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Pistons are in the market for a starting point guard

From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

More than one person around the league has said the team probably will be in the market for a starting-caliber point guard. That’s a bit surprising considering the amount of public support the Pistons have given to Rodney Stuckey.

Ellis explains the Pistons still like Stuckey as a shooting guard (which likely means, peace, Richard Hamilton and/or Ben Gordon). Will Bynum is also in the cards as a backup point guard.

I think Stuckey is better-suited to be a shooting guard. But – barring landing the No. 1 pick and drafting John Wall – I think it makes most sense to keep him at point guard in the short term for a couple reasons.

Why Rodney Stuckey should remain at point guard

1. The Pistons definitely need a big man.

If they use the mid-level exception to sign a point guard, they can’t use it on a big man. If they trade Tayshaun Prince or Richard Hamilton for a point guard, they can’t use those pieces to land a big man.

A big man is a much, much more pressing need than a point guard, considering Stuckey is adequate there.

2. The Pistons already have a lot of money tied to shooting guards Gordon and Hamilton, both good players. But they’re stuck at shooting guard. They can’t switch positions.

If Stuckey becomes a shooting guard, that leaves a hole at point guard. Detroit is already set (at least set enough for now) at shooting guard. I’d rather take a chance Stuckey develops into an excellent point guard. If he doesn’t, you can always mover him later.


  • Apr 25, 20104:12 pm
    by Chabvis


    I was debating with some people on nbadraft.net about this exact point. They were saying that we should try to package Rip and number 7 pick (assuming thats where we end up) for Collison and Okafer (assuming that the Hornets would do this, which I doubt). I was against the trade because I am more worried about getting a low-post scorer, which Okafer is not. I think going after someone like Collison makes sense, but I don’t know how that is going to happen if we are going to get anything resembling a low post scoring threat.
    You think we should go after someone like Collison if the price is right?

  • Apr 26, 20103:42 am
    by Kaneda


    I also think the Pistons need a true point but stocking up on big men is definitely the priority. Assuming we pick at the 7 spot (Monroe, Davis) I think that Dumars should seriously try and bring Al Jefferson to Detroit via trade (hopefully Rip will be one of the pieces). That would give us a very good and young front court and would also do wonders for Villanueva. And hopefully the mid level could give us a solid point in order to move Stuckey to sg.

  • Apr 26, 201011:32 am
    by Pratik Narula


    I also agree with the fact that we need to stack up in the front court positions, assuming we draft: DeMarcus Cousins, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ed Davis, or Greg Monroe, we would be good in the front court, and then trade rip/and or tayshaun to get that other center, I know Amare will be a free agent, but to attract him we would need some more superstars. As far as the Stuckey issue, I agree that if we get a player like John Wall or Evan Turner, he should remain at PG, but if we don’t, then I honestly think that Will Bynum should move up to PG and stuckey to SG if we trade Rip, because Bynum really deserves it and is more then capable to get the job done, then with other picks we can focus on developing our bench. I also think that if we trade Tay, Jonas can do an amazing job at the 3
    This is ideal starting line-up for me next year:
    1. Will Bynum
    2. Rodney Stuckey
    3. Jonas Jerebko
    4. Draft Picks: Demarcus Cousins, Ed Davis, Greg Monroe, or Aminu
    5. Trade/sign: Amare S. (someone more experienced)

