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Did John Kuester punt a basketball to start Twitter rants?

From 97.1 The Ticket (hat tip: Need4Seed):

I spoke to one Pistons source who tells me that practice yesterday turned in to a bit of a bickering-fest, with players and coaches involved (not unusual) and John Kuester even got so frustrated that he allegedly punted a basketball.

That would explain Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye being a little miffed yesterday.

I’m not sure what exactly to make of this report. It’s certainly plausible, but I’d find it a lot more credible if there was an author listed.


Natalie from Need4Sheed talked to Matt Dery and said the post is from him. That adds a lot of credibility.

97.1 – put bylines on your web site.


  • Apr 6, 201012:23 pm
    by PistonsNation.com


    How’d ya like how that post on the 97.1 site started out?
    “I know many Pistons internet geeks are buzzing about yesterday’s Austin Daye and Charlie Villenueva twitter posts”
    This isn’t 1997.  Everyone is an internet geek these days.

  • Apr 6, 20101:10 pm
    by Detroit Buckets


    I’ve read elsewhere that those comments are from Matt Dery. And there’s no one I trust more when it comes to ‘team sources’ than Dery.

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