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Was Rodney Stuckey just dehydrated?

From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

There is speculation among Pistons officials that Stuckey might have been dehydrated because he had been affected by a dehydration episode earlier this season. But the tests today are basically a repeat of the process in Cleveland to make sure something wasn’t missed.

In the meantime, those who have spoken with Stuckey say he sounds great, but the Pistons are definitely going to practice caution.

I hope that’s all it was. There’s a simple solution for dehydration – drink water. Stuckey would then be back soon.

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  • […] Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press speculates that Rodney Stuckey’s collapse on Friday night was due to dehydration, not another health condition. While possible, there probably would have been cramps or other warning signs beforehand. I hope the Pistons take a look at all possibilities before letting him back in the lineup. It’s not worth risking his long-term health, especially for a team with no playoff hopes. [via Piston Powered] […]

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