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Joe Dumars says John Kuester will return, but does he mean it?

Rick Carlisle

The Detroit News’ Bob Wojnowski, interviewing Joe Dumars (May 30, 2003):

Q. You don’t see any reason why (Carlisle) wouldn’t come back?

A. None whatsoever.

Wojnowski (June 1, 2003):

Dumars, considered bold and classy, put both reputations on the line by firing Carlisle Saturday, which makes no sense by any normal measure.

Larry Brown

The Detroit News’ Chris McCosky (June 26, 2005):

Dumars has said repeatedly that he wants Brown back and would allow him to work this out on his own timetable.

McCosky (July 13, 2005):

Brown has maintained all along that he plans to return to the Pistons, if healthy.

Multiple league sources said the Pistons are not going to wait much longer for an answer.

During today’s meeting, Brown will likely be given a deadline to make a decision.

Flip Saunders

McCosky (June 2, 2008):

We were all wrong. All of us who speculated that the Pistons’ loss in Game 6 to Boston spelled the end of Flip Saunders’ coaching life in Detroit were wrong.

Saunders met briefly with Pistons president Joe Dumars on Saturday and all indications are that he was told he will be back.

McCosky (June 4, 2008):

The Pistons fired Saunders on Tuesday after three seasons in which he compiled the highest winning percentage (.715) in franchise history.

Michael Curry

Justin Rogers of MLive.com (April 29, 2009):

The Associated Press has reported Michael Curry will be back as the Detroit Pistons’ head coach next season.

According to MLive.com Pistons Insider A. Sherrod Blakely, Curry’s job was never in question.

Detroit Pistons release (June 30, 2009):

Joe Dumars announced this evening that Michael Curry will not return next season as the team’s head coach.

John Kuester

Larry Lage of the the Associated Press (today):

The president of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons says John Kuester will be back to coach the team next season.



  • Apr 15, 20106:41 pm
    by Chabvis


    The Carlisle one is a bit unfair. There was no doubt that the guy was a very good coach, but the chance to get LB had to be taken. Its not as if we could have said “Well we are debating about whether or not to shove Carlisle out for Brown”.

    • Apr 16, 20104:14 pm
      by Eric


      Funniest thing i’ve read in a while.  Thats incredible Joe.  Crushing someones feelings is easy for some people i guess?!?

    • Apr 16, 20106:36 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Chabvis, Dumars had to have known Brown would be available. It was a day before Carlisle was fired. He didn’t have to say he was pursuing Larry Brown, but he didn’t have to assure everyone Carlisle would return.

      • Apr 17, 20107:39 pm
        by Chabvis


        That may be true, but I’m sure that he was asked the question “Is Rick Carlisle going to be back next season?” should he say that we are looking around for other coaches? It just doesn’t make any sense to give an indication that Carlisle won’t be back unless we are 100 percent sure that he won’t be back. So until he was 100 percent sure that Brown was going to sign he may as well at least pretend like Carlisle is the guy. Anyways this argument is semi-pointless, I don’t think that it is going to happen again. This season is not on Kuester.

        • Apr 19, 20104:19 pm
          by Dan Feldman


          I’m not saying Dumars handled any of these situations properly. I’m just saying, when he says a coach will be back, he doesn’t necessarily mean it.

          I don’t think Kuester will be fired. But I didn’t expect most of the above coaches to be gone, either.

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