    • Apr 29, 20101:40 am
      by Steve


      Woah woah woah!
      You want Bynum to start? I love the guy, he’s my #2 behind Jonas… but you gotta take a sec to think. Even when Stuckey was hurt Bynum wasn’t starting, that was good ‘ol Chucky. Bynum plays great off the bench (when he’s healthy) and isn’t starting caliber.
      2nd, I would loooove to move Stuckey to Shooting Guard, but there’s no way that’s going to happen unless we get John Wall. (GET RID OF RIP!!!) Also another great person to have a 2 Guard would be Evan Turner, and keep Stuckey at Point.
      3rd, Jonas is a great player! and he’s shown us he can start and get DECENT numbers, but he’s not Tayshaun. Keep Tay and have Jonas come off the bench to play with Gordon and Bynum would be great.
      4th, we still got Big Ben, who played GREAT this year (compared to our other big men) why sacrifice Experience and Defense to start a Draft Pick (all of which really aren’t that good).
      5th, This is where I agree with you, we need a big man. I would Loooove Amare, but that’s not gonna happen. Kwame SUCKS! J-Max is too small, 2 more inches and he’d be the Mac-Daddy. He’s a great player just not starting material. (he plays better off the bench anywhoo). I don’t know what the heck was up with Wilcox, but something either needs to happen with him or he needs to go. Chuck-Vill… There isn’t much to say about he. He can score… when he’s hot. He’s big, but he’s a wuss. We need a man down there.
      It should look like this.
      1. Stuckey (John Wall)
      2. RIP (Stuckey, Turner)
      3. Tayshaun
      4. Wallace
      5. Who the hell really knows?
      And off the bench you have;
      1. Bynum
      2. Gordon
      3. Jonas (Day)
      4. J-Max, Wilcox, C-Ville
      5. Kwame, J-Max (This still up in the air.)
      Back to the big men. My dad and I were talking about it the other day, there aren’t THAT many GREAT Big Men; of course there’s Shaq, Howard, Amare, Bynum(Lakers), Perkins, a couple more. But there just aren’t enough to go around the league. It sucks because I would take any of those guys on my team (Except Shaq) but no one wants to get rid of them.
      We have a lot of really good Bench Players, but we need to get a couple options to mess around with in the off season. Hopefully we’ll be in the playoffs for the  ’10-’11 season.

  • Apr 26, 20104:08 pm
    by Chabvis


    Amare is not coming to Detroit. For some reason people are still holding out the hope that Bosh, Boozer, Amare are coming here, but the reality is that they don’t want to come to a Detroit team that team that won 26 games when they could go to Miami or NY or Chicago. All of those places have better marketability than us. If we had a very good young team then we might be able to get these guys, but unfortunately we do not at the moment. We have a decent team with some good pieces, but we have to plan for life without these guys because the likely hood of them coming here is not high.
    I feel like Jefferson has too much baggage, and am not really all that high on the guy. I would much prefer to get Love if we could, but I doubt that Minnesota would trade him since he has a better contract and is younger than Jefferson.

  • Apr 26, 20107:57 pm
    by koz


    Stucky at sg? The guy is a descent shooter, but not a good or great one. He’s really a slasher type player like a dwayne wade, but not as talented. But He could still grow into a decent point guard given time and you have to have some scorers and finishers to move the ball to. Package rip and bynum in a deal to try and get some front line help. Prince is still a very valuable versatile player, but if you have to move himas well, so be it.

  • Apr 26, 20108:11 pm
    by terry


    It would be idiotic to get a point guard right now. The combination of Stuckey and Bynum is formidable. The priority going forward has to be big men and by big men I mean centers. The pistons absolutely can not rely on old man ( as much as I love him) Wallace to carry the load at center. Don’t forget that Stuck had 10 assist in the 3rd quarter against the Cavs before he went down and when the team was healthy his assist consistently went up, and Will Bynum Tied Zeke for the most assist in piston history. GO BIG!

  • Apr 27, 20102:43 am
    by Tony


    Who’s gonna feed this low post scoring threat we so desperately need?  PG’s are as important to a basketball team as a QB is to a football team and they are few and far between and why no one is as angry as I am on why Dumars passed on getting one in the deepest draft for PG’s last year is beyond me! 

    • Apr 27, 201011:31 am
      by Chabvis


      That is what does not make sense to me Tony. If we wanted a PG, which we apparently do now why did we not draft one last year? The PGs that were on the board when we drafted were: Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Jeff Teague, Eric Maynor, Darren Collison, Rodrigue Beaubois. It doesn’t make any sense at all. I think every one of those players is going to have a good career. To me this is what makes the whole Joe D going after a PG make no sense.
      1. Will Bynum had a really good season, and we can easily re-sign him. Maybe Joe D doesn’t see him as a starting PG, thats fair I agree, but do we really need to re-sign Bynum then if we can shift Stuckey to the point when our “new starter” needs a break.
      2. If Joe D thought we needed a PG last year’s draft was the time to get one. This season could not have suddenly made him think, “Hmmm now we need a PG,” because two of our best players this year were Bynum and Stuckey.
      If we try to trade for one of these PGs now the price is going to be more then the 15th pick in last years draft. Although I think that we need a PG of the future, I am going to be very disappointed when Joe D inevitably makes some moves to acquire this PG, because there were plenty there for the taking in last years draft. I am happy with Austin Daye, but I would prefer to have our long term solution at PG if we are going to go out and try to trade for him anyways.

