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Pistons to enter uncharted territory by building through lottery

Mark Ginocchio of Nets Are Scorching asked me a few questions in advance of tonight’s game. I think one led to an answer I haven’t addressed here before:

NAS: Other than the MLE, what are the top priorities for the Pistons this summer?

The top priority has to be the draft. The Pistons will pick in the lottery for the first time since Darko and only the second time in the Joe Dumars era (he also picked Rodney White, another bust). That means the Pistons have been fortunate enough to make the playoffs most years, but it’s also pretty remarkable they had such a great run without their own lottery talent. Look around the league, and nearly every team is built around a player or players it drafted in the lottery. It’s the simplest road to success, one Detroit will try to travel down this summer.

Check out Nets Are Scorching for the other questions and answers.


  • Mar 28, 201011:59 am
    by Dave


    (1) Lottery pick
    (2) Trading Tayshaun + Villanueva + possibly Rip for cap flexibility
    (3) Avoid adding long term contracts for mediocre talents
    (4) Pursue young veteran players who are low risk and high on reward. From Joey Dorsey’s of the world (minimum contract range) to Tyrus Thomas (MLE). Players who haven’t fulfilled their potential and have a lot of room for growth.

  • Mar 29, 201011:14 am
    by Johnny


    Draft Demarcus Cousins and that would be a great start to rebuilding our team

    • Mar 30, 20109:43 am
      by Dave


      Yeah, Cousins would be a very interesting draft pickup. Nice offensive game and a good rebounder. Surround him with some good defenders and he could make a good impact out there. Nice low post presence.

  • Mar 30, 20102:09 pm
    by Pratik Narula


    1) Lottery Pick – DeMarcus Cousins would be my first choice, Al- Farouq Aminu, and then Ed Davis- one these guys would make a difference at the 4 or 5
    2) Definitely trade Tay, Rip, or Charlie or 2 plays for cap
    3) Acquire Amare Stoudemaire this summer!!!!!!
    Will Bynum- 1
    Rodney Stuckey – 2 (if Rip is traded)
    Jonas Jerebko – 3 (if Tay is gone)
    Cousins/Aminu/ Davis – 4
    Amare Stoudemaire – 5
    I feel like we have a great PG in Bynum and Stuckey should move over to the 2, although Joe D would not do that because that would just make him look like an idiot with the Billups trade…bcuz Rip was the one that should have gone instead that year or Tayshaun.

  • Apr 1, 201012:32 am
    by Jon


    Will Bynum is NOT a starting PG,

  • Apr 2, 201011:17 am
    by Pratik Narula


    Neither is Stuckey? After Bynum’s 20 plus assists I think he has proven that he can handle that role…Stuckey is a scorer

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