Dudley and Ilyasova are forwards, so they’re irrelevant to this discussion. And you’re right: Wallace had a better defensive year than O’Neal and the Gasols.

But here’s the kicker:

I’m not saying Ben Wallace should’ve been voted onto the prestigious first or second teams. Centers such as Dwight Howard (defensive player of the year) and Tim Duncan earned their spots.

But not one vote for Ben Wallace?

So, you wouldn’t have voted for Wallace, either? But you’re upset that nobody else did?

Basically, the issue isn’t that the voters are wrong. Your problem is a few votes that went to the Gasols and O’Neal – which actually should’ve gone to Duncan – didn’t go to Wallace.

I’m sorry. That’s absurd and overly homerish.

But one throwaway line is even more absurd:

Tayshaun Prince was the only Piston to get a vote. Which is fine.

No, that’s not fine.

Prince far from deserving. He wasn’t that good defensively this year. I’d say he was average, give or take. And he only played 49 games, meaning his overall defensive contributions were pretty lacking.

You can’t slam Scola (a pretty good defender, I think) and say Prince getting a vote is fine. Again, it’s overly homerish.


  • May 10, 201010:44 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Boom. Roasted.
    I love Wallace and he was certainly among the best defenders in the league at the center position, but the fact that the Pistons, as a team, were so poor defensively, surely that cost him in the consideration.

  • May 10, 20105:43 pm
    by Max Smith


    I missed Chris McCoskey’s Pistons coverage this season.
    Kuflan sucks.

  • May 12, 20102:13 pm
    by Blue Herron


    sorry dan.  Ted’s not the homer.   You’re a homer!  You’re just upset because Ted belittled Scola, who is a complete joke btw.  Oh and i disagree w/ Ted, this year Ben was a far stingyer defender than Howard or Duncan.  Last year he was a joke, but this year he was incredible again.

    • May 13, 20103:23 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Scola is irrelevant to this. He’s a forward. Ben Wallace is a center. Scola didn’t take any votes away from Wallace.

      And I thought Wallace had an excellent defensive seasons. He was right in the mix with Andrew Bogut and Tim Duncan. But he was nowhere near Dwight Howard’s class.

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