    • Apr 27, 20102:57 pm
      by nuetes


      pg’s aren’t as valuable as qb’s. you don’t even need a pg to win a championship. has phil jackson ever had a pg? you need good players simple as that it doesn’t matter what position they play. the pistons need better players, anywhere, everywhere. if its a pg so be it. if its a power forward, a sg, i don’t care where. just get better players because the ones they have aren’t good enough.

  • Apr 27, 20108:19 pm
    by Chabvis


    I agree that PG is not nearly as important as a QB is to a football team, but it is hard to get away with having a mediocre player unless you have a superstar. Phil Jackson has never had a great PG, but he has had MJ and Pippen, Kobe and Shaq, and then Kobe, Gasol and Co. When you have two superstars of that quality you can get away with not having a great PG (although the Lakers are not really getting away with it in these playoffs so far).
    We do not have a superstar play though. That is the problem. Stuckey could turn out to be a very good player, but he will never be a superstar. Barring a lucky hop into the top-3 in the lottery, we most likely will not come close to getting a superstar in this draft either. So we have to have very good players at every position and right now we are not close to being there. For the time being I think that we are good enough at SG with Gordon-Hamilton and PG with Stuckey-Bynum, and we have some young talent at SF with Jonas-Daye-Summers to go with the ever solid Tayshaun. But that is it. Everything else is wide open. That is why I feel like we need to move for a big right now.
    If we get better in the short term, it will help us more in the long term then simply going all out to get better in the long term. If that makes sense. So right now our top needs are two quality bigs, I don’t care how we get them (hopefully we can get at least one from the draft and then move Tayshaun or Rip or a package of the two to get another), but that is what we should be focusing on.
    If somebody wants to make us an offer that involves getting a young PG then I would listen, but I would not be as worried about knocking on people’s doors about PGs as I would about bigs.

  • Apr 28, 201012:02 am
    by Jubilee


    stuckey is far from “adequate” at point guard. he runs one of the most atrocious offenses i’ve ever seen in the NBA. we may have a desperate need for frontcourt help, but our need at point guard isn’t far behind. and we’re not “set” at shooting guard either; we seriously need to shed a shooting guard to balance our minutes out. the main issue is that we have three (3) avenues to improve the team: trade, draft and MLE. use two of those options to improve the frontcourt, which i agree is the greater priority (though not by nearly as much as you seem to think) and use the third to land a point guard worth a damn.

  • Apr 28, 201010:39 am
    by Chabvis


    “we seriously need to shed a shooting guard to balance our minutes out”
    This goes without saying, I meant set in that we are not bringing in anybody to play there.
    Why is Stuckey not adequate at PG? How does he “run one of the most atrocious offenses”? I always hear these phrases with no explanation, it is easy to throw phrases like this out. Someone please enlighten me as why Stuckey is such a bad PG.
    Our best big this year was Ben Wallace….age 35. Jason Maxiell started a significant amount of games at CENTER. If those do not constitute a very very big problem then nothing does.

  • Apr 29, 20108:33 pm
    by al-scorpio


    it is t0tally evident that we need a big man. the point is that no one really wants to give up a big man, especially not for what we have. first things first. I love max but he is another Don Reid and needs to go, he is just too small for his position. Other bigs just shoot right over him. Next, you have to get rid of Kwame, and you all know why. The focus should be on a big, and a low post player. If you can’t get a superstar, grab David Lee who consistantly killed Max all year!

  • Apr 30, 20102:36 pm
    by Chabvis


    David Lee is going to be making a lot of money. Way more money than we could pay him. There is a reason why we didn’t sign him last season and that is because he is too expensive.
    IMO our only options are going either with a young semi-unproven young talented big or getting a veteran using the MLE or via trade. Hopefully we get both some young talent and a vet, but we will not be getting a superstar.

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