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Pistons lose lottery tiebreaker to 76ers

The Pistons lost the lottery tiebreaker to the 76ers today.

If no teams pass them, the Pistons will pick seventh. They could also pick eighth, ninth or 10th.

This tiebreaker doesn’t affect Detroit’s chance of landing a top-three pick (18.3 percent).


  • Apr 16, 20104:42 pm
    by Alex


    What a shocker.  Anything that the league can do that can hurt our team.

  • Apr 17, 20102:07 am
    by Steve


    I bet they feel kinda dumb for winning 4 meaningless games down the stretch.  Could have had a legitimate shot at a cornerstone franchise player.  Who knows maybe that dude from Lithuania is the next Dirk…sarcasm

  • Apr 20, 20105:31 pm
    by david


    Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the pistons. Their whole downfall began with the bobbleheaded move to get rid of Billups and for nothing more than a hotdog named iverson. I have been a pistons fan for I know at least 27 years if not more , and I have seen the team go through alot of down times, but this time I think that it is worse because it didnt have to happen. Dumars pulled the trigger and they did it to themselves. This did not have to happen but now their is no choice but to ride it out. Good Luck with that!!!!

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