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Charlie Villanueva and Austin Daye vent via Twitter

Charlie Villanueva (@CV31) isn’t happy. Anyone who’s watched him play or talk to the media this year could tell that. Apparently, things have gotten worse today. At 4:38 today, he Tweeted:

This has been a very fustrating year, it just only got worse 2day, I have never experienced, in my 5 years, what I have experience this year

After receiving several @ replies asking what’s up, Villanueva sent out another Tweet:

Let’s put it like this, I rather not say anything cause I don’t want to get fined

Reading the tea leaves

I have no idea what Villanueva is specifically talking about. But I think it’s personal.

He’s never played for a winning team. In his first four seasons, playing with the Raptors and Bucks, his team had 27, 28, 26 and 38 wins.

The Pistons (23-53) are slightly worse than that. But when he says he’s never experienced something like he’s experienced this year, I don’t think he means the Pistons’ miserable season. I think he’s referring to something that affects only him.

He’s been benched and brushed aside by John Kuester. His lack of defense can frustrating, so can his rebounding issues (although I think those more plantar fasciitis-related). He’s in a new city, and despite an early buzz about getting the halftime Tweeter, he hasn’t exactly endeared himself to Detroit fans.

We should get a better idea of what’s happening by tomorrow’s game against the 76ers – if not sooner.


Another Tweet:

I respect Joe D so much, that I will keep my mouth shut, just needed to vent a little

No mention of Kuester.

Update No. 2 : Austin Daye gets in on the Tweeting


Yo I’m sooo swisted right now hahaha I’m about to take off on this plain but I can’t wait till u come to LA imma show u a good time promise


@Adaye5 every1 I’m twisted (mad) right now but when I’m in LA imma work myself to death to try and get myself right for next year

Finally, Daye echoes Villanueva’s thoughts pretty closely:

Sonthin happened to me today that won’t every happen again and I’m just venting right now but I’m twisted mad and and gunna b ready 4 r game

OK, what the heck happened today?

Update No. 3

More from Daye:

Twitter sorry bout my episode earlier but I think the only thing that could make me feel better is get up sone shots I’ll holla @ yall later

Seriously, what the heck happened?

Final update?


I’m over it



Found the only thing the media likes more than free food and early tip-offs. Blue II, the Butler bulldog. Reporters fawning over him again.


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  • Apr 6, 201011:44 am
    by Jubilee


    charlie must have looked at game tape of himself playing. could it be anything else?

  • Apr 6, 201012:40 pm
    by Max in Missouri


    Crap franchise, crap city, crappy hoodlum fans, and crappy players. 

    Sounds about right.

  • Apr 6, 20101:44 pm
    by MO in MICHIGAN


    trade or let go of everybody but Stuckey ,Prince ,Jerebko and use pick for big who can play defence.

  • Apr 6, 20103:13 pm
    by Lee


    Joe D, needs to put an end to this right now!! anytime a player goes on national media site and talks/vents or say anything negative, they need to be traded and fined immediately!! This is not the forum to let out your anger, if u have a problem, talk 2 ur coach or Joe and say I want to be traded, period! these 2 guys cannot play defense, its that simple; daye is too weak, CV is a bum, he does not play with passion and enthusiasm, which he did in milwaukee, that is why joe brought him; that seems to be the common trend, players in contract years give maximum effort to get a contract, but when they get it, they go on vacation and not show up; there should be performance clauses added in contracts that let teams out of paying players; we need more real players with a defensive mentality, who wants to win, play with passion, if we had a team of ben wallaces, and Jerebko, we would be fine. Joe D, finish this twitter crap right now!!! U what needs 2 be done, make it happen. Oh yeah, coach Q, good job for holding ur ground on not playn people who under perform; now come up with better defensive schemes, before everyone start callin 4 ur head; ur a passionate coach, but at times seem to passive and not aggressive enuff with these divas, GET IT DONE!!

  • Apr 6, 20103:59 pm
    by Rob


    Finally, a place to say something.  I paid to be able to watch every game on cable.  Even though we were not in the playoffs, I bet 50 or more of those games could have went our way.  Ben Gordon needs glasses.  Richard Hamilton needs to smile.  Will Bynum needs to slow down.  Charlie V is not that good because of his smirks.  But the worst is all the opponents broadcasters.  They cut down the Pistons so badly, I wish they could stream in what is being sad about them during the games and I am sure we would be in the playoffs.  It is discusting how they cut us up.  Watching every single game, I would have to say that the offensive play not used that was gravy is the one where the two tallest guys stand right about the foul line and set a pick for anyone.  Full court press like the old days…. STOP talking about Richard Stuckey being a shooting guard…  Christ…

  • Apr 6, 20105:19 pm
    by Ryan


    What a mess.

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